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Vermont All-Day Sacred Harp Singing

Damon Hall, Hartland, Vermont

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Paul Gauthier called the 29th annual Vermont All-Day Singing to order by leading 31t. Effie Cummings offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Megan Farkas 344, 538; Laura Timmerman 52t, 556; Carole Dempsey 38t, 171; Ian Ludders 348t, 268; Bob Parr 200, 142; Ian Smiley 53, 299; Lauren Bock 406, 112; Willis McCumber 86, 178; Nicola Collett 547, 245; Ed Smith 558, 530.


Anne Kazlauskas brought the class back to order leading 85 and 195. Leaders: Kelsey Sunderland 138t, 276; Jenny Wright 504, 126; Effie Cummings 107, 203; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 225t, 254; Nate Zweig 177, 301; Bill Schults 34b, 99; Pete Sutherland 315, 163b; Peter Golden 77t, 56b; Bruce Kokerno 143, 454; Elka Schumann 188, 497.

Corlan Johnson and Mary Brownlow conducted the memorial lesson. Corlan Johnson read the names of the following sick and shut-ins: Victoria Bolles, Felice Yeskel, Karen Keller, William Reynolds, Mamma Nora, Jerome Smiley, Laura Jane Larsen, Trevor Hackett, Curtis Smith, Joanne Bowman, Virginia Luscombe, Kelly Dray, Anne Halliday, and Kathy Flynn.

Mary Brownlow read the names of the following deceased: John Etheridge—Florida; Fenno Heath, Christine Helurg—Connecticut; Bruno Eckardt—Germany; Rich Morse, Amanda Slocumb—Massachusetts; Julie Williams—New Hampshire; Kevin Brock—North Carolina; Bob Nearing—Pennsylvania; Helen Dicke, Louise Downey, Kate Quinn—Vermont. Joanna Lampert led 549 in their memory.

Leaders: Joanna Lampert 283; Wendy Gilchrist 569b, 47t; Margaret Graver 160b, 105. Debby Moody offered a blessing for the noon meal.


Brian Collett called the afternoon session to order by leading 216 (NH) and 42 (NH). Leaders: Debby Moody 156, 76b; Janet Ross-Snyder 50t, 38b; Anne Johnston 101t, 146 (NH); Kathy Collett 122 (NH), 38 (NH); Jennie Brown 36b, 392; Sarah Baker 48 (NH), 313b; Scott Luscombe 353, 506; Mary Ann Haagen 217, 28b; Rick Johnston 132 (NH), 179; Leonard Spencer 320, 24 (NH).


Liz Cantrell called the class back to order by leading 271t and 325. Leaders: Hope Thomas 474; Timothy Cummings 277, 146; Susan Willett 503; Susan Willett and Chuck Micciche 274t; Fred Emigh 184 (NH), 306; Ines Lüttgen 496, 170; Nate Zweig 145b; Bob Parr 16 (NH); Brian Collett, Kathy Collett, and Nicola Collett 176 (NH); Scott Luscombe 192; Kelsey Sunderland, Lauren Bock, Jennie Brown, and Joanna Lampert 573; Janet Ross-Snyder 340; Anne Kazlauskas and Liz Cantrell 110; Wendy Gilchrist 481; Peter Golden and Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 209.

The secretary reported that 94 people from 7 states plus Quebec registered, and 42 leaders led 91 songs.

Paul Gauthier led 62 as the closing song. Effie Cummings offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Songs with (NH) after the number are from the Northern Harmony. All other songs are from the1991 edition of the Sacred Harp.

Note: The formula for the convention is “Saturday before the 4th Sunday in March”. Accordingly, the next Vermont State All-Day Singing will be held at the UU Church in Rutland, Vermont, on March 27, 2010.

Chairman—Paul Gauthier; Co-secretaries—Megan Farkas and Suzanne Rhodes