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Tri-State Sacred Harp Convention

Mars Hill Church, Hoboken, Georgia

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The tenth annual session of the Tri-State Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Riley Lee and Shane O’Neal leading 76b and 68b. Elder Johnny Lee offered the morning prayer. Riley Lee and Shane O’Neal led 47b.

Officers for the singing: Co-Chairmen—Riley Lee and Shane O’Neal.

Leaders: Mary Elizabeth Lee 29b; Julie Lee 109t; Trevor East 488b; Louis Hughes 138t; Blake Tanedo 505; Barbara Jones 336t; April Dell 47t; Frank DeBolt 500; Bill Hogan and Nancy Hogan 567, 392; Kendra Strickland and Macy Crawford 463; Wayne Jones 513t.


The class was called back to order by Riley Lee leading 106. Leaders: Joey Bullard 511t; Gene Pinion 384; Brian Tanedo 501; Sue Bunch 573; Jesse Karlsberg 442t; Stephanie Steuver 393t; Lee Bradley and Emma Moody 96; Bill Aplin and Vicky Aplin 94; Kenny Hickox 572; Marvin Reeves 553; Jenny Steuver 361; Rex Wilkes 398b; Hannah Lee 475; Royce Sellers 571; David Lee and Ken Buchanan (publisher of the Brantley Enterprise), 45t.


The class was called back to order by Shane O’Neal leading 395b. Leaders: Frank Strickland 488t; Wilburn Ellison 447t; Louis Hughes, Jr., Katie Curry, and Sarah Curry 38t; Jason Deal 72 (t? b?); Morgan Bunch 306.

David Lee and Clarke Lee conducted a memorial lesson.

David Lee remarked on the passing of generations and encouraged the coming generations to be faithful to their heritage, and then led 207.

Clarke Lee reminded all present to remember those in afflictions that were unable to attend, and to be mindful of the blessing of our own good health. He led 527 in their honor, and closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Johnny Lee 95; Erin Mills 288; Hobart Ivey 511b; Annie Reeves, Brian Tanedo, and Blake Tanedo 504; Aldo Ceresa 407; Jane Spencer 574; Judy Chambless 82 (t? b?).


The class was called back to order by Riley Lee and Shane O’Neal leading 544. Leaders: Scott Swanton 60; Loretta Jones 285t; Orvil Murray 55; Syble Adams 543; Lynn Batten, Tony Batten, and Kayd Asbury 507b; Lera Ellison 453b; Steven Taylor 268t; Michael Spencer 208; Kathy Lee and Gavin Baxley 180; Rachel Baxley, Gavin Baxley, and Hannah Lee 64; Bryant Lee and Bailey Lee 38b; Tatum Strickland 348b; Susie Jacobs 563 (?).


The class was called back to order by Riley Lee and Shane O’Neal leading 300. Leaders: Arlene Strickland 27; Francine Draughn and Aldo Ceresa 515; James Graham and Sue Graham 451; John Etheridge 454, 497 (by request); Vicky Aplin 270; Michael Holt 74b; Arlene Strickland, Kendra Strickland, and Tatum Strickland 159; Trevor East, Macy Crawford, and Kendra Strickland 358; Louis Hughes 89; Blake Tanedo 177; Barbara Jones 282; April Dell and Mary Elizabeth Lee 155.

Announcements of upcoming sings were made. Riley Lee and Shane O’Neal thanked everyone for coming.

The next session of the Tri-State Convention will be held at Pioneer Village in Blountstown, Florida, on Saturday before the third Sunday in October, 2007.

Riley Lee and Shane O’Neal led 62 as the closing song while taking the parting hand. Louis Hughes offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairmen—Riley Lee and Shane O’Neal.