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Vermont All Day Sacred Harp Singing

Damon Hall, Hartland, Vermont

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The annual Vermont All Day Singing was called to order by Dan Hertzler leading 31t. The opening prayer was offered by Effie Cummings.

Leaders: Paul Gauthier 59: Bill Schults 38t; Carole Dempsey 171; Terry Ryan 84; Jackie Hall 217; Walt Colteryahn 183; Victoria Bolles 150; Betsy Maislen 528; Larry Gordon 168; Effie Cummings 344; Joanna Lampert 173; Peter Amidon 209; Leonard Spencer 250; Bob Parr 270; Justin Squizzero 215; Lynette Combs 198; George Pomfret 556.


Matt Wojcik brought the class back to order leading 105. Leaders: Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 318; Paul Gauthier 426b; Ed Smith 478; Aldo Ceresa 440; Alexis Walker 159; Paul Setford 341; Janet Ross 71; Fred Emigh 107; Rosie Wojcik 377; Effie Cummings 147t; Carole Dempsey 157; Bill Schults 34b; Terry Ryan 228; John Holbrook 549; Betsy Maislen 479; Victoria Bolles 474; Leonard Spencer 254; Bob Parr 430; Walt Colteryahn 299; Jackie Hall 454; George Pomfret 68b; Lynette Combs 312b.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Carole Dempsey. The deceased remembered included LaRue Allen, Amanda Denson Brady, Milton Oliver—Alabama; Edmund Wojcik—Connecticut; Minja Lausevic, David Stryker—Massachusetts; Martha Dionne—New Hampshire; Lois Dickerman—New Mexico; Ralph DiGia, Alex Mennella, Pat McDowell, Barry Talesnick, Leslie Williams—New York; Bob Moffitt—Ohio; Ruth Bean, David Buster, Deb Miller, Ruth Ross, Bob Ross, Dennis Squires, Richard Whitcomb, Les Wight—Vermont. Carole led 499 in their memory.

Carole read the names of the sick and shut-ins and led 86 in honor of Roger Cartwright, Wendy Karlsberg-Meltzer, Jane McHugh, Denis Murphy, Bonnie Rogers, Cheryl Stroud, Barbara Wilda, Julie William, and Reid Zabski.

Leaders: Matt Wojcik 503; John Holbrook 37b. Blessing for the noon meal was offered by Aldo Ceresa.


The class was called back for the afternoon session by Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg leading 82t. Leaders: Paul Gauthier 114; Larry Gordon 203; Justin Squizzero 411; Rosalie Elkington 47b; Paul Setford 273; Aldo Ceresa 222; Rosie Wojcik 349; Joanna Lampert 272; Ed Smith 283; Peter Amidon 196; Janet Ross 106; Alexis Walker 354b; Linda Wells 163b; Elka Schumann 122; Fred Emigh 216; Victoria Bolles 200; Jackie Hall 410t; Bob Parr 456; Effie Cummings 146; George Pomfret 352; Walt Colteryahn 569b; John Holbrook 339; Dan Hertzler 99.


Bob Parr called the class back together leading 371. Leaders: Terry Ryan 334; Betsy Maislen and Bill Schults 178; Matt Wojcik 350; Wing Mui 128; Rosalie Elkington 48t; George Dyment 85; Elka Schumann 65; Aldo Ceresa 512; Alexis Walker 282; Janet Ross 50t; Joanna Lampert 445; Paul Setford 31b; Justin Squizzero 30b; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 434; Larry Gordon 383; Rosie Wojcik 330t; Carole Dempsey 142; Ed Smith 436; Peter Amidon 77t; Leonard Spencer 320; Wing Mui 155; Rosalie Elkington 29t; Paul Gauthier and Lenore Bolton 384; Dan Hertzler 235.

Dan Hertzler led 62 as the closing song. Effie Cummings offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Dan Hertzler; Vice Chairman—Paul Gauthier; Secretary—Corlan Johnson