Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention

Beeston Youth and Community Centre
Beeston, Nottingham, United Kingdom

September 11-12, 1999

Saturday, September 11

Matt Wojick of Boston, Massachusetts held a singing school at 10:00 a.m. for beginners and improvers at The Beech Tree during which he led songs on pages 31t, 65, and 155.

At 10:00 a.m. in the main hall, the class was called to order by Helen Brown leading song on page 49t. The morning prayer was led by Paul Sanderson. Ian West led song on page 99.

Steve Marini of Massachusetts gave a workshop tracing the development of tunes, tune books and camp meetings in the United States, during which he led songs on pages 66, 178, 297, 344,102, 128, 428, and 318.


Judy Whiting called the class to order leading song on page 569b. Leaders: Ruth Cooper 36b; Bernard Collard 68b; David Atkin 303; Dafydd Charles 159; Jill Thompson 31t; Paul Sanderson 107; Rachel Jordan 39t; Sheila Girling Smith 28t; Edwin Macadam 189; Paul Gailiunas 271t; Dave Townsend 146; Ros Clements 339; Alan Weeks 315; Steve Fletcher 163b; Roz Argyle 33b; Steve Marini 198.


The workshop participants joined the class, which was brought to order by Dave Richardson leading song on page 335.

Leaders: Ba Wheeler 268; Matt Wojick 65; Ruth Cooper 155; David Stow 354b; Mandy Townsend 383; Paul Setford 34b; Judy Whiting 515; David Atkin 40; Rachel Jordan 455; Paul Gailiunas 163t; Bernard Collard 454; Dafydd Charles 474; Sheila Girling Smith 210; Paul Sanderson 183; Jill Thompson 49b; Edwin Macadam 236; Ros Clements 573; Dave Townsend 378b; Steve Fletcher 148; Alan Weeks 31b; Roz Argyle 457; Ba Wheeler 299; Dave Richardson 473; Mandy Townsend 48t; Paul Setford 127; Margaret Gillanders 452; Steve Marini 280.


Ian West called the class back leading song on page 182. Leaders: David Stow 350; Jackie Patten 143; Ruth Cooper 38t; David Atkin and Arwen Lockley 47t; Judy Whiting 490; Rachel Jordan 300; Dafydd Charles 209; Bernard Collard 362; Shelia Girling Smith 186; Paul Gailiunas 211; Jill Thompson 276; Paul Sanderson 228; Steve Fletcher 117; Edwin Macadam 216; Helen Brown 475; Ros Clements 340; Dave Townsend 85; Mandy Townsend 448t; Alan Weeks 68t; Matt Wojick 528; Margaret Gillanders 324; Dave Richardson 496; Jackie Patten 277; Steve Marini 192. Helen Brown closed the day’s singing at 5:00 p.m. with song on page 147 (t? b?).

Sunday, September 12

Ian West opened the day of singing at 10:00 a.m. with song on page 84. Paul Sanderson led the morning prayer. Helen Brown led song on page 171.

Steve Marini gave a workshop focusing on leading styles and pitching, during which he led songs on pages 105, 28b, 31t, 117, and 142.


Bernard Collard called the class to order leading song on page 503. Leaders: Sophie McDougall 86; Rosie Setford 440; Paul Gailiunas 538; Sheila Girling Smith 33t; Paul Sanderson 159; Rachel Jordan 163b.

Bernard Collard gave the address for the memorial lesson, during which he told a parable touching on nomadic tribesmen, grizzly bears, and the true worth of mortality.

Matt Wojick led song on page 418 in memory of the following deceased: Mel Williams, Sylvia Whiting, Pat Carter, John Thick, Mary Caruthers, Anne Mitson, Phillip Poole, and Edesher Gavikanidze.

Paul Sanderson gave a reading and Steve Marini led song on page 429 for the following sick and housebound: Evelyn Meakin, Roy Bryan, Sonia Argyle, Rosemary Allsop, Jennie Paine, Renee Loas, Edmund Wojick, Billie Old, and Wynne Girling Cussen.

Paul Sanderson gave another reading in celebration of fellowship, after which Dave Richardson led song on page 473.


The afternoon session was called to order by Helen Brown leading song on page 542. Leaders: Dave Townsend 434; Ros Clement 122; Jill Thompson 128; Edwin Macadam 556; Mandy Townsend 186; Ruth Cooper 497; Ian West 268; Margaret Gillanders 474; Matt Wojick 269; Roise Setford 95; Steve Marini 189; Alan Weeks 479; Steve Fletcher 217; Dafydd Charles 168; Sophie McDougall 40; Bernard Collard 287; Judy Whiting 546; Sheila Girling Smith 183; Paul Gailiunas 273; Rachel Jordan 504; Dave Richardson, Victoria Elliot, and Carmel Wood 467; Dave Townsend 276; Ros Clements 466; Jill Thompson 454; Edwin Macadam 47b; Mandy Townsend 163 (t? b?); Ruth Cooper 200; Alan Weeks 73b; Roise Setford 272; Steve Fletcher 85; Dafydd Charles 155; Sophie McDougall 178; Bernard Collard 480; Judy Whiting 318; Dave Richardson 439; Helen Brown 484; Sheila Girling Smith 267; Dave Townsend 324; Matt Wojick 198, 547; Steve Marini 63, 236.

Announcements of forthcoming singings were made. Thanks were offered to the convention committees, who led the closing song on page 323t. The class was dismissed at 4:00 p.m.

Next year’s convention will be held at the same location on the second Sunday in September and the Saturday before.

Chairman—David Cooper; Secretary—Ian West; Arranging Committee—Helen Brown.