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Henagar-Union Convention

Liberty Church, Henagar, Alabama

July 5-6, 2003

Saturday, July 5

The eighty-seventh session of the Henagar-Union Convention was called to order with Chairman David Ivey leading 82t. The morning prayer was offered by Tom Owen.

Leaders: Vice Chairman Shane Wootten 176b; Secretary Norma Green 350; Loyd Ivey 61; Rodney Ivey 81t.

Lela Crowder and Laura Clawson were appointed as the Arranging Committee for Saturday and led 171.

Leaders: Linda Biggs 178; Marilyn Burchett 29t; Henry Schuman 532; Milton Oliver 403; Boyd Scott 358; Gaston White 236; Duane Chesney 146; Teenie Moody and Jeffrey Green 49t; Paul Figura 36b; David Yeager 240; Annie Grieshop 84; Barbara Uhlemann 474; Shirley Figura 28b; Gary Smith 31t; Cathryn Baker 217.


Jackson Harcrow brought the class back together leading 282. Leaders: Alexandra Makris 480; Turner Berueffy and B.J. Schnorenberg 87; Lela Crowder and Katie Moore 222; Tommy George 300; Rachel Baker 270; Thomas Willard 422; Judith Green 142; Brooks Berueffy 124; Hannah Baker and Cathryn Baker 155; Coleman Berueffy 354b; Allison Dodson 145b; Stuart Ivey 371; Blake Sizemore 59; Emily Creel 186; Richard Ivey 182; Marion Wilhoite 37b; Betty Wright 347; Bill Beverly 547; Betty Jones 541.


The singing resumed with Louis Hughes, Jr. leading 348b. Leaders: Sandie Scott 487; Michelle Cull 430; Tom Ivey 66; Richard Schmeidler 287; Daphene Causey 434; William Shetter 373; Sarah Smith 290; Lance Ledbetter 76b.

Susan Harcrow, representing DeKalb County Commissioner Ricky Harcrow, presented the Liberty Church community with a plaque recognizing the eighty-seventh session of the Henagar-Union Sacred Harp Convention for preserving the history and heritage for which our forbears worked tirelessly. Coy Ivey, Tony Ivey, Norman Greeson, Marlon Wootten, Loyd Ivey, and Norma Green then led 486t (WB).

Leaders: Don Bowen and Rodney Ivey 99; Stephen Shearon 457 (for Joyce Overdeer Bell); Keith Willard 297; Bob Meek 540 (CB); Jeff Bell 388; Daryl Chesney 454; Joe Todd 58. The lunch blessing was offered by Louis Hughes, Sr.


The afternoon session was opened with B.M. Smith leading 475. Leaders: Karen Willard 441; Richard DeLong 542; Tom Owen 549; Charles Derleth 348b (in memory of Ruth Brown); Linton Ballinger, Lomax Ballinger, Jimmy Ballinger, and Earl Ballinger 213t; Shelbie Sheppard 442; Amanda Owen 39t; Ben Harrison 71; Betty Shepherd 216; Leyland delRe 468; Samuel Sommers 548; Melanie Hauff 317; Mary Chris Harrison 86; Danny Creel, Cassie Franklin, and Emily Creel 383; Marcia Johnson 163t; LaRue Allen 200; Martha Beverly 546; Jenny Willard 316.


Louis Hughes brought the class back together leading 299. Leaders: Janice Paulk 337; Ted Johnson 377; Jeff Sheppard 43; Elsie Moon 395; Pam Nunn 269.

S.T. Reed counted the ballots and announced the election results: Chairman—David Ivey; Vice Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Secretary—Norma Latham Green.

Leaders: Judy Hauff 456; John Plunkett 416; Karen Freund and Lynne deBenedette 172; Karen Clark and Carol Buche 335; Beth Todd 225t; Jerry Enright and Bud Oliver 168; Sandra Wilkinson 176b; Chris Green 204; Martha Henderson 88t; Bill Ellason 63; John Uhlemann 362; Karen Ivey, Allison Ivey, and Randall Smith 137; Susan Harcrow and Dennis George 208; Coy Ivey and Michelle Cull 384.

Chairman David Ivey thanked Willard and Betty Wright for the delicious homemade ice cream. Following announcements, David Ivey led song on page 56t, and the class was dismissed in prayer led by Chris Green.

Sunday, July 6

The Sunday session was called to order with Chairman David Ivey leading 32t and 108t. The morning prayer was given by Phil Summerlin.

Leaders: Vice Chairman Rodney Ivey 135; Secretary Norma Green 510; Shane Wootten 343b (in memory of Lamar Smith).

Joel Jenkins and Allison Ivey were appointed as the Arranging Committee for Sunday.

