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South Georgia Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Liberty Hill Community House, Barnesville, Georgia

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The 95th session of the South Georgia Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by President Oscar McGuire leading 59. John Hollingsworth offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: John Plunkett 492; Mary Brownlee 47b; Bill Hollingsworth 50b; Wayne Watson 480.

President McGuire then appointed Bill Hollingsworth and Wes Haley as the nominating committee, and requested that the members of the class lead two-song lessons. Leaders: Helen Bryson 112, 299; John Hollingsworth 354t, 540; Jesse P. Karlsberg 351, 352; Lisa Bennett 121, 344; David Smead 213b, 489; Russ Hanson 49b, 384.


John Plunkett brought the class together leading 225t. Leaders: Judy Chambless 413; Vickie See and Billy See 30b, 108b; Virginia Dyer 217, 460; Richard DeLong 374; Robert Chambless 154, 77b; Sandra Wilkinson 405, 388; Lauren Bock 486, 291; Charlene Wallace 283.

A motion carried to enter into a business session wherein the nominating committee recommended sustaining Oscar McGuire as president and John Plunkett as vice president. The following officers and committees were elected or appointed to serve: Secretary—Lauren Bock; Treasurer—Helen Bryson; Co-Chaplains—John Hollingsworth and Wayne Watson; Memorial Committee—Rosemund Watson and Sandra Wilkinson. The treasurer’s report for 2014-2015 was presented and approved. The class received and accepted a list of 2016 singings to be printed in the convention’s directory. The business session was closed. Wayne Watson offered grace.


Oscar McGuire brought the class together leading 34b. Leaders: Rosemund Watson 94, 149; Martha Harrell 74b, 75.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Sandra Wilkinson and Rosemund Watson. Sandra Wilkinson read the list of the following sick and shut-ins: Leslie Hanson, Carol Hanson, Matt Jacobs, Louise Holland, and David Grant.

Rosemund Watson read the names of the following deceased: Raymond Hamrick, Joyce Harrison, Marjorie Robinson, and Robert DePoy—Georgia; Evelyn Harris and Robert DuPree—Alabama. The memorial committee, as well as several members of the class, then spoke about the life of Raymond Hamrick, telling stories and confirming the great influence he had on the Sacred Harp community and individuals therein. Sandra Wilkinson and Rosemund Watson led 503. John Plunkett offered a prayer to close the memorial lesson.

Leaders: Rita Haley 268, 120; Beth Haley Stewart, Thomas Stewart, Blakely Stewart, and Clark Stewart 46, 354b; Misty Haley Mullis, Levi Mullis, Elinor Ruth Mullis, Graydon Mullis, and Lorelei Mullis 373, 358; Tim Haley 117, 282; Wes Haley 198; Vickie See and Billy See 178; Robert Chambless 72b; Bill Hollingsworth 510; Lisa Bennett and David Smead 479; Russ Hanson 222; Mary Brownlee 556, 28b; Lauren Bock and Jesse P. Karlsberg 91 (in memory of Raymond Hamrick and for Neely Bruce on the occasion of the 40th New England Convention).

Announcements were made. Rosemund Watson led 347 as the closing song. Wayne Watson dismissed the class with prayer.

President—Oscar McGuire; Vice President—John Plunkett; Secretary—Lauren Bock