Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cross Roads Baptist Church

North of Tallapoosa, Georgia

July 6, 2003

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Cross Roads Baptist Church was held on the first Sunday in July. Louis Hughes, Sr. brought the class to order leading songs on 32t and 138b. Felton Denney offered the morning prayer.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Louis Hughes, Sr.; Vice Chairman—Miranel Swafford; Secretary—Belinda Stansberry; Memorial Committee—Mary Lambert Smith; Arranging Committee—Louis Hughes, Jr.

Leaders: Miranel Swafford and Belinda Stansberry 441; Mary Lambert Smith 70t; Louis Hughes, Jr. 420; Bill Shetter 438; Ted Johnson 378b; Milton Oliver 176t; Charlene Wallace 283; Bob Meek 515; Karen Willard and Rodney Willard 128; Jeff Bell 288; Allison Dodson 378t; Lonnie Rogers 318; Amanda Owen 475; Don Bowen 350; Donna Bell and Paige Gilbert 87; John Plunkett 54; Jenny Willard 392; Dewayne Wootten 75; Herstine Bessey 285t.


Louis Hughes, Jr. brought the class back to order leading 49t. Leaders: Carlene Griffin 146; Tom Owen 528; Haley Morris 119; Judy Mincey 571; Thomas Willard 36b; Melanie Hauff 546; Slomon Twins 560, 282; Tom Ivey 504; LaRue Allen 336; Preston McClendon spoke on how Sacred Harp has had an influence over him during his lifetime, and what it means to him.

Mary Smith conducted the memorial lesson, and Marcia Johnson led 32b for the following deceased: Carrie Garner, Vivian Rogers, Kenneth DeLong, Clarence Lambert, Everette Denney, Mose Cheatwood, Bernard Swafford, George Rogers, and Gladys Wood Entrekin—Georgia; Donald Smith, Leola Smith, and Ruth Brown—Alabama; Art Heffley—Indiana; Stephanie Rubin—Illinois; Andrew Martinez—Florida.

Felton Denney led 48t for the following sick and shut-ins: I.V. McWhorter, Mozelle Sheppard, Donnie McGraw, Cathy White, Nancy Yeager, Katherine Benefield, Evelyn Newman, Reby Stanford, and Mattie Lou Pope—Georgia; Alice Edwards and Evelyn Harris—Alabama; Patrick (grandson of Bettina Smith)—Illinois; Liz Price and Sonia Matlide—Florida. Lonnie Rogers closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: April Gambill, Michael Dierickx, Constance Dierickx, and Jeff Sheppard 62; B.M. Smith 222; Stanley Edwards 340; Bobby Jackson 166.


Louis Hughes, Sr. and Allison Dodson brought the afternoon session to order leading 155. Leaders: Earlis McGraw 284; Oscar McGuire 573; Kelsey Campbell and C.W. Garner 59; Shelbie Sheppard 110; Eschol Hughes 112; Keith Willard 114; Mildred Patterson 358; Marcia Johnson 218; Cecil Roberts 335; Michelle Cull 496; Josephine Denney 145b; Aaron Little 448t; Eunice Webb 434; James Newman and Elaine Newman 45t; Inez Chandler 490; Felton Denney 299; Mildred McElroy 314; Denney Rogers 143; Jeff Sheppard 506; George Garner and Paige Gilbert 436; Dewayne Wootten 176b; Tom Owen and Amanda Owen 503; Marcia Johnson and Ted Johnson 348b; Melanie Hauff 196; Karen Willard, Barbara Willard, and Ken Hallock 183; Keith Willard and Jenny Willard 99; Michelle Cull, Bob Meek, and Brenda Waters 236; Jeff Bell 566; Tom Ivey and Sharon Strong 347; Bill Shetter 513; Slomon Twins 215; April Gambill and Michael Dierickx 354b.

Announcements were made. Louis Hughes, Sr. led 68b as the closing song. Eschol Hughes offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Louis Hughes, Sr.; Vice Chairman—Miranel Swafford; Secretary—Belinda Stansberry.