Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Clear Creek Convention West

Pleasant Hill Church (Johnson School House),
Fayette County, Alabama

September 2, 2001

The Clear Creek Convention West Sacred Harp singing met at Pleasant Hill Church (Johnson School House) on the first Sunday in September. Travis Keeton called the class to order leading song on page 48t. Earl Ballinger offered the morning prayer.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Travis Keeton; Vice Chairman—Max Berueffy; Secretary—Josie Hyde; Arranging Committee—Elene Stovall.

Leaders: Travis Keeton 340; John Hyde 61, 313 (t? b?); Wilton Donaldson 225t, 503; Lena Keeton 336, 120; Ivalene Donaldson 89, 175; Cecil Sanders 460; Winell Sanders 569b; Joyce Hubbert 182, 272; Charles Franklin 274t, 288; Vernice Phillips 143, 81 (t? b?); Earl Ballinger 80b, 40.


Max Berueffy called the class back to order leading songs on pages 138t and 371. Leaders: Velton Chafin 56t, 130; Laura Boyd Russell 327, 189; Gravis Ballinger 99, 34b; Bud Oliver 176b, 176t; Julie Poston 101t, 145b; Ashley Keeton 112, 318; Clarence McCool 133, 68b; Rick Russell 147b, 183; Karen Ivey 67, 546; Larry Ballinger 90, 96; Glenn Keeton 215, 231; Lisa Geist 151, 396; David Ivey 511, 517; Elene Stovall thanked the people for work they did on the church; Elene Stovall and relatives: Willa Rush, Gene Aldridge, and Lucy Rutledge 454, 434, 45t.


Max Berueffy called the afternoon session to order leading songs on pages 155 and 446. Leaders: Amber Springfield 436, 142; Amanda Denson 36b, 276; Josie Hyde 361, 234; Laura Boyd Russell 212; Rick Russell 200; Charles Franklin 74b; Bud Oliver 39b; David Ivey 156; Ashley Keeton and Glenn Keeton 504, 178; Velton Chafin 437; Lena Keeton and Glenn Keeton 475; Larry Ballinger 425; Joyce Hubbert 378t; Earl Ballinger 217; Ivalene Donaldson and Wilton Donaldson 426t; John Hyde 297; Lisa Geist 430; Clarence McCool 349; Karen Ivey and Bud Oliver 270; Gravis Ballinger 78; Amber Springfield 192; Amanda Denson 186; Elene Stovall 285t.

This singing is a movable convention. No one called for the convention so it will be held here again in 2002.

Travis Keeton and Max Berueffy led song on page 499 as the closing song. Velton Chafin led the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

We wish to tank Willa Rush for paying for the minutes.

Chairman—Travis Keeton; Vice Chairman—Max Berueffy; Secretary—Josie Hyde.