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Alaska Sacred Harp Convention

St. Peter’s By the Sea Episcopal Church, Sitka, Alaska

October 26-27, 2012

Friday, October 26

The 5th annual Alaska Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Kari Lundgren leading 571 (CB). Song selections are from the B.F. White Sacred Harp, Cooper Revision.

The following officers were elected to serve: Chairperson—Kari Lundgren; Treasurer—Denise Klinger; Secretaries—Lynn Basham and Clarissa Fetrow; Arranging Officer—Tom Crane.

Leaders: Sara Beaber-Fujioka 505 (CB); Clarissa Fetrow 132 (CB); Karen Willard 133 (CB); Cornelia Stanton 500 (CB); Kevin Barrans 442t (CB); Steve Helwig 438t (CB); Kari Lundgren 511t (CB); Dorothy Robinson 140 (CB); Clarrisa Fetrow 142 (CB); Kevin Barrans 497 (CB); Dorothy Robinson 567 (CB); Kari Lundgren 484 (CB); Sara Beaber-Fujioka and Emily Barron 55 (CB); Kevin Barrans 108b (CB); Sylvia Friske 159 (CB); Charley Basham 268t (CB); Clarrisa Fetrow 380b (CB); Karen Willard 210 (CB); Steve Helwig 416t (CB); Kevin Barrans 464 (CB); Clarrisa Fetrow 270 (CB); Kari Lundgren 273 (CB); Steve Helwig 380t (CB); Charley Basham 393b (CB); Karen Willard 392 (CB); Kevin Barrans 463 (CB).

Kevin Barrans led 73t (CB) as the closing song. The class was dismissed.

Saturday, October 27

The Saturday session of the Alaska Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Kari Lundgren leading 171. The morning prayer was offered by Bill Davis.

A singing school was led by Steve Helwig, who reviewed the rudiments, including the shapes, intervals, and time signatures, and featured songs 40, 319, 278t, and 32t as examples. Emphasis during the singing school was focused mainly on singing with accent.


Cornelia Stanton called the class back to order leading 59. Leaders: Clarissa Fetrow 39t, 384; Lynn Basham 99; Judy Gangle 81t; Sara Beaber-Fujioka 31t; Sylvia Friske 38b; Ken Hallock 131t, 32b; Tom Crane 47b; Karen Willard 46, 294; Kevin Barrans 61, 208; Charley Basham 515, 318; Cornelia Stanton 479, 480; Steve Helwig 288. Bill Davis offered the noon blessing.


Ken Hallock called the class back to order leading 30t. Leaders: Dorothy Robinson 168, 180; Kari Lundgren 53, 474; John David Thacker 159; Julia Smith 107; Clarissa Fetrow 344, 383; Lynn Basham 63, 173; Denise Klinger 354b, 45t; Ken Hallock 566, 332.

Charley Basham and Kari Lundgren conducted the memorial lesson. Charley spoke and led 523 for the following sick and shut-ins: Velton Chafin, Jim Hearn, and Ken Daugs.

Kari Lundgren spoke for the recently deceased and led 163b in memory of the following: Leo Barrans, Bruce Horton, and Florence Donnelly—Alaska.

Leaders: Sylvia Friske 312b; Tom Crane 82t, 501; Karen Willard 183, 193; Kevin Barrens 453, 142; Kari Lundgren 551; Bill Davis and Kari Lundgren 236; Charley Basham 454, 569b; Cornelia Stanton 472, 87; Steve Helwig 166, 86; Dorothy Robinson 547; Kari Lundgren 473, 485; John David Thacker 72b; Clarissa Fetrow 546, 216; Lynn Basham 350, 122; Denise Klinger 49t, 186; Ken Hallock 504, 209; Sylvia Friske 146.

Announcements were made. The Treasurer reported that all expenses were met. Kari Lundgren led 122 as the closing song. Bill Davis offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Kari Lundgren; Secretaries—Lynn Basham and Clarissa Fetrow