Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Fayette County Convention

Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church, Fayette, Alabama

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The 118th session of the Fayette County Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church near Fayette, Alabama, on the first Sunday in August. Chris Ballinger called the class to order by leading 56t. Earl Ballinger offered the opening prayer.

Following welcoming comments, the class organized by electing or appointing the following officers to serve: Chairman—Chris Ballinger; Vice Chairman—Lisa Geist, Secretary—Amanda Hardiman; Arranging Officer—Amber Davis.

Leaders: Chris Ballinger 215 (in memory of Gravis Ballinger); Lisa Geist 112, 492; Amanda Hardiman 454, 84; Amber Davis 78 (in memory of Gravis Ballinger), 192; Eddie Mash 28b, 455; Lilly Underwood 29t, 445; Mike Hankins 168, 546; Zilpha Cornett 480; Nathan Stewart 212; Paula Picton 384; Albert Humber 313t; Cheyenne Ivey and Loyd Ivey 222 (for Eloise Wootten); Glenn Keeton 475; Lauren Bock 477; Jared Wootten and Loyd Ivey 318; Lomax Ballinger 268; Linda Sides 182.


The class was called back to order by Larry Ballinger leading 101t. Leaders: Richard Mauldin 446; Juanita Beasley and Marlin Beasley 61; Jonathon Smith 165; Anna Grace Sipe 47b; Isaac Green 419 (for Ozella Blackmon); Earl Ballinger 217; Ann Jett 141; Jack Pate 75; Kelsey Ivey 314; Nathan Rees 371; Linton Ballinger 299; Marty Wootten 276; Shelby Castillo 500; Justin Bowen 123t; Sonya Sipe 32t; Buddy Ballinger 354b; Nicholas Thompson and Lisa Geist 304.


The class was called back to order by Jesse Karlsberg leading 377. Leaders: Betty Baccus 387; Jimmy Ballinger 565; Rodney Ivey 234; Beth Wallace 560 (for Artie Ballinger); Henry McGuire 92; Richard Ivey 399b; Delone Cobbs 33b; Reba Windom 436; David Ballinger 340; Loyd Ivey 424; Hubert Nall 186; Jill Porter and Ella Porter 45t. Buddy Ballinger asked a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Chris Ballinger leading 120. Leaders: Buell Cobb 325; Elene Stovall 142; David Ivey 456; Nicholas Holmes 47t; Julie Poston 34b; Yancey Jett and Ann Jett 440; Marlece Ray and Larry Ballinger 426b; Wayne Baines 155; Teresa Westmoreland 220; David Jackson 108t; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 181; Marlin Beasley 77t; Louise Jager 569b; Larry Ballinger 551, 528; Lauren Bock and Jesse P. Karlsberg 362; Eddie Mash and Linton Ballinger 86; Justin Bowen 442; Henry McGuire 327; Isaac Green 170; Nathan Stewart 316; Nathan Rees and Jonathon Smith 228; Cheyenne Ivey and Rodney Ivey 348b; Loyd Ivey and Lilly Underwood 512; David Ivey, Richard Ivey, Kelsey Ivey, and Everett Ivey 425; Shelby Castillo and Reba Windom 196; Paula Picton 300.

After announcements, Chris Ballinger led 46 as the closing song. Richard Mauldin offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Chris Ballinger; Vice Chairman—Lisa Geist, Secretary—Amanda Hardiman