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Berkshire Foothills Singing

First United Methodist Church, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Saturday, November 11, 2023

The Berkshire Foothills All-Day Singing was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in November at the First United Methodist Church in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Micah John Walter and Mark Bedard called the class to order leading 176t. Tarik Wareh offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Ben Sachs-Hamilton 171; Magdalena Zapędowska 274t; Linda Shea 475; Kate Bergren 299; Pattie Wareh 99; Ron Trial 474; Linnea McChesney 105; Crispin Youngberg 399t; Rebecca Hawkins 131b; Mary Skidmore 131t; William Schuller 39t; Sue Peters 49t; Anna Bowen 448b; Sage Chase-Dempsey 31t; Jeremy Galvagni 86; George Sigut 107; Davenport Herrick-Wallace 384.


Owen Stoddard called the class back together leading 65. Leaders: MB Gowins 460; Will Harron 230; Wendy Sibbison 220; Kit Walsh 89 (Treasurer); Tarik Wareh 438; Rachel Farber 439; Corey Walters 472; Michaela Natal 193; Kerry Cullinan 562; Joanne Fuller 542; Elsa Phemayotin 335; Joseph Dunn 268; Colleen Hayes 445; Erin Fulton 74t.


Molly Ellis called the class back together leading 144. Leaders: John Holbrook 354t; Christine Andrews 285t; Rachel Field 567; Robert Stoddard 332; Larry Bingham 250.

Leah Velleman conducted the memorial lesson, acknowledging the following sick and shut-ins: Cindy Bean, Jim Bean, Inez Benichasa, Corrone Bryant, Ruth Anne Bryant, Pat Callahan, Joanne Cooke, Andrew Daube, Sr., Barbara Faille, Amy Frankel, Bobbie Goodell, Della Hardy, Dan Hertzler, Carla Hodges, the Khraishi family, Liam Lehrer, Błażej Matusiak, Tim Reynolds, the Saqallah family, Gabby Siraco, Cate Skidmore, Janet Spongberg, Pat Waggoner, Tom Waggoner, Jenny Wright, and Halina Zapędowska. She then led 270 in memory of the following deceased: Norma Green, Claudene Townson, Gaston White—Alabama; Robin Harron—Colorado; Philip Denney—Georgia; Melanie Hauff, Ted Mercer—Illinois; Nancy Paris—Kentucky; Rev. John Holt, Joan Sheldon, Robert Taylor—Maine; Sally Alexander—Maryland; Rev. Jim Heflin, Martha Pfeifer, Aaron Reimer, Benjamin Reimer, Cordelia Reimer—Massachusetts; Joyce Chu Howe—New Jersey; Ronnie Decker, Charlotte Ehrman, Roy Finamore, Daniel Stewart—New York; Zoe Clay, Lydia Lewallen—North Carolina; Cheryl Foreman, Charlotte Powell—Texas; Larry Gordon, Pete Sutherland—Vermont; Mary Wright—Virginia; Rebecca Over—England; Jacques Plompen—Belgium; Eva Striebeck—Germany; the Saqallah family—Palestine. Tarik Wareh closed the lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Jean Seiler 312b; Myles Louis Dakan 406; Nic Tuff 48b; Pippa Stoddard 215; Laura Hodges 172; Joan Nagy 504; Joan Frankel 284. Tarik Wareh offered a prayer for the meal.


Becky Wright called the class back together leading 72b. Leaders: Allison Steel 216; Jennie Brown 411; Mike Richards 234; Hayden Arp 140; Gwen Gethner 511; Emma Rose Brown 336; Tim Eriksen 442; Keillor Mose 465; Marie Brandis 328; Matthew Leger-Small 367; Maura Burns 181; Elizabeth Stoddard 57; Bill Holt 419; Charles Biada 397; Kit Walsh 447; Jasmine Mendoza 383; Holly Laws 348b; Margaret Youngberg 40; Micah John Walter 39b.


Crispin Youngberg called the class back together leading 47b. Leaders: Mark Bedard and Will Harron 277; Matthew Kaufman 125; Owen Stoddard 430; Alec Collins 547; Madeleine Smith 207; Don Herold 282; Becky Wright 500; Joseph Dunn 112; Hayden Arp, Matthew Kaufman, Madeleine Smith, and Spencer Cambor 340; Anna Bowen 318; Magdalena Zapędowska 189; Matthew Leger-Small, Wendy Sibbison, Jeremy Galvagni, and Christine Andrews 30t; Joel Rosen 178.

The Secretary reported that one hundred twelve singers from eight states had registered, from among whom seventy-three leaders led eighty-two songs. Micah John Walter offered thanks to all who helped make the day possible, and asked for announcements of upcoming singings.

Micah John Walter, Mark Bedard, Ben Sachs-Hamilton, and Kit Walsh led 62 as the closing song. Pattie Wareh offered the closing prayer.

Chairperson—Micah John Walter; Vice Chairperson—Mark Bedard; Secretary—Ben Sachs-Hamilton