Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Chattahoochee Convention

Wilson’s Chapel Church - Carrollton, Georgia

August 5-6, 1995

Saturday, August 5

The one hundred forty-third session of the Chattahoochee Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at Wilson’s Chapel near Carrollton, Georgia on Saturday, August 5, and Sunday, August 6, 1995. Chairman Sheri Taylor called the Convention to order leading songs on pages 67 and 77 (t? b?). Everette Denney led the group in prayer. Leaders: Donna Duke 47b, 100; Jimmie Denney 30t, 61; Everette Denney 127, 335; Dean Slaton 110, 212; Felton Denney 31t, 73t; Laura Webb 46, 47t; Lori Goode 143, 59; Kenneth DeLong 354 (t? b?), 303b; Don Bowen 282, 270; G. C. Waldrep 158, 269; Helen Bryson 222, 182; Marshall Avery 108b, 278b.


The class was called together by Sheri Taylor leading song on page 209. Leaders: Lou Cotney 497, 218; Lucille Gunnels 164, 189; Dan Bailey 183, 569b. The Convention then held its regular business session. On motion, duly seconded, the following officers were elected and the committees appointed: Chairman—Sheri Taylor; Vice Chairman—Felton Denney; Secretary—Donna Duke; Chaplain—Marshall Avery; Arranging Committee—Jimmie Denney, Gene Duke, and Lisa Webb; Finance—Josephine Denney, Phillip Langley, and Laura Webb; Memorial—Lee Rogers, Charlene Wallace, and G. C. Waldrep; Resolutions—Carlene Griffin, Judy Mincey, and Lonnie Rogers. Leaders: Gene Duke 81t, 348b; Judy Mincey 50b, 384; Josephine Denney 145b, 503; Evelyn Harris 87, 378t.


The afternoon session resumed with the following leaders: Lisa Webb 148, 126; Charlene Wallace 171, 287; B. J. Harris 225t, 452b; Johanna Fabke 84, 300; Jeanette DePoy 290, 551; Frances Mary D’Andrea 142, 192; Andy Morse 66, 480; Phillip Langley 268, 203; Lee Rogers 475, 64; Deborah Langley 371, 63; John Pate 306, 273; Jan House 441, 318; Bernard Denney 146, 299; Revy Williamson 99, 137; Myron House 479, 191; Rev. Lloyd Toney 45 (t? b?), 358; Jacob Griffith with Charlene Wallace 111b, 127; Wilford Denney 167, 159; Karen Rollins 489, 136; Mary Lamb and Andrianne Bonham 49b. After announcements, Sheri Taylor and Felton Denney led song on page 323t as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Marshall Avery.

Sunday, August 6

The Sunday session was called to order by Sheri Taylor, chairman, leading songs on pages 43 and 69t. The morning prayer was led by Marshall Avery. Leaders: Jimmie Denney 101t, 108t; Lisa Webb 542, 37b; Jacob Griffith 119, 231; Donna Duke 155, 87; Laura Webb 46, 178; Gene Duke 354b, 348b; Phillip Langley 182, 222; Marshall Avery 35, 108b; Don Bowen 77b, 501b; Jerry Sheppard 500, 548.


The class was called together by Hugh McGraw leading songs on pages 32t and 448b. Leaders: Ted Mercer 328, 123 (t? b?); Lucille Gunnels 40, 234; Lonnie Rogers 141, 225t; G. C. Waldrep 163t, 142; Lori Goode 358, 277. The convention’s annual memorial lesson was conducted by Lee Rogers. Charlene Wallace read a list of the following deceased singers and friends of Sacred Harp: Alabama—Lessie Cates, Lois Green, Ted Godsey, Hoyt Renfroe, and Grady Albright; Georgia—Junurs Hudgins, Harry Dumas, Carlton Hitchcock, Myrtle McGraw, Velma Kelly, Shirley Wilson Philpot, Winnelle Morgan, Vennie Wallace, and Emmett Fuller; Texas—Dale Redmon, Sr.; Wisconsin—Dorothy Fabke. Sheri Taylor led song on page 45t, and G. C. Waldrep led song on page 347 for the deceased. Carlene Griffin led song on page 122 for the sick and shut-ins: Dolly Hudgins, Mozelle Sheppard, Eva Reeves, and Fred Karsten. Rev. Jerry Cole, grandson of Matthew Wilson who was the founder and builder of Wilson’s Chapel, spoke to the convention about “carrying on the tradition of Sacred Harp” and the foresight that Mr. Wilson had fifty-seven years ago to build a church just for Sacred Harp singing. Only two of Mr. Wilson’s twelve children are still living, Naomi Wilson Sailors and Mary Wilson Hackney, who are still active members of Sacred Harp singing. Rev. Cole closed the memorial service with prayer.


The afternoon session resumed with Judy Mincey leading songs on pages 410t and 510. Leaders: Lee Rogers 33b, 305 (?); Mary Lamb 30 (t? b?), 49t; Johanna Fabke 312b, 198; Charlene Wallace 365; Jeanette DePoy and Betsy Cox 306, 503; Nick Griffin 551, 127; Richard DeLong 158; Revy Williamson 56t, 299; Felton Denney 467, 523; Rev. Lloyd Toney 59, 129.


The class was called together by Sheri Taylor leading song on page 448t. Leaders: Dean Slaton 383, 419; Bernard Denney 339, 341; Josephine Denney 452, 143. The business session was held and reports given: The Finance Committee reported a balance brought forward of $978.77, a collection of $198.45, expenditure for minutes $50.00, leaving a balance on hand of $1,127.22. Hugh McGraw made a motion to give the balance in the account to the Wilson Family for upkeep of the church. Motion was seconded and passed. The Resolutions Committee report was given by Judy Mincey. We, the undersigned Resolutions Committee, offer the following resolutions: To offer to God, praise and thanksgiving in all things, but particularly for the gift of music and these beautiful songs to sing; To express our gratitude to the Wilson family and extensions for their efforts to preserve this precious heritage and this wonderful place; To thank all those who had a hand in providing the bountiful and delicious food; To join in song with others at every opportunity, wherever we may travel, and to introduce as many people as possible to this very special music and community all across the lands. Respectfully submitted by Carlene Griffin, Lonnie Rogers, and Judy Mincey. After the close of the business session, announcements were made concerning future Sacred Harp singings. The convention was closed by Sheri Taylor and Felton Denney leading song on page 62. Marshall Avery dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Sheri Taylor; Vice Chairman—Felton Denney; Secretary—Donna Duke.