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Wootten Family New Year’s Eve Singing

Antioch Baptist Church, Ider, Alabama

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The 47th session of the Wootten Family New Year’s Eve Singing was called to order by Aaron Wootten and Jared Wootten leading 82t and 48t. The opening prayer was offered by Jeffrey Wootten.

Leaders: Aaron Wootten and Jared Wootten 39t; Levon Wootten 138b; Shane Wootten 138t; Mel Kersey 565; Eloise Wootten and Linda Thomas 47t; Phillip Wootten and Susan Pilcher 106, 196; Louis Hughes 166; Terry Wootten 383; Jeffrey Wootten 273; Judy Caudle 540; Michael Thompson 87; David Townson, Chase Townson, and Logan Townson 162; Cassie Allen, Ainslie Allen, Karolina Mann, and Jenny Mann 215, 110; Max Berueffy and Karin Covi 566; Jamie Wootten, Hayden Wootten, and Cole Wootten 29t; Robert Walker 350; Drew Smith 129; Joan Aldridge 38t; Tony Ivey and Scott Ivey 528; Bridgett Hill 546; Ariella Perry and Melissa Troyer 203; Rodney Ivey 492; Pierce Phillips 573 (CB); David Carlton 272; Rachel Shaver and Natalia Zmudzin 142.


The class was called back to order by Terry Wootten leading 345b. Leaders: Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 349; Loyd Ivey 426b; Aaron Little 313t; Betty Wright and Anzlea Maxwell 97; Nate Green and Norma Green 354t; Karen Rollins 46 (for Jimmy Denney); Lauren Bock 270; Ronald Patterson and Rita Patterson 359 (OSH), 518 (CB); Kennedy Wootten, Dani Townson, Raven Townson, Sarah Vaughn, Kaylee Mann, and Karolina Mann 186, 56t; Dewayne Wootten 478 (CB); Kristie Wootten and Danette Townson 28b, 460; Andrew Farris 408; Randa Harris 268; Aaron Wootten, Marty Wootten, Jeffrey Wootten, and Jenny Mann 452 (for Grandmother). Prayer was offered by Phillip Wootten before refreshments were served.


The class was brought back together by Aaron Wootten leading 101t. Leaders: Jerry Creason 74b; Boyd Scott 358; Sandy Ivey, Jaren Maxwell, and Avalea Maxwell 30t; Alexandra Craig 421; Hobert Ivey and Lorrie Wootten 398b (CB); Brian Maxwell, Zach Craig, Isaac Maxwell, Ryan Maxwell, and Gavin Maxwell 384; Reba Windom 411; Donna Wootten 274t; Britt Mann 68b; Coy Ivey 465 (CB); Jenny Mann “Sweet Beulah Land”; Marty Wootten 182, 389 (for Lonnie Rogers); Karen Swenson 344; Terry Wootten 32t; Aaron Wootten 490 (by request); Jeffrey Wootten 306.


Terry Wootten brought the class to order leading 114b (CB) and 116 (CB). Leaders: Eloise Wootten 515 (CB), 299; Jenny Mann and Cassie Allen 559 (CB), 575 (CB); Shane Wootten 567 (CB), 517 (CB); Reba Windom and Shane Wootten 505 (CB); Aaron Wootten and Jared Wootten 484 (CB).

Terry Wootten led 176t as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Tony Ivey, and the class was dismissed. Happy New Year!

Chairmen—Aaron Wootten and Jared Wootten; Secretary—Judy Caudle