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The United Sacred Harp Musical Association

Liberty Church, Henagar, Alabama

September 8-9, 2012

Saturday, September 8

The 109th session of the United Sacred Harp Musical Association met at Liberty Church, Henagar, Alabama, on the second Sunday and Saturday before in September. The class was called to order by Eddie Mash leading 34b. The opening prayer was offered by Henry Johnson.

Leaders: Tim Reynolds 200; Karen Ivey 171; Elizabeth Stoddard 309; David Ivey 272; Rodney Ivey 193; Cindy Tanner 336; Jim Aaron 503; Becca Gunter 48t; Phil Summerlin 276; Bea Carnathan 112; B.M. Smith 318; Anne Steel 348b; Roberta Strauss 441; Daniel Lee 425; Roy Turrentine 95; Lela Crowder 217; David Killingsworth 376; Ed Thacker and Margaret Thacker 173, 330t.


The class was brought back to order by Tim Reynolds leading 492.

Leaders: Ron Harper 108b; Geraldine Sharpton 148; Marcus Whitman 53; Warren Steel 411.

A business session was held and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—David Ivey; Vice Chairman—Matt Hinton; Secretary—Nora Parker; Chaplain—Roberta Strauss; Arranging Committee—Cindy Tanner and Jackie Tanner; Memorial Committee—Scott DePoy, Bridgett Kennedy, and Clark Lee; Resolutions Committee—Helen Brown, Robert Stoddard, and Lela Crowder; Location Committee—Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg and John Plunkett; Finance Committee—Darrell Swarens, Don Bowen, Scott Ivey, and Michael Thompson.

Leaders: Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 500; Judy Mincey 468; Eli Hinton 268; Helen Brown 542; Richard Mauldin 312b; Diane Mennella 472; Robert Stoddard 220; Angela Myers 215; Susan Harcrow 518; Karen Freund 383; Emily Burleson 378b (in memory of Harrison Creel); Paul Figura 314; Ann Mashchak 333.


David Ivey led 135 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Matt Hinton 365; Elene Stovall 558; Don Bowen 99; Lauren Bock 283; Riley Lee 125; Reba Windom 455 (for Joyce Walton); Syble Adams 282; Karen Rollins 389; Hubert Nall 460; Gail Doss 159; Henry Johnson 289; Jeannette DePoy 430; Daphene Causey 236; Erin Mills 315; David Carlton and Vicki See 183; Nathan Rees 152.


The afternoon session was called to order by David Ivey leading 298.

Leaders: Scott DePoy 274t; Shirley Figura 361; Shelbie Sheppard and Jeff Sheppard 195; Barrett Patton 142; Dennis George 454; Scott Ivey 328; Joan Aldridge 198; Bridgett Kennedy 377; Joyce Whittington and Mary Ruth Stiefel 36b; Sandra Wilkinson 182; Betty Wright 45t; Michael Thompson 111t (for Joyce Walton and family); Judy Caudle 480 (by request of Willard Wright); Lynne deBenedette 442; Nate Green and Norma Green 566; Ann Jett and Cindy Tanner 269; Chris Noren and Judy Caudle 240; Cheyenne Ivey 129; Clarke Lee and Julie Lee 84; David Broduer 299; Susan Cherones 278t; Ted Brown 187.


Matt Hinton brought the class back together by leading 40. Leaders: Marty Wootten 546; Eloise Wootten and Amy Daniel 203; Erica Hinton 432; Shane Wootten 67; Tammy Heinsohn and Billy See 178; Wendy Futral 340; Andrew Mashchak 66; Jamey Wootten 373; Loyd Ivey 270; Darlene Dalton and Syble Adams 47b.

David Ivey led 56t as the closing song. Roberta Strauss offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, September 9

The Sunday session of the United Sacred Harp Musical Association was called to order by David Ivey leading 31b. The morning prayer was offered by Roberta Strauss.

Leaders: Matt Hinton 32t; Roberta Strauss 498; Nora Parker 317; Scott DePoy 201; Clarke Lee 47t; Helen Brown 532; Robert Stoddard 283; Lela Crowder 391; Bridgett Kennedy 168; John Plunkett 545; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg and Lauren Bock 126; Michael Thompson 102; Scott Ivey 163t; Don Bowen 59; Jackie Tanner 182; Cindy Tanner 507; Henry Johnson 515; Diane Mennella 564; Chris Noren 65; Paula Oliver 411; Linton Ballinger 212; Marcus Whitman 448t; Erica Hinton 540.


