Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

ye 88 occurrences, 69 verses, 56 songs

Adieu, ye proud, ye light and gay

89 The Church’s Desolation

And saying, repent ye

232 Baptismal Anthem

Blow ye the trumpet blow

40 Lenox

Bring them, ye angels, from their distant lands.

151 Symphony

Burst, ye emerald gates, and bring

139 Elysian

Burst, ye intervening skies

139 Elysian

Cease, ye pilgrims, cease to mourn

131b Invocation

Come, all ye mourning pilgrims dear

201 Pilgrim

Come, all ye Zion mourners

141 Complainer

Come, brethren, ye that love the Lord

64 Nashville

Come, ye sinners, poor and needy

81t Beach Spring

Come, ye that love the Lord

52t Albion

Fast as ye bring the night of death

121 Florence

177 The Christian’s Flight

Fly swift around, ye wheels of time

155 Northfield

330t Horton

409 Promised Day

Hail, ye realms of endless day!

54 The Blessed Lamb

Hail ye sighing sons of sorrow

332 Sons of Sorrow

Haste ye all to Bethlehem

461 Shining Star

Hear it ye nations! hear it, Oh ye dead!

236 Easter Anthem

Hither, ye faithful, haste with songs of triumph

223 Portuguese Hymn

Ho! ye that pant for living streams

295 Odem

How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord

72b Bellevue

I charge you, Oh ye daughters of Jerusalem

254 Rose of Sharon

Look ye sinners, ye that hung Him

210 Lena

Oh, ye benighted souls

213b Warning

Praise ye the Lord.

311 Silver Street

375 Love the Lord

Praise ye the Lord that I’m freed from all care

339 When I Am Gone

Pray ye the Lord that my joys ye shall share

339 When I Am Gone

Prepare ye the way of the Lord

232 Baptismal Anthem

Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.

40 Lenox

Say, now ye lovely social band

42 Clamanda

Seek ye not in palaces

461 Shining Star

Shout His almighty name, ye choirs of angels

223 Portuguese Hymn

Sing, Oh ye ransomed of the Lord

456 Sacred Mount

Swell the sound, ye kings and nobles

117 Babylon Is Fallen

To me ye no longer are known

123t The Dying Christian

Trust Him ye saints in all your ways

26 Samaria

107 Russia

Tune, tune your harps ye saints on high

122 All Is Well

Wake, all ye soaring throngs, and sing

172 Harmony

While ye surround His throne.

52t Albion

Why will ye doubting stand, why yet delay?

354b Happy Land

Ye blooming youth, this is the state

404 Youth Will Soon Be Gone

Ye bring eternal day.

121 Florence

177 The Christian’s Flight

Ye cheerful warblers of the spring

172 Harmony

Ye chosen seed of Israel’s race

63 Coronation

314 Cleburne

Ye come our sinking friends to save

334 Oh Come Away

Ye daughters of Zion, declare, have you seen

571 Penitence

Ye fleeting charms of earth farewell

288 White

Ye flow’ry plains, proclaim His skill

538 Hampton

Ye gallant sons of temperance —

334 Oh Come Away

Ye golden lamps of heav’n farewell

112 The Last Words of Copernicus

Ye heav’nly host, the song begin

182 Newburgh

Ye heedless ones who wildly stroll

404 Youth Will Soon Be Gone

522 Ye Heedless Ones

Ye little flock whom Jesus feeds

279 The Shepherd’s Flock

Ye living men, come view the ground

162 Plenary

Ye mortal pow’rs decay

121 Florence

177 The Christian’s Flight

Ye mountains and valleys, groves, rivers, and plains

123t The Dying Christian

Ye mourning souls, lift up your eyes

62 Parting Hand

516 DeLong

Ye objects of sense and enjoyments of time

123t The Dying Christian

Ye saints approach! the anguish view

163t Morning

Ye souls who are bound unto Canaan

376 Help Me to Sing

Ye starry lights, ye twinkling flames

182 Newburgh

Ye trav’lers through the wilderness

72t The Weary Soul

121 Florence

Ye wand’rers, come!

213b Warning

Ye weary, heavy-laden souls

72t The Weary Soul

121 Florence

Ye wheels of nature speed your course

121 Florence

177 The Christian’s Flight

Ye who have fled from Sodom’s plain

42 Clamanda

Ye who thoughtless God despise!

263 Doddridge

Ye who unto Jesus for refuge have fled.

72b Bellevue

Ye who with taste perverted

334 Oh Come Away