Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rogers Memorial Singing

Ephesus School, Roopville, Georgia

Sunday, March 1, 2020

The annual Rogers Memorial Singing was held on the first Sunday in March. The class was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Denney Rogers leading 101t. The morning prayer was offered by Henry Johnson. Rodney Ivey led 32t, Karen Rollins led 389, and Judy Chambless led 105. A short business session was then held. Officers re-elected were as follows: Chairman—Denney Rogers; Vice Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Secretary—Karen Rollins; and Arranger—Judy Chambless. As Mayor, Denney Rogers welcomed everyone to Ephesus.

Leaders: Jack Nelson 408; Blake Sisemore 192; Lisa Bennett 240; Philip Denney and Gayle Denney 143; Don Bowen 59; Cecil Roberts 403; David Smead 296; Cassie Allen 74t; Nate Green 49t; Robert Chambless 535; Samuel Williams 562; Buell Cobb 71 (in memory of Stephen O’Leary); Tommie Spurlock 475; Karen Clark 538; Loyd Ivey 426b; Elene Stovall 172.


Rodney Ivey called the class back to order leading 343. Leaders: Jenna Frey 178; Amber Davis 142; Henry Johnson 322.

Karen Rollins conducted the memorial lesson. She talked about how difficult it can be to reach out to the sick and shut-ins when they may be across the world, but one can always make a call or send a card. She passed out cards to be signed. The names on the sick list were Margaret Thacker, Barry Rollins, Virginia Dyer, Ann Jett, Bill Windom, Velton Chafin, Margaret Spurlock, and Coy Ivey. She noted that Shakespeare said that “the evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones” and we had a lot of “good interred” last year. The names on the deceased list were as follows: Charlene Wallace, Robbie Rivers, Norma Mincey, Joel Rogers, Pam Rogers, J.F. Terrell, Harold Cook, Richard Petree, Mildred Patterson, Tommy Greer, Tommy Stutts, and Larry Smith—Georgia; Sonny Erwin—Texas; Ottis Sides, Sara Nelson, Betty Culver, and Ruth Daniel—Alabama; Aubrey Barfield—Florida; Stephen O’Leary—California. Karen and her siblings (Denney Rogers, Sherry Lovvorn, Paige Harrod, and Karleen Williams) led 340. Karen closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Lela Crowder 121; Anna Hinton 203; Karis Askin 448b; Kathy Williams 273 (in memory of her mother, Louise Holland); Ainslie Allen 542; Hayden Arp 405; Judy Mincey 474; Daniel Williams 176b; Gene Duke and Donna Duke 217 (in memory of her mother); Isaac Green and Hayden Arp 488; Lauren Bock, Isaac Green, and Hayden Arp 434; Stanley Smith 215; Meredith Turner 330t; Judy Caudle 522; Dennis George 512; Nicholas Thompson and Blake Sisemore 411; Winfred Kerr 516; Cindy Tanner 220. Philip Denney asked a blessing before the meal.


Daniel Williams led 333 to bring the class back together. Leaders: Nathan Rees 99; the grandchildren of Lonnie and Vivian Rogers (Beverly Rollins Thompson, Barry Rollins, Laura Williams Robinson, Susan Lovvorn Rice, and Randa Rollins Harris) 345t and 268; Eli Hinton 455; Malinda Snow 471; John Plunkett 97; Oscar McGuire 350; Linda Thomas 73t; Lottie Hinton 276; Wanda Capps 298; Jesse P. Karlsberg 227; Hubert Nall 441; Sheri Taylor 117; Linda Sides, Hayden Arp, and Nicholas Thompson 530; Matt Hinton 351; Lisa Webb, Christian Webb, and Riley Webb 46; Christian Webb 294; Nate Green and Norma Green 88t; Tommie Spurlock 430; Loyd Ivey and Judy Caudle 426t; Winfred Kerr 282; Hubert Nall and Rodney Ivey 384 (for Coy Ivey); Hayden Arp, Cassie Allen, and Shelley Calvert 498 and 327 (for Ann Jett). Announcements were made. Denney Rogers, Rodney Ivey, and Karen Rollins led 56t as the closing song. Cecil Roberts dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Denney Rogers; Vice Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Secretary—Karen Rogers Rollins