Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rhode Island All-Day Singing

Providence, Rhode Island

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The 10th annual Rhode Island All-Day Singing was held in the Providence Friends Meeting House on Saturday before the third Sunday in April. The class was called to order by Lynne deBenedette, who welcomed everyone and led 32t. Liz Cantrell offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Natalie Jablonski 131b; Justin Levi 142; Jesse C. Polhemus 448b; Liz Cantrell 80t; Kelly House 475; James Baumgartner 171; Peter Golden 348b; Kshama Ananthapura 72b; Charles Cofone 35; Joanne Fuller 168; Sally Langendorf 314; Alvaro Witt Duarte 95; Laura Hodges 146; Philippa Stoddard 185; D.J. Hatfield 442; Mary Jo Shafer 129; Bob Elliott 122; Celia Devine 70b.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairwoman—Lynne deBenedette; Treasurer—Zachary Marcus; Secretary—Jesse C. Polhemus.


The singing resumed with Laura Borrelli leading 77t. Leaders: Ben Vincent 383; Zachary Marcus 59; Emily Hancock 270; Molly Bledsoe 196; Wayne R. Dell 47t; Cora Tareh 268; Christine Andrews 216; Rowan Lupton 84; Laura Timmerman 460; Rebecca Maxfield 245; Erin Johnson-Hill 384; Eric Beecher 67; Joanna Lampert 197; Faiz Wareh 31t; Megan Jennings 37b; Tom Malone 478; Katy Brown 546; Jeremy Galvagni 117; Christina Wallin 500; Willis McCumber 292; Andal Sundaramurthy 444; Nathan Bergmann-Dean 399b. Liz Cantrell offered a prayer before the noon meal.


Lynne deBenedette called the class back to order by leading 76b. Leaders: Chris Johnson-Roberson 282; Erik-Dardan Ymeraga 160b; Linda Shea 328; Robert Stoddard 550; Deidra Montgomery 145t; Ian Quinn 283; Allison Steel 558; Tim Eriksen 385t; Pat Callahan 316; Ina Shea 115; Ben Bath 220; Daniel Hunter 56t; Emma Rose Brown 275b; Doron Henkin 377; Alexa Gilmore 26; Bill Holt 340; Kathy Manning 183; Tarik Wareh 448t; Kiri Miller 430; Maura Burns 195; Matthew L├ęger-Small 111b.


Liz Cantrell led 52t to bring the class together. Leaders: Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 395; Noa Nessim 271t; Bobbie Goodell 421; Myles Louis Dakan 58; Mary Andrews 504; Bill Dunn 312b; Mary Skidmore 192; Mira Korber 182; Terry Ryan 193; Allison Eckert and Nathaniel Jeffries 86; Elizabeth Stoddard 213t; Yael Tarshish 472; Lucas Husted 163b; Paula Picton 436; Earl J. Kipp 318; Ellen Lueck 138t; Zachary Marcus 547; Laura Borrelli 300.

Lynne deBenedette thanked all present for joining us to sing, and the officers and volunteers for their efforts.

A business meeting was held for the purpose of hearing committee reports. Treasurer Zachary Marcus reported that all expenses had been met, and that the remaining funds would be donated to the Religious Society of Friends in thanks for the use of their meeting house. Secretary Jesse C. Polhemus reported that 122 singers had registered, and that 81 leaders led 84 songs. The class resolved to meet again on Saturday before the third Sunday in April, 2014, with Natalie Jablonski and Justin Levi as Co-Chairpersons.

Announcements were made. Lynne deBenedette led 62 as the closing song, and the class took the parting hand. Liz Cantrell offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairwoman—Lynne deBenedette; Secretary—Jesse C. Polhemus