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Ohio State Convention

Columbus, Ohio

February 15-16, 2003

Saturday, February 15

The eleventh annual Ohio State Convention was called to order at 10:00 a.m. at the Fourth Avenue Christian Church in Columbus, Ohio by Laura Russell leading 72b. Steve Kasperick-Postellon offered the opening prayer.

A business was held with the following officers elected or appointed: Chair—Laura Russell; Vice Chair—Regina Bayer; Secretary—Fred Todt; Arranging Committee—Michele Rae Biery and Kimberly Crawford; Memorial Committee—Jim Herr and Eloise Clark; Resolutions Committee—Michael Darby and Beth Todd.

Leaders: Eric Conrad 142; Kay Huener 38b; Joe Todd 179; Greg Howard 569b; Jo Schultz and Jerry Creason 198; Floy Wilder 402; Greg Creech 47b; Don Plummer 38t; Lois Hurt 551; Steve Kasperick-Postellon 503; Fred Todt 181; Eloise Clark 99; Kat Kinkade and Josie Kinkade 428; Michael Darby 312b; Beth Todd 32t; Teresa Kasperick-Postellon 178; Jim Herr 535; Laura Densmore 542; Brad Oglesby 192; Bobbie Goodell 228; Michele Biery 66.


Laura Russell brought the class together leading 34b. Leaders: John Bealle 250; Judith McDowell 114; Jeff Sheppard 460; Linda Coppock 196; Claire Outten 504; Rajeev Kahn 209; LaRue Allen 112; Robert Meek 384; Shelbie Sheppard 183; Joseph Pimentel 217; Michele Cull 361; John Bayer 75; Eric Conrad 70b; Floy Wilder 350; Jo Schultz and Pleasance Crawford 65; Lois Hurt 49t; Kat Kinkade 163t; Laura Densmore 157; Bobbie Goodell 218; Jeff Sheppard 454; Kay Huener 68b. Steve Kasperick-Postellon led the class in prayer.


Fred Todt reconvened the class for the afternoon session by leading 147 (t? b?). Leaders: Joe Todd 373; Will Reilly 143; Claire Outten 383; Brad Oglesby 565; Loraine Bayer, Hans Bayer, and Jubal Bayer 144; Rajeev Kahn 284; LaRue Allen 302; Greg Creech 127; Robert Meek and Pat Meek 268; Shelbie Sheppard and Laura Russell 195; Greg Howard 388; Kathryn Knecht 479; Michele Cull 163b; Xander Knecht 410t; Linda Coppock 236; Charles Knecht 47t; Beth Todd 436; Eric Conrad 106; Regina Bayer 430; Steve Kasperick-Postellon 320; Don Plummer 133; Eloise Clark 498; Michael Darby 131b; Teresa Kasperick-Postellon 159; Jim Herr 171; Michele Biery 186; John Bealle 434; Joseph Pimentel 168; John Bayer 53.


Regina Bayer brought the class together by leading 39b. Announcements of upcoming singings and evening social activities were made. Also, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Ohio State Convention, a re-issued CD recording of the 1st Ohio Convention and a commemorative tee shirt were available to purchase with all proceeds supporting future singings in Ohio. Leaders: Rajeev Kahn 107; Charles Knecht 29t; Linda Coppock 532; Robert Meek 269; Judith McDowell 497; Xander Knecht 524; Kay Huener 45t; Greg Howard 547; Kathryn Knecht 369; Loraine Bayer, Hans Bayer, and Jubal Bayer 146; Will Reilly 566; Bobbie Goodell 120.

Laura Russell led 81 (t? b?) as the closing song. Steve Kasperik-Postellon offered a closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, February 16

The Sunday session was called to order at 10:00 a.m. at Columbus Alternative High School by Laura Russell leading 38t. Jane Wells offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Michael Darby 291, 148; Fred Todt 481, 480; Chloe Maher 273, 546; Anna Sylvester 49t, 49b; Laura Weber 523, 102; Lorraine Cathala 171, 335; Jo Schultz 84, 472.


Laura Russell brought the class together by leading 34b. Leaders: Floy Wilder 224, 293; LaRue Allen 36b, 222; Kat Kinkade 313b, 528; Lois Hurt 358, 515; Jane Wells 146, 318; Jeff Sheppard 403, 392; Joe Todd 378b, 208; Brad Oglesby 31t, 87.

Jim Herr conducted the memorial lesson and led 285 (t? b?) in memory of the following deceased: Marie Law—New York; space shuttle Columbia crew; Everett Overturf (father of Rich Overturf); Most Reverend James Hoffman—Ohio; Kenneth DeLong—Georgia. Eloise Clark led 50b for the sick and shut-ins: Lorraine Sawyer Cathala, Debbie Hall, Sylvia Thomas (caring for shut-in mother), Christine Cox, and Rachel Brill—Ohio; Pauline Creel—Michigan; Marilyn Dareh—California. The memorial was closed. Steve Kasperick-Postellon offered a prayer before lunch.


Fred Todt reconvened the class for the afternoon session by leading 40. Leaders: Beth Todd 501, 319; Greg Creech 38b, 47b; Shelbie Sheppard and Jeff Sheppard 556, 448t; Eric Conrad and Marnie Tyner 85, 155; Michele Cull and Andy Verhoff 276, 270; Judith McDowell 70t, 70b; Bobbie Goodell 503, 291; John Bealle 543, 522; Laura Russell 163t.


Eloise Clark brought the class together by leading 31b. Leaders: Steve Kasperick-Postellon 344, 365; Jim Herr 383, 107; Joseph Pimentel 122, 455; Teresa Kasperick-Postellon 178, 45t; Eloise Clark 412, 73b; Catherine Kohn and Fred Todt 151; Michele Rae Biery 193, 189; Jeff Sheppard 303, 225t; Shelbie Sheppard 549 (by request).

Committee reports were given. Announcements were made. Special thanks were given to Shelbie Sheppard who taught a leading school on the evening before the convention.

The officers led the class in singing 62 as the closing song. Steve Kasperik-Postellon offered a closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Laura Russell; Vice Chairperson—Regina Bayer; Treasurer—Eric Conrad; Secretary—Fred Todt.