Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Maquoketa River All-Day Singing

Hopkinton, Iowa

Saturday, August 16, 2003

The second annual Maquoketa River All-Day Singing was held at the United Church Methodist Center in Hopkinton, Iowa, on Saturday before the third Sunday in August. Chairman Michael Moore called the class to order leading 171 and then offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Annie Grieshop 84, 40; Henry Schuman 318 (in honor of Pauline Childers), 480; Rachel Baker 388, 270; Hannah Baker and Cathryn Baker 384, 335; Lou Kujawinski 515, 350; Mary Bachmann 569b, 146; Jim Page 505, 411; Kathy Wood 452, 87; Megan Jennings 501, 383.


Michael Moore called the class back to order leading 32t. Leaders: Nick Pasqual 185, 133; Penny Kujawinski 36b, 102; Hans Guttmann 209, 448b; Cathryn Baker 142, 208; Kathy Kaiser 106, 29t.

Cathryn Baker conducted the memorial lesson and led 111 (t? b?) in memory of the deceased. She pointed out that because the Maquoketa River singing is new, it has no “cloud of witnesses” who have gone before. But we are part of the tradition created by “those who taught us to sing,” and their gifts live in us as though they are still sitting with us, even though they have gone on. The list of deceased remembered were: Cecelia Hauff—South Dakota; Barbara Scudder—Nebraska; Everette Denney—Georgia; Ruth Brown—Alabama; B.E. Matthews—Texas; Howard Marty—Iowa; Virginia Bell—Pennsylvania; Bruce Ketelle—Tennessee.

Martha Beverly spoke about the sick and shut-ins and encouraged everyone to keep in touch with those who are unable to attend and enjoy this special music. She read the list of sick and shut-ins and then led 86 for those remembered: Violet Stark—Illinois; Pauline Childers and David Tameluvich—Michigan; Jacob Pearson—Nebraska; Bob Scorgie—Wisconsin. Henry Schuman closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Paul Wyatt 284, 391; Jeff Bell 566, 340; Julie Vea 278b, 195; Jeanette Nelson 503, 542. Henry Schuman offered a prayer for the noon meal.


After sharing fellowship and a bountiful lunch, the class was called back to order by Michael Moore leading 47t. Leaders: Martha Beverly 344, 269 (in honor of Shelbie Sheppard); Johanna Fabke 378b, 150; Jan Ketelle 151, 532, 168; Martha Henderson 456, 455, 499; Joan Yeatman 163b, 479, 496; Bill Beverly 110, 297, 120; Jeanette Nelson 330b.


Michael Moore called the class back to order leading 45b and 210. Leaders: Henry Schuman 30t; Kathy Wood and Jim Wood 552 (?); Paul Wyatt 66; Jeff Bell 196; Jim Page “South Dakota”; Kathy Kaiser 203; Hans Guttmann 312b; Julie Vea 441; Martha Beverly 216; Megan Jennings 189; Penny Kujawinski 430; Mary Bachmann 497; Nick Pasqual 123 (t? b?); Lou Kujawinski 332; Annie Grieshop 268.


Annie Grieshop called the class back to order leading 72b. Leaders: Martha Henderson 323 (t? b?); Cathryn Baker 454; Martha Beverly and Bill Beverly 417; Penny Kujawinski 440; Kathy Wood 358; Nick Pasqual 48b; Joan Yeatman 49b; Hans Guttmann 49t; Henry Schuman 426b; Jan Ketelle 304; Julie Vea 288.

Announcements were made. Michael Moore and son, David Moore, led 347 as the closing song. Henry Schuman offered a closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Michael Moore; Secretary—Kathy Kaiser.