Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

from 235 occurrences, 197 verses, 165 songs

A country far from mortal sight

77t The Child of Grace

A heart from sin set free

328 Praise God

422 Burdette

All my help from Thee I bring

452 Martin

All our help must come from Thee.

335 Return Again

I’m a long time trav’ling away from home

288 White

And drove Thee from my breast.

27 Bethel

And from the flowing fountain

82t Bound For Canaan

85 The Morning Trumpet

106 Ecstasy

319 Religion Is a Fortune

410b Mutual Love

And go from my home it affects not my heart

100 The Bower of Prayer

And guard their lives from sin?

517 Mars Hill

And in Thy dear image arise from the tomb

119 Heaven’s My Home

And keep me back from home

308 Parting Friends

And learn that wisdom from above

379 Span of Life

407 Charlton

And let all fears from me depart.

539 Supplication

And let His praise from ev’ry hill

538 Hampton

And rescue from a drunkard’s grave

334 Oh Come Away

And rolls through my soul from the mansions above.

360 The Royal Band

And saved from earth appear

40 Lenox

And saves me from the grave.

527 My Life and Breath

And stars that glow from pole to pole.

479 Chester

And strive to draw me from my Savior

326 Weary Pilgrim

And we from time remove

302 Logan

And when from death I’m free

159 Wondrous Love

And you are so far from home.

108b The Traveler

Arise, my soul, from deep distress

476 The Throne of Grace

As soon as the churches are redeemed from sin

130 Millennium

Because I was not saved from sin.

53 Jerusalem

Bright angels are from glory come

122 All Is Well

Bring them, ye angels, from their distant lands.

151 Symphony

Burst forth from ev’ry eye.

33t Weeping Savior

By this are sinners snatched from hell

569t Emmaus

Cleanse us all from ev’ry sin.

80t Shouting Song

323t Mullins

Clear from the rock; his strength was gone

164 Duane Street

Come, my dear Jesus, from above

280 Westford

Come out and be separate from sinners and sin.

130 Millennium

Descended from the skies.

569b Sacred Throne

Do not I love Thee from my soul?

39t Detroit

Drawn from Immanuel’s veins

397 The Fountain

Far as the east is from the west

36t America

Far from home thy footsteps stray

108b The Traveler

Far from my thoughts, vain world, be gone

280 Westford

Far from the sphere of mortal joys

39t Detroit

Far off from happiness and heav’n

271b Restoration

For they rest from their labors

320 Funeral Anthem

From Adam’s feet, we see

115 Edmonds

From Adam’s head, we know

115 Edmonds

From all below, and all above

538 Hampton

From all created things

379 Span of Life

407 Charlton

From all that does intoxicate

334 Oh Come Away

From all that dwell below the skies

192 Schenectady

276 Bridgewater

377 Eternal Praise

From both my streaming eyes.

214 Repentance

From caves of darkness and of doubt

327 Invitation

From cloud to cloud, from dome to dome

438 The Marriage in the Skies

From Egypt’s yoke set free

35 Saints Bound For Heaven

From everlasting, Thou art God.

431 New Bethany

543 Thou Art God

From everlasting woe.

101b Holy City

From ev’ry murmur free

475 A Thankful Heart

From ev’ry pain and sorrow free.

122 All Is Well

From ev’ry stormy wind that blows

470 The Mercy Seat

From ev’ry swelling tide of woes

470 The Mercy Seat

From ev’ry weeping eye

409 Promised Day

From faith and hope may grow.

52t Albion

313t Concord

From God the Father and the Son.

111t Journey Home

From grief and woe my soul shall fly

282 I’m Going Home

From heav’n the awful mandate flies

110 Mount Vernon

From Him no more again to roam

373 Homeward Bound

From Him that dwells within.

328 Praise God

From his home below to his home in heav’n.

41 Home in Heaven

From injury and harm.

115 Edmonds

From its beautiful plains and its herbage-crowned hills.

231 Thou Art Passing Away

From its forests and fields, from its murmuring rills

231 Thou Art Passing Away

From Jesus flow to ev’ry vine

64 Nashville

284 Garden Hymn

From Jesus, my best friend

109 Carnsville

From Jesus’ side I will not stray

454 The Better Land

From labor now reposing

334 Oh Come Away

From nature’s prison free

379 Span of Life

407 Charlton

From near to Adam’s heart

115 Edmonds

From praying we will not refrain.

116 Union

From sea to sea, from land to land

102 Fulfillment

From sin and sorrow free

403 Heavenly Rest

From sorrow, pain and care.

55 Sister’s Farewell

From the bless’d retreat where I’ve chosen to pray.

100 The Bower of Prayer

From the blessed thought of his home in heav’n.

41 Home in Heaven

From the cross the radiance streaming

532 Peace and Joy

From the sea, from the earth, from the south, from the north

149 The Trumpet

From the third heaven, where God resides

155 Northfield

299 New Jerusalem

From their princely station

139 Elysian

From this vain world of sin?

82t Bound For Canaan

85 The Morning Trumpet

319 Religion Is a Fortune

410b Mutual Love

From time to time my helpless soul

34t The Gospel Pool

From under Adam’s arm

115 Edmonds

From war’s dread confusion I pensively strayed

358 Murillo’s Lesson

Goodwill henceforth from heaven to men

186 Sherburne

Hark, from the gospel’s cheering sound

501 O’Leary

Hark! from the tombs of doleful sound

162 Plenary

Hark! the Redeemer from on high

327 Invitation

Hath raised us from earth to that rapturous dwelling

165 Family Bible

He came from heav’n our souls to save

478 My Rising Sun

He caught the first accent that fell from thy tongue

413 The Loved Ones

He has risen from the dead

156 Jesus Rose

He has risen from the tomb.

