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Sixth Annual Joseph Jackson Beasley
Memorial Singing

Concord Primitive Baptist Meeting House, Winfield, Alabama

December 9-10, 2000

Saturday, December 9

The Sixth Annual Joseph Jackson Beasley Singing was called to order at 10:00 by Marlin Beasley leading 34t, 49b. Opening prayer was offered by George Seiler. Marlin Beasley then led 129. Leaders: Travis Keeton 48t, 37b; John Beasley 47b; George Seiler 68b, 49t, 31t; Richard Schmeidler 34b, 84; Brenda Pena 39b, 77b; Becky Beasley Briggs 100, 101t; Sandie Scott 28b, 40; David Carleton 82t, 86; Jean Seiler 72b, 99; Charlotte Ehrmann 47t, 73b; Kiri Miller 81t, 74b; Frances Beasley Lee 30t, 59; Gary Smith 565, 163 (t? b?); Julietta Haynes 46, 58.


Class was called to order by Cora Beasley Sweatt leading 73 (t? b?), 127. Leaders: John Beasley 67; Travis Keeton 61, 146; Marlin Beasley 144; George Seiler 159, 122; Richard Schmeidler 31b, 66; Sarah Beasley Smith 108t, 406; Brenda Pena 147t, 523b; Elsie Beasley 192, 460.


Class was called back to order by John Beasley leading 123t, 119. Leaders: Becky Beasley Briggs 335, 405; Sandie Scott 408 (for Marilyn Burchett), 475; David Carleton 102, 134; Jean Seiler 273, 277; Elsie Beasley 318, 217; Charlotte Ehrmann 569b, 503; Kiri Miller 300, 282; Seth Holloway and Ron Jagger 388, 354b; Cecil and Wynelle Sanders 255t (?); Julietta Haynes 216, 65; Gary and Sarah Beasley Smith 290, 145 (t? b?); Ron and Stacy Jagger 45t, 72b; Marlin and Juanita Beasley 143, 63; Cora Bealey Sweatt 312b, 274t. Closing song: John Beasley and Richard Schmeidler 347. Prayer by George Seiler.

Sunday, December 10

Class was called to order by Chairman John Beasley leading 31b, 32t. Prayer by Chaplain George Seiler. Class was organized with officers Chairman John Beasley, Vice chairman Richard Schmeidler, Secretary Gary Smith, Chaplain George Seiler, Arranging Committee Glenn Keeton and Amber Springfield, Memorial Committee Jean Seiler and Brenda Pena. Richard Schmeidler led 34b, 84. Leaders: Larry Ballinger 101 (t? b?), 425; Jean Seiler 87, 85; Tim Reynolds 108b, 223; Charlotte Ehrmann 147t, 454; George Seiler 268, 168; Sandie Scott 117, 340; Richard Schmeidler 120, 66; Kiri Miller 179, 442; Guy Bankes 350, 441; Brenda Pena 225t, 225b; Warren Steel 284, 411.


Class was called to order by Glenn Keeton leading 64, 503. Leaders: Gravis Ballinger 300, 99; Julia Poston 145b; A.A. Malone 112, 183; Ivalene Donaldson 275b. Memorial Lesson was led by Jean Seiler and Brenda Pena led 566 for John Hyde, John Hocutt, Marilyn Burchett, A.C. McGough and for Tommy Dawson, the mother of Richard Maudlin and the daughter of Tom Denson, who has recently entered a nursing home. Jean Seiler then presented the lesson for the deceased. She said: “this time to remember and sing for those who have passed on is very special to us. It helps us to celebrate their lives, to mourn their passing, and to feel their spirit still with us as we sing. And it helps us to find comfort amid our grief, and to comfort each other. Some of those for whom we sing today have left us much too soon, like our friend Karen House. Others have led a long and full life, like Virgil and Ruby Phillips. Yet we know that for each one of them, all is well. George and I have been especially grateful for this reassurance as his father’s life came to an end four weeks ago today. His father was at peace, and was ready to go and eager for release. Many of the Sacred Harp tunes reflect this acceptance, and bring us comfort. We would like to sing 384, Panting for Heaven, which is also especially appropriate for this Joe Beasley Memorial Singing because it was sung here for Joe when he passed on.” George Seiler then joined Jean and led 384 for the following deceased: Karen House, New York; Virgil and Ruby Phillips, New York; Rosa Hughes, Alabama; Marie Aldridge, Alabama; George A. Seiler, California; Gene Wakefield, Alabama; Karen Hamilton, New York; Judge Ottis Knippers, Tennessee; Fayrene Wakefield, Mississippi; Elizabeth Arnold, Massachusetts; and Susan Garber, Connecticut. The Memorial Lesson was closed with prayer by George Seiler.

Leaders: Flarce Creel 475; Linton Ballinger 81t; Julietta Haynes 218, 440; Wilton Donaldson 30t; Edith Tate 532, 73t; Travis Keeton 235, 480.

LUNCH, with grace returned by George Seiler.

The class was called to order by John Beasley leading 317. Leaders: L.H. and Estelle Gilmore 379, 376; Larry Wakefield 343b, 569b; Ida Starnes 145b, 45t; Harrison Creel 111b, 378b; Amber Springfield 391, 299; Gary Smith 565b, 31t; Dustin McGowan 354 (t? b?); Ann Beasley Ballard 380; Buell Cobb 138b; Becky Beasley Briggs 33b, 348b; Ricky Beasley 445, 39b; Cora Beasley Sweatt 49b, 46; Marlin Beasley 336. George Seiler gave a brief report on the activities of the Joe Beasley Memorial Fund. Elsie Beasley 192, 460; David Beasley 72b, 68b; Alvin Beasley 81t, 108t; Sarah Beasley Smith 141, 176t (for Cathryn Baker); Marlin and Juanita Beasley 144, 373; Charles Ballard, Rose Beasley, Kirby Sweatt and Mike McGowan (with George Seiler) 159; Ann Beasley Ballard and Amber Springfield “Great Roll Call”. After announcements, John Beasley and Richard Schmeidler led 48 (t? b?). Class was closed with prayer by George Seiler.

John Beasley—Chairman; Richard Schmeidler—Vice Chairman; Gary Smith—Secretary.