Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Calhoun County Convention

Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church,
Four Mile Community, Alabama

September 16-17, 1995

Saturday, September 16

The eighty-first session of the Calhoun County Sacred Harp Convention met on Saturday and Sunday, September 16-17, 1995, at the Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church located in the Four Mile Community, just off Highway 21 between Anniston and Jacksonville, Alabama. The class was called to order by B. J. Harris leading songs on pages 30t and 32t. The morning prayer was led by Shelbie Sheppard. Ruth Brown led songs on pages 47t and 87. The class organized by retaining the following officers: Chairman—B. J. Harris; Vice Chairman—Ruth Brown; Secretary—Evelyn Harris; Arranging Committee—Hester Edwards and Lou Cotney; Memorial Committee—Mary Florence Smith. B. J. Harris led songs on pages 452b and 72b. Leaders: Don Bowen 59, 97, 145b; Lou Cotney 222, 212, 218; Jeff Sheppard 185, 182, 152; Lucille Forman 46, 136, 361; Roy Nelson and Louise Nelson 303b; Roy Nelson 480, 569b; Margie Smith 276, 101t, 494.


The class was called to order by B. J. Harris leading song on page 63. Leaders: Kenneth DeLong 354 (t? b?), 503b, 316; Bulah Reese 426b, 358; B. M. Smith 318, 298, 384; I. V. McWhorter 313t, 371.


The afternoon session resumed with B. J. Harris leading song on page 225t. Leaders: John Forman 137, 171, 192; Alice Edwards 73b, 146, 340; Shelbie Sheppard 341, 153, 156; Mary F. Smith 147t, 186; Judy Mincey 515b, 50b, 58; Ruth Daniel 378 (t? b?), 354 (t? b?), 155; Shelton Williamson 300, 189; Elder J. M. (Bud) Daughtery 45t; Don Bowen 34b, 82 (t? b?) (for Richard Whatley); Rene Greene 200, 142, 297; Kenneth DeLong 424; John Forman 84; Lucille Forman 339, 496; Shelbie Sheppard 269; Don Bowen 290; Roy Nelson 434. B. J. Harris led the closing song on page 62. The class was dismissed with prayer by Elder J. M. Daughtery.

Sunday, September 17

The convention was called to order on Sunday by B. J. Harris leading song on page 36b. Lamar Smith led the morning prayer. Leaders: B. J. Harris 32 (t? b?); Ruth Brown 101t, 312b; Evelyn Harris 59, 82 (t? b?), 108 (t? b?); Mary F. Smith 289, 318; Lou Cotney 300, 436, 497; Roy Nelson 35, 270; Shelton Williamson 218; Shelbie Sheppard 290, 38b; Harvey Austin 109, 566; Milton Oliver 110, 215.


The class was called to order by Ruth Brown leading song on page 155. Leaders: John Forman 217, 299; Lamar Smith 76b, 343; Bud Oliver 145 (t? b?), 345 (t? b?), 480; Margie Smith 335, 373; Rodney Ivey 100, 144, 186; B. M. Smith 236, 294, 284; Coy Ivey 30 (t? b?), 56 (t? b?), 63. The memorial lesson was held at this time. Mary F. Smith talked about how we miss our loved ones that have passed away since our last convention and then read the following names: Dula Webb, Forney Cobb, Arnevis Norton, Hoyt Renfroe, Lessie Cates, Clellon Warren, Freeman Harris, Talmadge Harris, Helen Ivey Cordell, Ernestine Hall, Henry Smith, T. J. Ross, Lindsey Crider, Grady Albright, Harry Dumas, and Carlton Hitchcock. Jeff Sheppard led songs on pages 61 and 129 for the deceased. Lucille Forman led songs on pages 143 and 177 for the sick and shut-ins, and Mary F. Smith led song on page 45t. The memorial was closed with prayer by Lonnie Rogers.


The afternoon session resumed with Jeff Sheppard and Louise Nelson leading songs on pages 81 (t? b?) and 49b. Leaders: Lonnie Rogers 225t, 560b, 222; Alice Edwards 104, 341; Sonja Randal and Brenda Calahan 565; Henry Johnson 68b, 89; Lucille Forman 43, 275b; Coy Ivey 137; Corylon McElrath 378 (t? b?), 119; Rodney Ivey 47 (t? b?), 441; Milton Oliver 75; Bud Oliver 39t, 39b; Lonnie Rogers 97; Harvey Austin 112; Roy Nelson 87; B. M. Smith 475; Shelbie Sheppard 327; Lou Cotney 189; Margie Smith 499b; John Forman 148; B. J. Harris and Ruth Brown led song on page 62 for the closing song, and Lonnie Rogers dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—B. J. Harris; Vice Chairman—Ruth Brown; Secretary—Evelyn Harris.