Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Walker County Convention

Sardis Church, Walker County, Alabama

Saturday, July 14, 2001

The eighty-seventh session of the Walker County Sacred Harp Convention met on Saturday before the third Sunday in July at Sardis Church and was called to order by Travis Keeton leading song on page 48t. John Merritt offered the morning prayer. Travis Keeton led song on page 127.

The class organized for the day with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Velton Chafin; Vice Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Secretary—Willodean Barton; Arranging Committee—Travis Keeton; Memorial Committee—Brenda Merritt and Josie Hyde.

Leaders: Velton Chafin 129, 61; Ida Lee Starnes 111b, 426t; Barbara Swetman 333, 335, 40; Margaret Keeton 171, 177; Wilton Donaldson 566, 480; Ashley Campbell 143, 47b; Willodean Barton 314, 416; Ivalene Donaldson 166b, 274t.


Velton Chafin brought the class together leading song on page 30t. Leaders: Ashley Keeton 120, 200, 224; Winell Sanders 111t; Ottis Sides 378t, 460; Brenda Merritt 426b, 192, 475; J.H. Mosley 75, 144; Josie Hyde 361, 434; Alice Mosley 138b, 235.


Glenn Keeton brought the class to order leading songs on pages 64 and 278t. Leaders: John Hyde 63, 73t; John Merritt 312b, 101t.

A memorial was held. Josie Hyde and Brenda Merritt led song on page 146 for the sick and shut-in: Jeff Sheppard, Gladys Bonds, Elmer Conwill, Tressie Adkins, John Hocutt, Thurman Nall, Bill Green, Dr. James Howell, Marthan Howell, L.E. Hannah, Mae Conwill, Elsie Beasley, Virginia Carter, and Shelbie Sheppard.

Josie Hyde and Brenda Merritt led song on page 285t in memory of the deceased: Gene Wakefield, Ted White, Eron White, Marie Aldridge, A.C. McGough, Juanita Whitman, Bea Marlowe, Jan Cupps, Lula Moon, Shelia Moon, Winston Jones, Willy Mosley, Mercedes Cagle Lambert, and Mrs. Rupert Yarbrough. John Merritt closed the memorial with prayer.

Edith Tate led songs on pages 35 and 37b.


The afternoon session was brought to order with the class singing “Mercy’s Seat”. Leaders: Velton Chafin 106; Amber Springfield 67, 142; Wanda Capps 53, 299; Laura Clawson 385b, 189; Bill Stewart 36b, 145b; Amanda Denson 168, 183; M.A. Malone 34t, 112; Tommie Spurlock 442, 436; Clarence McCool 137, 428; Gary Smith 565, 31t; Stanley Smith 522, 500, 482; Sarah Smith 72b, 406; Billy Williams 96, 28b, 48t; John Etheridge 28t; Flarce Creel 269, 430.

Velton Chafin led song on page 521 as the closing song. Harrison Creel dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Velton Chafin; Vice Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Secretary—Willodean Barton.