Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Northern California Regional Singing

Senior Citizen’s Opportunities, Santa Cruz, California

August 15, 1999

The class was called to order by Shelley Phillips leading song on page 312b. The morning prayer was offered by John Brunk.

The class was organized for the day with the following officers elected or appointed: Chairman—Janet Herman; Secretaries—Shelley Phillips and Tammy Heinsohn; Treasurer—Barry Phillips; Arranging Committee—Celia Brown and Tammy Heinsohn.

Leaders: Janet Herman 276; Tammy Heinsohn 31 (t? b?); Barry Phillips 155; Arnold Zwicky 72b; Betty Herman 125; Barbara Saxton 40; David Rust 38b; Jerry Schreiber 30b; Chris Thorman 84; Mark Forry 315; Shelley Phillips 124; Ginny Landgraf 86; David Landazuri 335; Rachel Magallanes 503; Mary Smith 68t.


The class was brought to order by Janet Herman leading song on page 106. Leaders: Ruth McGurk 474; Michael Armstrong 173; Kathleen Eschen-Pipes 268; Aileen Vance 457; Dan Curtis 178; Peter Ross 159; John Brunk 122; Carla Smith 66; Betty Herman 203; Arnold Zwicky 497; Barbara Saxton 192; Jerry Schreiber 254; David Rust 480; Chris Thorman 297.


The class was called together by Carla Smith leading song on page 36b. Leaders: Mark Forry 277; Paul Kostka 198; Greg Freeman 163t; Alice Sharp 102; Shelley Phillips 148; Tammy Heinsohn 479.

The Memorial Lesson was offered by Kathleen Eschen-Pipes. Shelley Phillips led song on page 402, and Mark Forry led song on page 107 for the deceased.

Leaders: Janet Herman 318; David Landazuri 47t; Barry Phillips 209; Chris Thorman 510; Ruth McGurk 188; Rachel Magallanes 39t; Ginny Landgraf 143.


The class was called together by Barry Phillips leading song on page 168. Leaders: Betty Herman 455; Carla Smith 352; Greg Freeman 444; Barbara Davis 547; Shelley Phillips 504; Phillip Garrison 210; Barry Phillips 196; John Brunk 28t; Alice Sharp 180; Arnold Zwicky 569b; Ginny Landgraf 383; Mark Forry 217; David Landazuri 47b; Patrick Teverbaugh 193; Dan Curtis 344; Rachael Magallanes 142; Jerry Schreiber 532; Michael Armstrong 56b; David Rust 123b.


The class was called together by Jerry Schreiber leading song on page 120. Leaders: Janet Herman 81t; Paul Kostka 200; Patrick Teverbaugh 73b; Barbara Saxton 442; Mark Forry 269; Kathleen Eschen-Pipes 45t; Chris Thorman 117; Baba Herrick 147 (t? b?); Jack Herbig 183; Patrick Teverbaugh 410 (t? b?); Ginny Landgraf 163b; Carla Smith 114.

Barry Phillips reported that the convention expenses had been met.

Barbara Davis of the Resolutions Committee thanked everyone.

Shelley Phillips led song on page 62 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer led by John Brunk.

Chairman—Janet Herman; Secretaries—Shelley Phillips and Tammy Heinsohn.