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Chicago Anniversary Singing

Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The 26th Chicago Anniversary Singing was held at the Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago, Illinois, on the second Sunday in January. Anita Shaperd called the class to order leading 59. The opening prayer was offered by Orwin Youngquist.

Leaders: Rochelle Lodder 171; JoDell Albi 77t; Jim Helke 403; Bob Sullivan 503; Nick Pasqual 93; Doug Stapleton 217; Cathryn Bearov 449; Steve Warner 107; Orwin Youngquist 235 (for his father-in-law, Cyrus Bryson Schreiner, who died in 2009); Anne Missavage 157; Jim Swanson 197; Sasha Maslanka 354b; Jeff Breting 47t; Peggy Mistak 496; Rachel Adelstein 391.


The class was brought back to order by Molly Whedbee leading 344. A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected for 2011: Vice Chairman—Jeff Breting; Rising Vice Chairperson—Susan Matthews; Secretaries—Anne Sleeva and Laurel Ross.

Leaders: Megan Dunning 76b; Clare Cardy 203; Hans Bayer 240; Mark Dawson 299; Anne Miczulski 569b; Randy Neufeld 102; Michael Appert 178; Don Keeton 274t; Ted Johnson 498; Jubal Bayer 377; Michael Mosley 426b; Lisa Cohen 148 (who invited new people to join her in the square); Susan Geil 565; Charles Zee 387; Molly Whedbee 278t.


Anita Shaperd brought the class back together leading 32t. Leader: Anne Heider “Melanie”.

Johanna Fabke spoke about readjustment after difficulties in her life and the inspiration she gets from her son, Nick. She reminded us that it is not only singing but also the companionship and caring of this community that we value. Rachel Adelstein led 474 for the following sick and shut-ins: Becky Browne, Richard Swanson, Victoria Bolles, Bob Scorgie, Bob Anderson, Joyce Anderson, John Heider, Doris Littnell, Eleanor Smith, Leonura Fensterman, Peg Pearson, Margot Cohemn, Carol Klein, Cynthia Roth-Garfield, Janine Denomme, and Alexandra Cull.

Herb Schroeder spoke about the joy we find in being together with other people and reminded us of the precious gift of life and how important it is not to waste that life. He asked that we remember that it is not just our voices singing, but those of all who have gone before us. He led 146 for the following deceased in 2009: Jimmie Denney, Tony Johnson—Georgia; Bill Ellason—Missouri; Uel Freeman, Ray Tate, Charlotte Creel McCarn, Corene White—Alabama; Dick Steil—Texas; Cindy Kissee—Minnesota; Bill Garfield, Richard Grayson, Phyllis Gabriel—Illinois; Cyrus Bryson Schreiner, Nancy Katzen—Pennsylvania; Sardy Paton, Blossom Miller, Arlene Miller—New York; Liam Clancy—Ireland; Roxanne Crawford—Wisconsin; Joe Mohlere—North Carolina; Patty Morris—Ohio.

Leaders: Myles Alexander 152; Cecelia Kramer 383; David Casenhiser 470; Nicole Nanley 268; Ryan Wheeler 417. Orwin Youngquist offered a blessing for the noon meal.


Jeff Breting brought the afternoon session to order by leading 82t. Leaders: John Seaton 269; Carol Crawford 306; Daniel Braithwaite 531; Megan Jennings 436; Sue Kessell 362; Lauren Bock 291; Peter Bradley 216; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 196; Judy Hauff 174; Michael Thompson 145t; John Bayer 440; Marcia Johnson 340; Richard DeLong 448t; James Page 188; Bob Borcherding 481; Johanna Fabke 122; Ted Mercer 215; Samuel Sommers 316. The Finance Committee reported that expenses were covered. Leaders: Ryan Wheeler 229; Bill Beverly 191; Herb Schroeder 66. The Founders’ lesson was led by Marsha Johnson, Ted Johnson, Ted Mercer, Judy Hauff, and Herb Schroeder 304. Marcia Johnson described an early singing of the Founders in Georgia and expressed appreciation for all who helped bring this singing to what it is today.


Anita Shaperd brought the class back to order leading 350. Leaders: Karen Swenson 454; Father Olsen and Jim Helke 267; Lisa Grayson 278b; Martha Beverly 163b; Loraine Bayer 277; Melanie Hauff 392; Jim Crawford and Mary Crawford 546; Caitlin Keeler 84; Carol Munro Mosley 455; Julia Garfield 86; Ben McKay and Melissa Marquardt 155; Deb Jedyneck 282; Patrina Patty 335.

Molly Whedbee thanked all who had helped with the singing. The Secretary reported that 79 songs were led by 75 leaders and registered singers from nine states.

Molly Whedbee led 62 as the closing song.

Chairperson—Molly Whedbee; Vice Chairperson—Anita Shaperd; Secretaries—Laurel Ross and Anne Sleeva