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Yellow Springs Singing

Rockford Chapel, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Saturday, October 11, 2003

The twenty-eighth semi-annual singing was called to order by David Rust leading 68b, who then offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Fred Todt 101 (t? b?); Linda Coppock 147 (t? b?); Debbie Hall 171; Eric Conrad 284; Marlon Rust 148; Laura Weber 31 (t? b?); Christine Cox 163b; Claire Outten 112; Samuel Sommers 548; Jo Schultz 546; Mike Hieber 49 (t? b?); Sheryl Pockrose 82b; Greg Howard 569b; Joan Rett 178; Sharon Courneen 40; David Rust 344.


Fred Todt called the class back to order with 350. Leaders: Linda Coppock 385b; Debbie Hall 348 (t? b?); Eric Conrad 70b; Jim Coppock 86; Marlon Rust 29 (t? b?); Laura Weber 547; Michelle Cull 384; Chris Cox 515b; Claire Outten 269; Samuel Sommers 426b; Jo Schultz 224; Mike Hieber 276; Sheryl Pockrose 94; Greg Howard 270; Joan Rett 368; Fred Todt 245.

A brief business session was held in which the minutes were approved. Linda Coppock led 542, and Samuel Sommers offered a prayer before lunch.


David Rust brought the afternoon session to order leading 87. Leaders: Fred Todt 288; Linda Coppock 196; Debbie Hall 436; Eric Conrad 163t; Jim Coppock 504; Marlon Rust 277; Laura Weber 430; Chris Cox 491; Claire Outten 202; Michelle Cull 236; Samuel Sommers 524; Jo Schultz “Ten Thousand Charms” (NH); Greg Howard 373.


Debbie Hall called the class back to order with 192. Leaders: Sheryl Pockrose 157; Joan Rett 133; Fred Todt 200; Mike Hieber 37b; Debbie Hall 362; Linda Coppock 189; Eric Conrad 126; Marlon Rust “Singing School” (SH); Jo Schultz 198; Chris Cox 108 (t? b?); Brad Bahler 117; Claire Outten 186; Samuel Sommers 386; Fred Todt 182.


The final session was called to order by Eric Conrad leading 142; Marlon Rust “Musgrove” (SH); David Rust 528; Claire Outten 48b; Samuel Sommers 232; Jo Schultz 503; Chris Cox 49b; Linda Coppock 38b; Laura Weber 28 (t? b?); Sheryl Pockrose 564; Daniel Coppock 107; Eric Conrad 168; Debbie Hall 556.

Announcements were made.

We have been meeting at the Yellow Springs Friends Meetinghouse and/or Rockford chapel for semi-annual singings since 1990. We really appreciate Friends’ sharing their facility with us. We began as an attempt to create a critical mass of singers in Ohio at least twice a year. At that time there were only two regularly meeting Sacred Harp groups, one in Columbus and one in Cincinnati, and neither one had a solid core group of singers.

Because there are now strong groups in Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, Ada, and Louisville, Kentucky, we feel we have accomplished what we set out to do and are now not as necessary as we once were.

Because there are many more singings scheduled, we often do not draw as many singers as we once did, and because Antioch College would like recompense for Rockford Chapel and Yellow Springs Friends Meeting would like a larger contribution for the use of their facilities, we propose laying down the semi-annual sings at Yellow Springs.

Our thanks go to our hosts, Yellow Springs Friends Meeting and Antioch College and to the wonderful singers who traveled many hours to join us and make the Yellow Springs singings one of the best in the Midwest.

Following announcements, Fred Todt led 155; Samuel Sommers 46. David Rust offered a closing prayer, and the officers led 343 to close.

Chairman—Fred Todt; Vice Chair—Linda Coppock; Treasurer—Debbie Hall; Secretary—Eric Conrad.