Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Quebec Convention

Lennoxville, Quebec

July 9-10, 1999

Friday, July 9

The fifth annual Quebec Convention was held at St. Martin’s Chapel on Friday and at St. George’s Church on Saturday in Lennoxville, Quebec.

The Friday evening session was called to order by Chair Cheryl Stroud leading songs on pages 47t and 146, followed by an opening prayer.

Leaders: Bob Parr 228; Roland Hutchinson 473; Gina Ballestracci 472; Guy Bankes 474; Jean Seiler 209; George Seiler 168; Dan Hertzler 203; Duncan Vinson 229; Paul Gauthier 68b; Christopher Wesolowski 178; Jackie Hall 217; Kyle Greenlee 40; Bob Parr 201; Virginia Neville 107; Roland Hutchinson 250; Ruth Doerfler 410 (t? b?); Gina Ballestracci 71; Cheryl Stroud 454.


The class was brought to order by Cheryl Stroud leading songs on pages 117 and 159. Leaders: Guy Bankes 147b; Jean Seiler 72b; Dan Hertzler 82 (t? b?); George Seiler 143; Susanne Garmsen 163b; Duncan Vinson 361; Paul Gauthier 371; Christopher Wesolowski 268; Jackie Hall 503; Kyle Greenlee 504; L.H. Spencer 404; Bobbie Goodell 276; Cheryl Stroud 198.

Announcements were made. The meeting was brought to a close with Cheryl Stroud leading a closing prayer.

Saturday, July 10

The morning session was brought to order by Cheryl Stroud leading song on page 45 (t? b?). Leaders: Paul Gauthier 228; John Henderson 146; Leonard Spencer 216; MaryAnn Morrison 344; Joe Schultz 347; Bob Parr 218; Kyle Greenlee 49b; Pippa Hall 203; Christopher Wesolowski 324; Pat Geritz 31 (t? b?); Duncan Vinson 133; Roland Hutchinson (original composition); Gina Belestracci 430; Guy Bankes 120; Jean Seiler 200; Dan Hertzler 39 (t? b?); George Seiler 480; Bobbie Goodell 485. Announcements were made.


Cheryl Stroud called the class back to order leading songs on pages 551 and 47b. Leaders: Susanne Garmsen 178; Virginia Neville 48 (t? b?); Paul Gauthier 162; John Henderson 503b.

A memorial lesson was given. George Seiler led song on page 122 for those friends who have passed away: Nicole Schnarr, Shirley Green, Dottie Kelly, Winston Bissessar, Charles Danquer, Judith Haines, Andy Cappon, and Nila Magidoff.

Bob Parr led song on page 230 for the sick and shut-ins: Dorothy Garber, Jack Sacher, Betty Nikelsky, Barbara Smith, Janice Glanzrock, Hazel Fink, Harriett Henry, Leonard R. Spencer, Terry Penner, Kate Harris, Ben Hertzler, and Priscilla Hertzler. Jean Seiler closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Cheryl Stroud 350; Pippa Hall 312b; Gina Balestracci 180.

Jean Seiler said Grace as we prepared for lunch.


Cheryl Stroud called the afternoon session together with songs from pages 497 and 159. Leaders: Bob Parr 440; Mary Ann Morrison 313b; Joe Schultz 532; Christopher Wesolowski 143; Laura Timmerman 34b; Leonard Spencer 442; Sue Hill 126; Kyle Greenlee 242; Pat Gueritz 523; Jackie Hall “Ten Thousand Charms”; Duncan Vinson 390; Roland Hutchinson 553; Guy Bankes 444; Jean Seiler 106; Cheryl Stroud 183.


The class was brought to order by Cheryl Stroud with song on page 335.

The secretary reports that there were participants from two countries: United States and Canada. Seven states were represented: Vermont, New Jersey, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania. Two provinces were represented: Ontario and Quebec. There were 43 registered participants and 25 leaders.

The treasurer reported that our expenses had been met.

Announcements were made regarding upcoming conventions and regular sings.

Leaders: Gina Balestracci 45 (Eclectic Harmony); Roland Hutchinson 76 (t? b?); Elka Schumann 260; George Seiler 142; Bobbie Goodell 426b; Phil Dutton 163b; Susanne Garmsen “Mount Hope”; Virginia Neville 528.

Cheryl Stroud led the closing song on page 448 (t? b?). The class was dismissed with prayer led by Jean Seiler.

Chairperson—Cheryl Stroud; Treasurer—Chuck Neville; Secretary—Victor Maltby.