Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Elder and Mrs. Jason Davis Memorial

Harmony Primitive Baptist Church, Calhoun, Georgia

November 16, 2003

The annual singing at Harmony Primitive Baptist Church was called to order by Chairman Judy Mincey leading 59. Ed Smith offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Judy Mincey 47t; Ed Smith 214; John Plunkett 52t, 50b (for Oscar McGuire, Herman Wilkinson, and Kelly Beard); Lee Rogers 31t, 475; Don Clark 48t, 49b; Andy Anderson and Tony Hammock 39t, 45t; Charlene Wallace 171, 276 (for Oscar McGuire); Floyd Peters 68b, 285 (t? b?); John Hollingsworth 176t, 114; Jeannette DePoy 394, 430.

A business session was held with the class voting to retain the same officers: Chairman—Judy Mincey; Vice Chairman—Ed Smith; Secretary—Lee Rogers.

Chairman Judy Mincey placed before the meeting a proposal to rename the singing for Elder and Mrs. Jason Davis, who were strong supporters, and to make it a memorial singing. This change was adopted by unanimous vote.


Chairman Judy Mincey brought the class to order leading 36b. Leaders: Phillip Langley 384, 215; Alan Pritchett 47b (in memory of Tiffany Sisson); Jennifer Kearn 479, 63; Kelsey Smith 354b, 44; B.M. Smith 222, 441; Sandra Wilkinson 311, 288; Brittany Mitchell and Bob Mitchell 358, 282.


Vice Chairman Ed Smith opened the afternoon session leading 274 (t? b?). Leaders: Kathy White 168, 318; Bobby Jackson 569b, 499; Karen Clark 86, 569t; Darlene Dalton 489, 454; Don Bowen 225t (for Lonnie Rogers and Gladys McGraw), 354t; Martha Ann Stegar 277, 268; Jimmy Williams 96, 125; Wayne Hartman 287; Coy Coggins 100, 108t; Carlene Griffin 146, 283; Karen Clark 501; Andy Anderson and Tony Hammock 307 (?); Wayne Hartman 35; Judy Mincey, Martha Cumming, Joan Bale, Faye Holbrook, and Glenda Luglar 510 (for Richard DeLong), 45t.

Judy Mincey and Ed Smith led 62 as the closing song. Bob Mitchell offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Judy Mincey; Vice Chairman—Ed Smith; Secretary—Lee Rogers.