Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Northern California Regional
Sacred Harp Singing

Santa Cruz, California

August 18, 2002

The tenth annual Northern California Regional Sacred Harp Singing was held in the Senior Center Opportunities Building in Santa Cruz, California on the third Sunday in August. Shelley Phillips called the class to order at 9:00 a.m. by leading song on page 59. Patrick Teverbaugh offered the opening prayer. Tammy Heinsohn welcomed everyone and led song on page 31t.

Leaders: Barry Phillips 84; Celia Brown 210; Janet Herman 30t; Arnold Zwicky 72b, 497; Patrick Teverbaugh 73b, 163b; Mark Miller 29t, 186; Michael Armstrong and Janet Herman 47b, 106; Kathleen Eschen-Pipes 178, 254.


Tammy Heinsohn brought the class back to order leading songs on pages 66 and 504. Leaders: Paul Kostka 503; Chris Thorman 287, 501, 278b; Karen Schaffer 71, 40; Iona Singleton 474, 122; Jeannette Ralston 421, 203; Celia Brown 51, 312b; Sue Lindner 216, 126; Barbara Davis and Barry Phillips 269; Barbara Davis and Shelley Phillips 547.


Carolyn Deacy brought the class back to order leading song on page 155. Leaders: Barbara Saxton 192, 86; Janet Herman 532, 442; Rachel Lee 39t, 42.

Celia Brown conducted the memorial lesson, and read the names of the sick and shut-ins: Bob Brown, Fran Sargenti, Kelley Tott, Peggy Belland, Loren Dick, Laura Downin, Nadine Patterson, and Jacques Tranfue—California. Celia Brown and Shelley Phillips led song on page 161 for those remembered.

John Brunk continued the memorial lesson by reading the names of those that passed away this last year. Those remembered were: Craig Adams, Liz Brewer, Michelle Croke, Betty Dunipace, Lydia Grayson, Kenra Greene, Robbie Heilbron, Dennis Heinsohn, Patty Hennings, Royce Kanlanovich, Don Millar, Flora Owen, and Fr. Joe Watt—California; Bud Hambleton—Massachusetts; Alan Lomax—Florida. Shelley Phillips led 420 for the deceased. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Ruth McGurk 148; Ruth McGurk and Barry Phillips 271t; Jeff O’Toole 63; Carolyn Deacy 299, 448b. Chaplain John Brunk offered the lunch blessing.


Arnold Zwicky called the class back to order for the afternoon session leading song on page 146. Leaders: Stephen Holland 350, 455; Janet Herman 454; Arnold Zwicky 551; Shelley Phillips 448t; Mark Miller 270; Barry Phillips 288, 198; Tammy Heinsohn 159; Chris Thorman 212; Celia Brown 361; Barbara Saxton 209; Peter Ross 344; Michael Armstrong 56b; Karen Schaffer 128; Barbara Davis and Janet Herman 48 (t? b?); Kathleen Eschen-Pipes 268; Iona Singleton 453.


Mark Miller and Shelley Phillips brought the class back to order leading song on page 480. Leaders: Paul Kostka 200; Stephen Holland 481; Jeff DeMarco 117; Jeannette Ralston 567; Rachel Lee 276; Ruth McGurk and Arnold Zwicky 183; Jeff O’Toole 28b; Carolyn Deacy 168; Shelley Phillips and Barry Phillips 236; Arnold Zwicky 36b; Celia Brown 380; Mark Miller 362; Janet Herman 76b.

Barbara Davis gave the Resolutions Report.

Janet Herman led song on page 62 as the closing song. John Brunk offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co Chairs—Tammy Heinsohn and Shelley Phillips; Arranging Committee—Carolyn Deacy; Secretary—Janet Herman.