Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Marilou and Don Jolly Memorial

Poway, California

July 24, 1999

The third annual Memorial Singing, and the first since the death of Don Jolly, was held on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in July, in the Grand Room of the Porter House at Old Poway Park. The session was called to order by Jerry Schreiber leading song on page 313t. The morning prayer was offered by Susan Turpin.

Leaders: Carla Smith 171t; Susan Turpin 29t.

A motion was made and seconded to go into a business meeting. The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Jon Giles; Vice Chairman—Janice Hecksel; Secretary—Jerry Schreiber; Chaplain—Susan Turpin; Arranging Committee—Carla Smith and Carroll Lunsford; Resolutions Committee—Mike Hinton and Marion Black.

Leaders: Jon Giles 83b, 180; Carolyn Deacy 299; Mike Hinton 452b, 146; Betty Herman 32b, 545; Jerry Schreiber 497, 112; Carroll Lunsford 111b, 338.


The class was called back to order by Janice Hecksel leading song on page 46. Leaders: Jon Giles 358; Susan Turpin 203, 387; Beth Webb 159; Jerry Schreiber 457; Hugh McGuire 71, 50t; Laura Russell 458, 327; Anne Friend 567, 277; Betty Herman 72b; Janice Hecksel 344, 354b.


The class was called together by Carroll Lunsford leading song on 294. Leaders: Jon Giles 225 (t? b?); Susan Turpin 128; Chris Thorman 94; Jeff Vanderwilt 95, 377; Norman Gholson 178; Chris Thorman 501b, 40; Carolyn Deacy 117; Carla Smith 148, 222; Fred Dexter 45 (t? b?); Laura Russell 113. Susan Turpin offered the grace before lunch.


The class resumed singing with Janice Hecksel leading song on page 276. Leaders: Jerry Schreiber 383; Betty Herman 430; Laura Russell 270; Carolyn Deacy 456; Mike Hinton 373; Jon Giles 108t; Fred Dexter 149; Chris Thorman 335; Hugh McGuire 332; Jeff Vanderwilt 419; Susan Turpin 288; Anne Friend 242; Carroll Lunsford 153; Janice Hecksel 515b; Carla Smith 198.


The class was called back to order by Jerry Schreiber leading song on 425b. Leaders: Rodney Willard 49b; Hugh McGuire 208; Laura Russell 209; Mike Hinton 340; Susan Turpin 328; Carolyn Deacy 196; Jon Giles 167; Carroll Lunsford 426t; Fred Dexter 513; Hugh McGuire 109; Betty Herman 86; Jeff Vanderwilt 31t; Beth Webb 64; Jerry Schreiber and Peggy Manuel 551; Anne Friend 99; Jon Giles 53; Carroll Lunsford 294; Carla Smith and Laura Russell 269; Chris Thorman 105.

Committee reports were called for.

The Resolution Committee submits the following: We express our thanks to God for Don and Marilou Jolly. It is a joy to gather and sing these wonderful songs as a memorial to Don and Marilou. Sacred Harp singings don’t happen without lots of work. We offer special thanks to:

  1. Those who arranged this location to sing;
  2. The City of Poway for letting us use this fine old building;
  3. Those who publicized and promoted this singing;
  4. Those who set up and to those who will help clean the building;
  5. Those who prepared the wonderful food;
  6. Those who came from far and near to sing and listen;
  7. To the officers, new and old, of this singing.

We thank God for those who wrote the music we love to sing; for voices to sing; and for our appreciation of this Sacred Harp music.

Jon Giles and Janice Hecksel led 62 as the closing song, and all who wished took the parting hand. The class was dismissed with prayer by Susan Turpin.

Chairman—Jon Giles; Vice Chairman—Janice Hecksel; Secretary—Jerry Schreiber.