451 Mary’s Grief and Joy

He justly claims a song from me

275t Loving Kindness

He raised me from the depths of sin

373 Homeward Bound

He rose from the grave

355 Anthem on the Savior

He saved me from my lost estate

275t Loving Kindness

He, to rescue me from danger

135 Olney

He wandered an exile and stranger from home

341 The Lone Pilgrim

Help me to tear it from Thy throne

27 Bethel

His justice free from all decay

486 Beneficence

Hope wipes the tear from sorrow’s eye

32b Distress

I from my grave shall rise

47b Idumea

428 World Unknown

I heard a great voice from heav’n

320 Funeral Anthem

I shield thee from alarms

489 The Savior’s Call

I sigh from this body of sin to be free

161 Sweet Home

I wait a visit, Lord, from Thee.

280 Westford

I’ll soon be freed from all the pain

398 The Dying Boy

If from Him we do not stray

144 Jubilee

It calls dead sinners from their tombs

391 Sounding Joy

Joys that from all time abide.

532 Peace and Joy

Life from vegetation flying

332 Sons of Sorrow

Look down from the clouds with bright aspect serene.

346 The American Star

Lord from hence we would not go

50b Humility

My path from day to day.

75 I Would See Jesus

News from the regions of the skies —

152 Shepherds Rejoice

306 Oxford

Now is Christ risen from the dead

236 Easter Anthem

Now let each one cease from sinning

144 Jubilee

Oh, drive these dark clouds from my sky

127 Green Fields

Oh mercy! Oh mercy! look down from above

149 The Trumpet

Oh, why should I wander a stranger from Thee

571 Penitence

Our shelter from the stormy blast

336 Eternal Home

Praise ye the Lord that I’m freed from all care

339 When I Am Gone

Preserve me from the snares of sin

205 Pleasant Hill

Prone from my Savior to depart

424 Sweet Union

Redeemed us oft from death and dread

318 Present Joys

Releasing me kindly from clay?

240 Christian Song

Rest upon us from above.

56t Columbiana

Rise from all terrestrial things

84 Amsterdam

Rise from transitory things

131b Invocation

Safe from disease, secure from death?

547 Granville

Saying unto me, “Write from henceforth

320 Funeral Anthem

Secure from all our fears

302 Logan

Secure from ev’ry mortal foe

460 Sardis

See, from His head, His hands, His feet

447 Wondrous Cross

Send it down, Lord, from above.

323t Mullins

Send some message from Thy word

70t Gainsville

Shall fly from all nations the best of mankind

358 Murillo’s Lesson

Shine upon us from on high!

335 Return Again

Should fright us from the shore.

66 Jordan

289 Greensborough

446 Infinite Day

Soon as from earth I go

47b Idumea

Sounds from the bright celestial throng

412 New Hosanna

Still drags her downward from the skies

29b Tribulation

419 Melancholy Day

Surrounded with mercy and peace from on high.

165 Family Bible

342 The Old-Fashioned Bible

Sweet Redeemer from above

497 Natick

That prayed, and God heard from His throne.

116 Union

That sacred flood from Jesus’ veins

569b Sacred Throne

The cause of his Master propelled him from home

341 The Lone Pilgrim

The gloom from the face of fair heaven retired

358 Murillo’s Lesson

The joy that from Thy presence springs

217 Ballstown

The light’s from me withdrawn.

67 Columbus

The Lord descended from above

291 Majesty

The morning sun shines from the east

242 Ode on Science

The road that leads from banishment

53 Jerusalem

70b Save, Mighty Lord

The stranger started from disguise

164 Duane Street

The tears are all wiped from his eyes.

341 The Lone Pilgrim

Their race grows up from fruitful stocks

211 Whitestown

Then, Father, would I turn from all

75 I Would See Jesus

There was a man sent from God

553 Anthem on the Beginning

They’re hidden from our view

420 Bishop

This heav’nly land from ours.

289 Greensborough

303 Heavenly Land

392 Manchester

446 Infinite Day

Thou art passing away from the beautiful earth

231 Thou Art Passing Away

Thou art passing away from thy kindred and friends

231 Thou Art Passing Away

Thou, from hence, my all shall be.

370 Monroe

Thou who didst from sin relieve us

361 Loving Jesus

Though oft from Thy presence in sadness I roam

161 Sweet Home

Thrice from the stream he drained my cup

164 Duane Street

Thy hand from whence my being come.

434 Fillmore

Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore

192 Schenectady

377 Eternal Praise

Thy Spirit can from dross refine

93 Frozen Heart

To draw thee from the skies.

147b Laban

372 Rockport

To fall upon them and hide them from

250 Heavenly Vision

To hide my Jesus from my eyes.

122 All Is Well

To save our souls from sin and guilt

99 Gospel Trumpet

To shield you from all harm.

55 Sister’s Farewell

Th’unwearied sun, from day to day

468 Bristol

Wand’ring from the fold of God

135 Olney

When, freed from earth, my soul shall tow’r

134 The Christian’s Hope

When from sin and sorrow free

354b Happy Land

When from the dead He raised His Son

500 Living Hope

When Jesus saw me from on high

484 Heavenly Union

When we must be parted from this social band

45b Imandra

Where freed from trouble, sorrow and pain.

416 The Christian’s Nightly Song

Where the mourners cease from mourning and the pris’ner is set free:

260 Farewell Anthem

While thunders roll from pole to pole

131t Messiah

Who hath preserved us from our birth.

318 Present Joys

Who saved me from a burning hell

484 Heavenly Union

Will keep me safe from sin and strife

490 My Shepherd Guides

With enemies from hell.

157 Essay

Ye who have fled from Sodom’s plain

42 Clamanda

“Yet quickly from these scenes of woe

44 The Converted Thief