Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church

Roopville, Georgia

Sunday, June 16, 2019

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church in Roopville, Georgia, was held on the third Sunday in June. The singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Karen Rollins leading 101t. Philip Denney offered the morning prayer. Karen welcomed the visitors and singers to the152nd annual singing at Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church. The following officers were elected: Chairman—Karen Rollins; Vice Chairman—Philip Denney; Secretary—Judy Chambless.

Leaders: Philip Denney 535; Winfred Kerr 283; Denney Rogers 345t; Robert Chambless 225t; Glenda Collins 294 (in memory of her dad and nephew); Jeannette DePoy 460; Bert Collins 542; Kathy Williams 267; Scott DePoy 128; Donna Bell 30b; David Brodeur 465; Taylor Watkins 388; Helen Brown 349; Alec Williams 83t; Jesse Karlsberg 402; Aldo Ceresa 400; Ray Rechenberg 300.


Ted Brown called the class back to order leading 111b. Leaders: Bobby Watkins 82t; Brenda Dunlap 440.

Karen Rollins conducted the memorial lesson talking about past singings and how things had changed but that the singings were still welcoming to all people and singers. Karen Rollins, Karleen Williams, Paige Harrod, Sherry Lovvorn, and Denney Rogers led 146 for the following sick and shut-ins: Judy Mincey, Norma Mincey, Don Bowen, Carol Chapman, Margaret Thacker, Charlene Wallace, Ottis Sides, Velton Chafin, Loralee Rees, Brenda Rechenberg, Lucy Garner, Chris Holley, and Kathe Pilibosian; and the following deceased: Pam Denney Rogers, Mike Denney, Susan Roberts, Eugene Forbes, Doug Webb, Adelaide Vaughn, Tommy Stutts, Dennis Simmons, Betty Boone Etheridge, Elizabeth Rechenberg, John Haito, Paul Luther Wilson, Concetta Branson, Chuck Williamson, and Betty Denney. Joan Denney and Sharon Frost led 339 in memory of Pam Denney Rogers. Matt Hinton closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: John Plunkett 125; April Watkins 275t; Anna Hinton 203; Nathan Rees 435; Andy Ditzler 475 (in honor of Judy Mincey); Lisa Bennett 538; Erica Hinton 501; David Smead 279; Eli Hinton 186; Sheri Taylor 503; Matt Hinton 391; Malinda Snow 467; Gayle Denney and Philip Denney 384; Judy Chambless 340.


Jesse Karlsberg brought the class back to order leading 97. Leaders: Beverly Thompson and Jade Thompson 59; Lonnie Rogers’s grandchildren 358; Matt Hinton, Erica Hinton, Anna Hinton, and Eli Hinton 472; Kacey Cook and Philip Denney 405; Phyllis Bickers and Karen Rollins 345b; Alec Williams 278b; Brenda Dunlap 436; Ted Brown 187; Aldo Ceresa 208; Helen Brown 212; Ray Rechenberg 29t; Lisa Bennett and David Smead 420; John Plunkett 516; Andy Ditzler and David Brodeur 447; Scott DePoy and Jeannette DePoy 179; Bobby Watkins, April Watkins, and Taylor Watkins 406; Jesse Karlsberg, Kathy Williams, and Nathan Rees 40 (in memory of Susan Roberts); Malinda Snow and Sheri Taylor 374; Glenda Collins and Bert Collins 378t; Eva Grace Horsley 178; Marilyn Bradley 45t; Winfred Kerr 549; Ray Rechenberg 276. Announcements were made.

Karen Rollins and Philip Denney led 46 as the closing song. Keith Horsley offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Karen Rollins; Vice Chairman—Philip Denney; Secretary—Judy Chambless