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Rogers Memorial Singing

Ephesus School, Roopville, Georgia

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The annual Rogers Memorial Singing was held on the first Sunday in March. The class was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Denney Rogers leading 101t. The opening prayer was offered by Henry Johnson.

Denney Rogers welcomed everyone to Ephesus. A business meeting was held with the following officers elected: Chairman—Denney Rogers; Vice Chairman—B.M. Smith; Secretary and Arranging Officer—Judy Chambless.

Leaders: B.M. Smith 31t; Karen Rollins 36b; Judy Chambless 340; Philip Denney and Gayle Denney 61; Cecil Roberts 89; Eugene Forbes and Donna Bell 186; Virginia Dyer 222; Reba Windom 318 (in honor of Eloise Wootten); David Smead 448b (in memory of Betty Jo Bennett); Robert Chambless 145b; Helen Bryson 215; Richard DeLong 36t (in honor of Earlis McGraw); Cindy Tanner 440; Lauren Bock 150.


B.M. Smith brought the class back to order leading 56t. Leaders: Marty Wootten 123t; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 70b; Jesse P. Karlsberg 392; Sharon DuPriest 208; Louis Hughes 181; Joanne Fuller 192; Rodney Ivey 317; Jeannette DePoy 270; Henry Johnson 425; Jack Nelson 58; Lela Crowder 32t; Larry Ballinger 551; Danny Creel 386; Winfred Kerr 282; Tommie Spurlock 475; Scott DePoy 225t; Glenn Keeton 86.


Rodney Ivey brought the class back to order leading 170. Leaders: Judy Caudle 314; Karis Askin 564; Rene Greene and Andrew Greene 546; Anna Hinton 142; Pam Nunn 234; Eli Hinton 99; Stanley Smith 133; Charlene Wallace 77t; Oscar McGuire 485; Jared Wootten 472; Christian Webb 46; Malinda Snow 27; Buell Cobb 138t; Jena Frey 408; Jerry Creason 77b; Judy Mincey 180.


Oscar McGuire brought the class back to order leading 34b. Leaders: Nate Green 354t; Rogers grandchildren 268, 143; John Plunkett 136.

Karen Rollins conducted the memorial lesson. She reminded the class to encourage others and read the following names of the sick and shut-ins: Toney Smith, Lavoy Smith, Earlis McGraw, Jeannette DePoy, Susan Harcrow, Janelle Davis, S.T. Reed, Wayne Reed, Floy Wilder, Virginia Futral, Ed Thacker, Margaret Thacker, Lois Bowman, Earl McLendon, Roy Nelson, Sara Nelson, Mona Nelson, Hester Edwards, Norma Green, Eloise Wootten, Ann Jett, James Hughes, Sherry Lovvorn, Margie McRae, and Kermit Adams.

Karen spoke on behalf of the deceased and read the following list of names: Evelyn Harris, Oliver Kindig-Stokes, George Garner, C.W. Garner, Rev. Gerald Rogers, Earl Denney, Mrs. Gilbert Pope, Elder Neal Prichard, Jimmy Cole, Robert DuPree, Nellie Mae White, Betty Jo Bennett, Maynard Doler, Janice Runels, Shirley Vance, Bennett Green, Mike Taylor, Bernice Thompson, and Robert DePoy. Denney Rogers, Karen Rollins, Paige Harrod, and Karleen Williams led 339 for the memorial lesson. Philip Denney offered prayer to close the memorial service.

Leaders: Sheri Taylor and Lisa Webb 200; Erica Hinton 389 (in memory of Lonnie Rogers); Susan Cherones 300 (in honor of Janelle Davis); Matt Hinton 203; Donna Duke and Gene Duke 217 (in memory of their mothers); Glenda Collins 100; Wanda Capps 187; Danny Creel, Cindy Tanner, and Wanda Capps 269; Daphene Causey 216; Rodney Ivey and Loyd Ivey 420 (in memory of Jap Walton); Larry Ballinger, Lisa Gist, and Glenn Keeton 528; Reba Windom, Sharon DuPriest, and Pam Nunn 155 (in memory of Evelyn Harris and Carlene Griffin); Jared Wootten and Marty Wootten 276; Jesse Karlsberg, Lauren Bock, Judy Caudle, and Bridgett Hill Kennedy 500; Scott DePoy and Jeannette DePoy 67; Oscar McGuire, John Plunkett, and Jack Nelson 540; Richard Mauldin, Stanley Smith, and Tommie Spurlock 446; Joanne Fuller 341.

After announcements, Denney Rogers and B.M. Smith led 62 as the closing song. Karen Rollins offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Denney Rogers; Vice Chairman—B.M. Smith; Secretary—Judy Chambless