Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Walker Cates and Herbert Brown Memorial

Muscadine Methodist Church, Muscadine, Alabama

October 14, 2001

The annual Walker Cates and Herbert Brown Memorial was held at Muscadine Methodist Church on the second Sunday in October. The class was called to order by Jeff Sheppard leading song on page 37b. Felton Denney offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 82t; B.M. Smith 101t, 28b; Shelbie Sheppard 186 (in memory of June Smith), 242 (by request); Margie Smith 512, 503.

The class organized, voting to retain the same officers: Chairman—Jeff Sheppard; Vice Chairman—B.M. Smith; Secretary—Shelbie Sheppard; Arranging Committee—Margie Smith and Pearl Guier.

Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 61; Bobby Jackson 568, 569b; Carlene Griffin 70t, 155; Pearl Guier 40, 45t; Everette Denney 274t, 274b; Jeannette DePoy 216 (in memory of Karen House), 34t; Leola Smith 285t (in memory of her sister, Lois Green, and her aunt, Martha Ann George); Felton Denney 385b, 387; Lela Crowder 445, 383; Judith Green 384, 117.


The class resumed singing with B.M. Smith leading song on page 318. Leaders: Lonnie Rogers 222, 389; Daphene Causey 172, 327; Reba Windom 192, 217; Mark Brown 142, 137; Charlene Wallace 349, 428 (in memory of Preston and Louella Warren); Judy Mincey 510 (in memory of Jack Smith), 475 (in memory of Virgil and Ruby Phillips); Richard DeLong 513 (in memory of his grandmother, Dollie Hudgins, and his aunt, Eva Reeves), 202 (in memory of Walker and Lessie Cates).


Jeff Sheppard brought the afternoon session to order leading songs on pages 152 and 460. Leaders: Henry Johnson 535, 69t; Eunice Webb 284, 480; Ted Mercer 346, 436 (in memory of Jerilyn Schumacher); Rene Greene 273, 220; John Plunkett 487, 486; Glenda Collins 354b, 410t; Scott DePoy 276, 201; Mary Florence Smith 403 (in memory of the terrorist victims), 347 (in memory of Allene Stanford); Jimmie Denney 135, 145b; Pam Nunn 528 (in memory of Barbara Finley), 269 (in memory of Lessie Cates); David Yeager 39t, 47t; Reba Norton 334, 200; Oscar McGuire 283, 573; Teenie Moody 317 (in memory of M.F. McWhorter), 98 (in memory of John McWhorter); Louis Hughes 83t, 270; Lou Cotney 300, 497; B.J. Harris 303, 225t; Evelyn Harris 87, 452; Hester Edwards and Pearl Guier 448b, 73b (for Alice Edwards).

Announcements were made. Jeff Sheppard and B.M. Smith led song on page 46 as the closing song. Donald Payne, pastor of the church, dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Jeff Sheppard; Vice Chairman—B.M. Smith; Secretary—Shelbie Sheppard.