Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Michiana Singing

New Testament Baptist Church, Goshen, Indiana

Saturday, July 15, 2000

The thirteenth annual Michiana Singing was held at the New Testament Baptist Church on Saturday before the third Sunday in July, and was called to order by Matthew Lind leading song on page 34b. James Nelson Gingerich led song on page 48t, and Christine Guth offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Samuel Sommers 36b; Rachel Miller Jacobs 472; Kent Beck 276; Christine Guth 379; Michael Miller 551; Kate Lind 155; Dean Slaton 498; Mary K. Oyer 236; Roger Williams 298; David Rust 74 (t? b?); Jan Wright 183; John Seaton 47t; Janet Fraembs 480; Bill Beverly 272; Kristin Richardson 195; Luke Jacobs and Rachel Miller Jacobs 59; Becky Browne 299.


Matthew Lind called the class to order leading song on page 63. Leaders: Ann Miczulski 146; Bruce Holmes 147 (t? b?); Anne Steele 318 Allan Stavely 148; Guy Bankes 474; Kit Pfau 56 (t? b?); Natalia Cecire 191; Steve Warner 99; Jacob Affolter 481; Marcia Johnson 222; Dave Ressler 448 (t? b?); Charles Wells 84; Reba Dell Windom 171.


The class was called together by James Nelson Gingerich with song on page 34t. Leaders: Jerry Enright 378b; Lori Graber 306; Martha Lang 282; Doug Stapleton 441; Cathryn Baker 384; Jim Helke 496; Julie Vea 528; Suzanne Flandreau 424; Laurel Cornell 569 (t? b?); Jeanette Lowry 168.

Warren Steel began the memorial lesson, read a list of those deceased, and led song on page 285t in their memory.

Suzanne Flandreau read a list of the sick and shut-ins and led song on page 68b for: Marie Aldridge and Ruby Phillips—Alabama; Carole Sawatzky and Dale Phillip—California; Dorothy Garber—Connecticut; Mariam Pasqual, Ed Bales, Sharon Hetler, and Isabel Karduck—Illinois; Frank Bishop and Rosy Stoltzfus—Indiana; John Morris—Maryland; Madeleine Steel—Mississippi; Andra Browne—Missouri; Philip Page, Jr.—New Jersey; John Flandreau—New York; and Bob Scorgie—Wisconsin. Christine Guth closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


Rachel Miller Jacobs brought the class back to order with song on page 344. Leaders: Wendy Wahn 269; Molly Williams 81 (t? b?); Charlotte Wolfe 31 (t? b?); Sue Kessell 504; Warren Steel 396; Gary Gronau 137; Al Frank 163 (t? b?); James Page 505; Ted Johnson 419; Joan Aldridge 270; Jen Stanley 122; Richard DeLong 123b; Martha Beverly 216; Ted Mercer 217; Pat Fosberg Smith 532; Lisa Grayson 112; John Hartsough 268; Melanie Hauff 142; Brad Oglesby 39b; Anne Heider 501; Judy Hauff 536.


Samuel Sommers brought the class to order leading song on page 369. Leaders: Henry Schuman 319; Reba Dell Windom 196; Allan Stavely 61; Becky Browne 192; Brad Oglesby 503; Janet Fraembs 385b; Dave Ressler 455; Richard DeLong 422; Guy Bankes 287; Kit Pfau 129; James Page 411; Jeanette Lowry 215; Bruce Holmes, Suzanne Flandreau, Jacob Affolter, Cathryn Baker, Jim Helke, and Natalia Cecire 347; Samuel Sommers 354b.

Announcements were made. Matthew Lind led song on page 62 as the closing song, and those who wished took the parting hand. Christine Guth dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Matthew Lind; Treasurer—James Nelson Gingerich; Chaplain—Christine Guth; Secretary—Samuel Sommers.