Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

soon 68 occurrences, 56 verses, 49 songs

And I know I soon will follow

465 Where There’s No Trouble and Sorrow

And I soon shall sing in eternity.

548 Wootten

And soon shall get to heaven

109 Carnsville

And soon shall hear the trumpet sound

94 Never Part

And soon we’ll meet above.

83b The Dying Minister

348t Ainslie

And soon with you ’twill be too late

404 Youth Will Soon Be Gone

As soon as the churches are redeemed from sin

130 Millennium

Ashamed of Jesus! just as soon

32t Corinth

But soon He’ll break death’s anxious chain

292 Behold the Savior

But soon I found ’twas all a dream

227 Ode on Life’s Journey

Come on, Come on, we’ll soon be there

97 We’ll Soon Be There

For my form will soon be lying

410t The Dying Californian

Go on, go on, we’ll soon be there

97 We’ll Soon Be There

He gave thee, and took thee, and soon will restore thee

158 Funeral Thought

I soon shall behold, with increasing delight

123t The Dying Christian

I soon shall exchange you for views more sublime

123t The Dying Christian

I soon shall mount the upper skies

122 All Is Well

I soon shall pass the vale of death

170 Exhilaration

I soon shall see — enjoy my happy choice

122 All Is Well

I soon shall sing with the angels’ band

548 Wootten

I soon shall view the promised land

548 Wootten

I’ll soon be freed from all the pain

398 The Dying Boy

If this be death, I soon shall be

122 All Is Well

In Thy name and Thy strength shall soon put to flight.

179 The Christian Warfare

My body must soon be removed

240 Christian Song

My sorrows soon shall end

416 The Christian’s Nightly Song

My span of life will soon be gone

330t Horton

379 Span of Life

407 Charlton

Our praying time will soon be o’er, Hallelujah

400 Struggle On

So death will soon disrobe us all

209 Evening Shade

302 Logan

So soon our transient comforts fly

32b Distress

Soon as from earth I go

47b Idumea

Soon he’ll come with bursts of thunder

210 Lena

Soon I shall sing the glad, new song

530 A Glad New Song

Soon I will strike the heav’nly lyre

373 Homeward Bound

Soon my spirit, flutt’ring, flying

332 Sons of Sorrow

Soon our Savior will return

131b Invocation

Soon the great call for me will come

373 Homeward Bound

Soon we must resign our breath

523 Pleyel’s Hymn

Soon ’twill set in dismal night

332 Sons of Sorrow

Soon you’ll miss me in your berth

410t The Dying Californian

That soon or late is sure to come

367 Consolation

That soon will quench this mortal flame

122 All Is Well

The earth shall soon dissolve like snow

45t New Britain

The earth will soon dissolve like snow

105 Jewett

The grave will soon become your bed

404 Youth Will Soon Be Gone

522 Ye Heedless Ones

The happy day will soon appear

421 Sweet Morning

The storms of life will soon be o’er

134 The Christian’s Hope

The time is soon coming, by the prophets foretold

130 Millennium

Time shall soon this earth remove

84 Amsterdam

131b Invocation

Time soon shall stop my fleeting breath

544 Praise Him

We soon shall hear the angel’s voice

473 Carmarthen

We soon shall land on yon blest shore

460 Sardis

Will soon your active limbs enclose.

204 Mission

404 Youth Will Soon Be Gone

436 Morning Sun

Your boy will soon be dead.

398 The Dying Boy

Your joys on earth will soon be gone

37b Liverpool

215 New Topia

Youth, like the spring, will soon be gone

204 Mission

404 Youth Will Soon Be Gone

436 Morning Sun