Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

or 89 occurrences, 67 verses, 65 songs

A contrite, heart, or no?

287 Cambridge

A few more days, or years at most

61 Sweet Rivers

All I’ve sought or hoped or known

370 Monroe

’Mid storms of doubt, in grief or woe

367 Consolation

And conquer or die by the American Star.

346 The American Star

And let it faint or die

103 Animation

146 Hallelujah

And Mary’s or Manasseh’s stains

569b Sacred Throne

And they must drink or die.

189 Montgomery

And to Thy glory live or die.

448t Consecration

By fleeting time or conqu’ring death

204 Mission

404 Youth Will Soon Be Gone

436 Morning Sun

Can thy heart or hands endure

523 Pleyel’s Hymn

Eternal happiness or woe

47b Idumea

Fly like a youthful hart or roe

327 Invitation

Give joy or grief, give ease or pain

146 Hallelujah

383 Eternal Day

Have nothing to wish or to fear

127 Green Fields

I have no home or stay with you

185 Pilgrim’s Farewell

208 Traveling On

No changes of season or place

127 Green Fields

No chilling winds, or pois’nous breath

65 Sweet Prospect

No kindred or relative nigh

341 The Lone Pilgrim

No more to be envied or loved.

240 Christian Song

No more to sigh or shed a tear

134 The Christian’s Hope

368 Stony Point

No more to suffer pain or fear

134 The Christian’s Hope

368 Stony Point

No sickness there, no want or pain

460 Sardis

Nor reputation, food, or health

205 Pleasant Hill

Nor waits for mortal cares or bliss

185 Pilgrim’s Farewell

Not walls or hills could guard so well

474 Mount Desert

Or any mate was found.

115 Edmonds

Or aught the world bestows

205 Pleasant Hill

Or blush to speak His name?

57 Christian Soldier

309 Living Lamb

325 Soldier of the Cross

513 Joyful

Or but conceal His face.

147t Boylston

Or cry in the desert for bread?

571 Penitence

Or earth received her frame

543 Thou Art God

Or earth Thy humble footstool laid.

142 Stratfield

Or else I’ve nought to say.

67 Columbus

Or grieve at our distress?

98 Dull Care

Or hast Thou made mankind in vain?

547 Granville

Or heav’n and earth in order stood

431 New Bethany

Or impetuous down the cliff

450 Elder

Or it had never rescued me.

432 Cheves

Or like a shooting star.

348b Fleeting Days

Or lonely the wilderness rove?

571 Penitence

Or men as fierce and wild as they

211 Whitestown

Or seek relief in prayer.

143 Pleyel’s Hymn

Or shake at death’s alarms?

163b China

Or sing in endless night.

266 Kingwood

Or sins more vile than they.

569b Sacred Throne

Or take me to Thee up on high

127 Green Fields

Or the clouds return after the rain

512 The Spirit Shall Return

Or the moon, or the stars, be not darkened

512 The Spirit Shall Return

Or the silver cord be loosed

512 The Spirit Shall Return

Or thorns compose so rich a crown?

447 Wondrous Cross

Or to defend His cause

73b Arlington

74t The Enquirer

483 Eternal Light

Or triumphant holy day

415 Easter Morn

Or walk the golden streets.

220 Mount Zion

313t Concord

565 The Hill of Zion

Or why this ocean rose

569b Sacred Throne

Or you can’t go to heaven when you die.

124 Lover of the Lord

Say will you have this Christ or no?

160b Turn, Sinner, Turn

Slow, or quick, or mild, or rude

450 Elder

Strangers slight, or friends despise

326 Weary Pilgrim

Take life or friends away

146 Hallelujah

383 Eternal Day

That soon or late is sure to come

367 Consolation

To all I speak or do.

131t Messiah

To guard my head by night or noon.

216 Delight

We fly to our maker, save, Lord or we perish.

224 Save, Lord, or We Perish

When the sun, or the light

512 The Spirit Shall Return

Where there’s no trouble or sorrow.

465 Where There’s No Trouble and Sorrow

Whither he went or whence he came

164 Duane Street