Matt Hinton led 31t to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Barrett Patton 424; Eddie Mash 110; Buell Cobb and Tat Bailey 436; Ted Brown 176b; Susan Cherones 107; Amber Davis 380; Duane Chesney 503; Denny Rogers and Karen Rollins 225t; Danny Creel, Ann Jett, and Cindy Tanner 530 (in memory of Harrison Creel); Amy Daniel and Bud Oliver 270; David Broduer 475; Nate Green and Norma Green 479; Gail Doss and Tim Reynolds 571; Riley Lee and Julie Lee 176t; Judy Caudle 292; Daniel Bearden 198; Hayden Arp, Daphene Causey, and Sharon DuPriest 434.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Scott DePoy, Bridgett Kennedy, and Clarke Lee. Scott DePoy spoke, reminding us of the closeness of our Sacred Harp family. He urged us to remember those who cannot be with us for reasons of sickness or death. He also reminded us to remember the care givers. Bridgett Kennedy read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Stella Pratt, Leona Haynes, Bud Oliver, Sammie Oliver, S.T. Reed, Lessie Reed, Josie Hyde, Ralph Brown, Josephine Denney, Cathy White, Carlene Griffin, Danny Griffin, Jim Hearne, and Curtis Owen. She led 33b in their honor.

Clarke Lee spoke on behalf of the deceased. He talked of how much we miss them in the hollow square, and of the hope we have of seeing them all again in the resurrection. Bridgett Kennedy read the following list of names of the deceased: Melvin Stiefel, Ruth Johnson, Pauline Griggs, Harrison Creel, Travis Keeton, Cecil Sanders, Ernie Jett, Bill Tanner, Marie Ivey, Imogene Nelms, Lucille Dixon, Reedie Powell, and Reba Chambless—Alabama; John Merritt—Mississippi; John Grant—Arkansas; Vince Tortarici, Lonnie Rogers, and Nick Griffin—Georgia; Leland Owen—Texas; Julietta Haynes—Tennessee; Joan Fritz—Minnesota. She led 512 in their memory. Clarke Lee offered prayer to close the memorial service.

Leaders: Karen Ivey, David Ivey, Richard Ivey, and Allison Whitener 192; Terry Wootten, Dewayne Wootten, and Levon Wootten 349; B.M. Smith and Margie Smith 138t; Tony Ivey and Sandy Ivey 139; Charlene Wallace and Nathan Rees 269; Geraldine Sharpton 120.


The afternoon session was called to order by Matt Hinton leading 133.

Leaders: Jeff Sheppard and Shelbie Sheppard 142; Darrell Swarens, Pauline Oliver, and Scot Oliver 314 (in memory of Milton Oliver); Jeffery Wootten and Jackson Harcrow 460; Richard Mauldin and Darrell Swarens 43 (for Josie Hyde); Karen Freund 77t; Jarod Wootten, Jamey Wootten, Hayden Wootten, and Marty Wootten 440; Angela Myers and Rodney Ivey 30b; Emily Burleson 228; Stanley Smith 109; Paul Figura and Shirley Figura 277; Lynne deBenedette and Karen Freund 42; David Saylors, Teresa Saylors, and Sierra Saylors 29t; Judy Mincey 474; Tom George and Jesse McClendon 456; Anna Marie Bethune and Lilly Underwood 108t; Betty Shepherd 101t; Phil Summerlin 350; Hobert Ivey, Sylvia Ivey, and Lorrie Wootten 480; Joan Aldridge 137; Mark Carroll 76b; Loyd Ivey, Louise Ivey, Doug Ivey, Martha Underwood, Teresa Bethune, and Lilly Underwood 454; Verlon Stiefel, Mary Ruth Stiefel, Joyce Whittington, Jeanette Dollar, and Charles Stiefel 348b; Elizabeth Stoddard 399b; Hubert Nall 313t; Reba Windom and Elene Stovall 216; Marlon Wootten, Eloise Wootten, and Shane Wootten 426t; Coy Ivey 384; Cheyenne Ivey 211; Daryl Chesney 178; Syble Adams, Shane Wootten, and Richard Ivey 496; Susan Harcrow 426b; J.T. Shavers and Tim Travis 48t.

The class went into a business session for the purpose of hearing committee reports. Nora Parker reported that donations were sufficient to cover expenses, and the balance would be deposited for future use.

The Resolutions Committee submitted the following report: Be it resolved that we, the Resolutions Committee of the 109th United Sacred Harp Musical Association, thank Almighty God for allowing us by His grace to meet together to sing praises; Be it further resolved that we extend our thanks on behalf of all the singers to Liberty Church for their gracious hospitality and to all those who helped plan and organize this successful convention; Be it further resolved that we also want to thank and recognize the officers, committee members, and all those who contributed to the singing by bringing food and by offering their support with their time, hard work, and prayers; And finally, we resolve that we will meet again in 2013 for the 110th session on the second Sunday and Saturday before in September.

The Location Committee reported that the 2013 United Sacred Harp Musical Association will meet in the Atlanta, Georgia, area at a location to be announced at a later date. All reports were approved, and the business session was closed.

David Ivey led 146 as the closing song, and those who wished took the parting hand. The closing prayer was offered by Roberta Strauss, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—David Ivey; Vice Chairman—Matt Hinton; Secretary—Nora Parker