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Pioneer Valley All Day Singing

First Congregational Church, Sunderland, Massachusetts

Saturday, July 5, 2003

The third session of the Pioneer Valley All Day Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Chair Kelsey Wessels leading 52t. Allison Schofield offered the morning prayer.

Officers were elected or appointed as follows: Chair—Kelsey Wessels; Vice Chair—Linda Shea; Treasurer—Kshama Ananthapura; Secretary—Rosie Wojcik; Arranging Committee—Linda Shea and Catherine Oss.

Leaders: Linda Shea 448b; Rosie Wojcik 441; Kshama Ananthapura 81t; Katie Mahoney 195; Matthew Sellens 108b; Paul Gauthier 499; Martha Lang 203; George Seiler 347; John Holbrook and Greta Holbrook 523; Victoria Bolles 528; Elric Elias 99; Susan Waters 47b; Joanne Bowman 63; Bob Parr 224; D.J. Hatfield 377; Alexa Gilmore 290; Eric Morgan 340; Scott Luscombe 209; Laura Densmore 333; Sue Hanson 142.


Matthew Wojcik brought the class back to order leading 129. Leaders: Kelly House 179; Carly Goss 65; Rowan White 335; George Pomfrett 323b; Laura Timmerman 361; Aaron Girard 383; Thom Metzger 89; Ginny Landgraf 385t; Barbara Swetman 472; Gordon Hellegers 82t; Paula McGray 159; Ruth Hooke 198; Sally House 540; Ian Smiley 291; Sheila Kelley 455; Aldo Ceresa 155; Duncan Vinson 67; Inga Knets 318; Rick Johnson 530; Diane Mennella 542; Bill Dunn 345b.

Elric Elias and Alexa Gilmore conducted the memorial lesson. Elric Elias led 270 for the sick and shut-ins: Marie Betts Bartlett, Fritz Mezloh, Nick Mezloh, and Merton Pomfret—Massachusetts; Margaret Peckman—Florida; Marilyn Darch—California; Hugh Anderson—New York; Laurette Wojcik—Connecticut.

Alexa Gilmore led 129 for the deceased. Those remembered were: Dinah Bruenig—Vermont; Judy Wagner—New Hampshire; Michael Wadham, Lillian St. Clair Meitzler, Esther St. Clair Ammann, Robert “Max” Higgins, and David Lewin—Massachusetts; Marguerite Ross—Ontario; Dottie Krumsieg—Illinois; Lavaughn Ballinger and Ruth Brown—Alabama; Donald Edwin Meitzler—Connecticut; David Nagy and Allan Winn—Pennsylvania; Don Juel, Ed Dowey, and Charles Simone—New Jersey; Lou Silver—Florida; Gretchen Marble—California; Thomas Savage and David Luscombe—New York. The memorial lesson was closed with a prayer offered by Eric Morgan.

Leaders: Guy Bankes 287; Jessica Holland 474; Kara Morin 178; Susan Louchs 163b; Bob Mills 90; Kelsey Wessels 31t. Jenna Strizak offered grace for lunch.


Linda Shea brought the class back for the afternoon session leading 171. Leaders: Kate Richardson 384; Peter Irvine 37b; Jean Seiler 273; Eliza Cavanaugh 442; Charlie Taylor 456; Jenna Strizak 300; Bradford West 269; Allison Schofield 440; Anne Kazlauskas 260; Mirjana Lausevic 277; Dan Hertzler 562; Kiri Miller 112; Kshama Ananthapura 217; Effie Cummings 122; Kitty Kagay 430; Michael Heyerman 410 (t? b?); Deborah Betko, Laura Timmerman, and Matanah Betko 47t; Tim Eriksen 285t; Katie Mahoney 324; Eric Morgan 183; Martha Lang 56b; Paula McGray 373; John Holbrook 480; Matthew Wojcik 445.


The class was called back by Inga Knets leading 312b. Leaders: Laura Densmore 201; Aldo Ceresa 50 (t? b?); Lydia Vernon-Jones 267; Sally House 84; Sheila Kelley 186; D.J. Hatfield 296; Rowan White 148.

A business session was held to hear committee reports. The Secretary reported that 109 people from 15 states had registered, and 83 leaders had, so far, led 83 songs. The Treasurer reported that expenses had been met. Charlie Taylor gave the Resolutions Committee report.

It was announced that in 2004 this singing will take place on July 3rd with Linda Shea as Chair. The business session was closed. Announcements of future singings were made.

Leaders: George Seiler 473; Ruth Hooke 48t; Matthew Sellens 146; Kelly House 192; Carly Goss 29t; Guy Bankes 352; Barbara Swetman 196; Jim Desmond 565; Eliza Cavanaugh 452; Lloyd Graves 86; Peter Irvine 36b; Bradford West 426b; Tim Eriksen 274 (t? b?); Allison Schofield 567; Eric Morgan 39t.

Kelsey Wessels, joined by the other officers, led 62 as the closing song. Laura Timmerman offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chair—Kelsey Wessels; Vice Chair—Linda Shea; Secretary—Rosie Wojcik.