Leaders: Joel Jenkins 35; Allison Ivey 67; Loyd Ivey 97; Ann Fox 45t; Ken Tate 275b; Ben Harrison 38b; Marty Wootten 276; David Yeager 64; Beth Todd 319; Martha Henderson 406; S.T. Reed 329; Sandie Scott 408; Joe Todd 179; Leyland delRe 505; Betty Wright 424; Hershell King 426t; Daphene Causey 336.


Ed Thacker brought the class together leading 398. Leaders: Stuart Ivey 200; Jackson Harcrow 101t; Scott Ivey 186; Jarrod George 145b; Turner Berueffy 111t; Coleman Berueffy 63; Brooks Berueffy 128; Jared Wootten, Hayden Wootten, and Jamey Wootten 478t (WB), 282; Richard Ivey 270; Aaron Wootten 421; Sandy Ivey 201; Loretta Smith 37b; Annie Grieshop 40; Judy Caudle 344; Phil Summerlin 58; Laura Clawson 215; Henry Johnson 288.


Max Berueffy brought the class to order leading 309. Leaders: Paul Figura 217; John Uhlemann 202; Loyd Ivey, Teresa Bethune, Marian Biddle, and Martha Underwood 501 (CB); Loyd Ivey, Teresa Bethune, Marian Biddle, Martha Underwood, and Karen Ivey 454. Susan Harcrow and Henry Johnson, the Memorial Committee, presented the memorial lesson. Susan Harcrow encouraged us all to think of the sick and shut-ins, to send cards and letters to them, to call them, and also to remember to pray for them. She then read the names of the sick and shut-ins on the list. Those remembered were: Jap Walton, Joyce Walton, Eldora Moody, Bill Green, Ophelia Matthews, Martha Woodard, Kelly Beard, Violet Stark, Liz Price, Bobby Watkins, Elsie Beasley, Little Patrick Stevenson, Betty Hensley, Bruce Ketelle, Violet Thompson, Delores Katz, Bob Burns, Trina Peek, and Nancy Yeager. Susan Harcrow led 385b.

Henry Johnson read the names of the deceased: Lamar Smith, Leola Smith, B.E. Matthews, Elder Donald Smith, Ruth Brown, Virginia Bell, Myrtle Meek, Ruby Driskoll, Stephanie Rubin, Art Heffley, Andrew Martinez, Henry Kalcow, James Lavaughn Ballinger, Kenneth DeLong, Jewell Lea, Allie Aldridge, Lucille Burkes, Madeline Faulkner, Clara Bell Hall, Alice Gant, Danny Lester, Sheila Wilson, Vivian Rogers, John Henry Busby, and Boyd King.

S.T. Reed and Bud Oliver led 36b in memory of Lamar Smith. Henry Johnson gave an inspiring account of a special songwriter, Seymore B. Sawyer, who overcame many obstacles through faith before dying at the age of 35 years; led 338; and closed by reading a poem by William Cullen Bryant. Samuel Sommers closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Chris Green asked the blessing for the noon meal.


Vice Chairman Rodney Ivey brought the afternoon session together leading 318. Leaders: Martha Beverly 283; Wilton Donaldson and Ivalene Donaldson 129; Larry Ballinger, Chris Ballinger, and Lisa Geist 146; Sandra Wilkinson 300; Gravis Ballinger, Linton Ballinger, and Earl Ballinger 212; John Etheridge 125; David Light 192; Amber Springfield 560; Terry Wootten 480; Sandra Jordan 572 (CB); Coy Ivey, Allison Ivey, Richard Ivey, Stuart Ivey, and Jessica Ivey 358, 559 (CB); Jerry Enright 77t; Harrison Creel 89; Myra Dalton 378b; Samuel Sommers 553; Betty Shepherd 299; Jackie Tanner 477; Reba Windom 224; Susan Harcrow 218; Cindy Tanner 327; Elene Stovall and Max Berueffy 532; Cassie Franklin 485; Charles Stiefel, Shane Wootten, and Rodney Ivey 445; Hobert Ivey, Tony Ivey, and Lorrie Wootten 47t.


The class resumed singing with Dennis George leading 455. Leaders: Lisa Geist 546; Karen Clark 486 (CB); Randall Smith 298; Melvin Stiefel, Mary Ruth Stiefel, and Joyce Whittington 452; Lynne deBenedette 216; Floyd Peters 68b; Shirley Figura and Marilyn Burchett 551; Bill Beverly 191; Terre Schill 436; Karen Freund 272; Carol Buche 143; Terry Wootten 492 (WB) (by request).

Chairman David Ivey thanked the Arranging Committee of both days for a job well done and then recognized Marian Biddle for all her dedicated work in cleaning and maintaining the church building. Following announcements, David Ivey, Tony Ivey, Shane Wootten, and Rodney Ivey led 62, and those who wished took the parting hand. The convention was dismissed in prayer led by Pastor Tony Ivey.

Chairman—David Ivey; Vice Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Secretary—Norma Latham Green.