Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Hopewell Homecoming

Oneonta, Alabama

June 12-13, 1999

Saturday, June 12

The fifty-third session of the annual Hopewell Homecoming Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Terry Hullett leading song on page 59. Calvin Phillips led the congregation in the opening prayer. Terry Hullett led song on page 47t.

A business session was held. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Terry Hullett; Vice Chairman—Virgil Phillips; Secretaries—Jewel Wootten, Paula Gilmore, and Marie Hyatt; Arranging Committee—Coy Ivey and Brenda Merritt; Memorial Committee—Linda Thomas and Philip Gilmore.

Leaders: Jewel Wootten and Roie Alexander 421, 317; Carmon Brothers 119, 112; Cecil Sanders 123t; Willie Mae Moon 441; Hershell King 235, 276b; Margie Smith 494, 101t; S.T. Reed 106; Douglas Conn 403, 405; Elder J.L. Hopper 180, 369; Lomax Ballinger 312b, 480; Norma Green and Nathan Green 29t, 313t; Elene Stovall 217, 186.


The singing resumed with Terry Hullett leading song on page 203. Leaders: Paula McGray 82t; Lamar Smith 76b; Thurman Nall 285t; Charlene Wallace 99, 299; Ernest Phillips 39b; Bud Oliver 42, 332; Carlene Griffin 270, 448 (t? b?); Taylor Cobb and Elder J.L. Hopper 310; B.M. Smith 475, 225t; Shelbie Sheppard 272.


Calvin Phillips brought the class together leading song on page 406. Leaders: James Cain 384; Lacy Pressley 77t; Bill Green and Genora Whitworth 100; Jonathan Blakeley 145t; Leola Smith, Buddy Davis, and Jessica Davis 68b; Katrina Holmes 137; Edwin Ballinger 208; Cassie Franklin 95b; Kassie Holmes 159; Paula Gilmore 39t; Larry Ballinger 78; Virgil Phillips, Calvin Phillips, Herbert Phillips, Velma Couch, Ozell Robbins, and Alma Lambert 376, 163 (t? b?); Coy Ivey 222; Chita Blakeley 418; Elder Philip Gilmore 498.


Coy Ivey brought the class to order leading song on page 63. Leaders: Linton Ballinger 84; Gene Wakefield 168; Jeff Sheppard 34b, 549; Milton Oliver 224; Cindy Franklin 157; Lydia Baswell and Vella Dailey 452; Velton Chafin 482; Linda Thomas and Jordan Ratliff 45t; Tommie Spurlock 430; Buddy Davis 146; Jessica Davis 166; Taylor Cobb 28t; Betty Wright 108t; Rev. Jimmy Wadsworth 87; Dorothea McCowan 442; John Merritt 358; Billy Williams 294; Mary Wade 36b; Brenda Merritt 336; Paula McGray 327; Eloise Watkins 340; Bill Green 284; Charlene Wallace 503; B.J. Green 127; Elene Stovall 440; Elder J.L. Hopper 496; Freeman Wootten and Terry Hullett 43.

Terry Hullett led song on page 31t as the closing song. Elder J.L. Hopper dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, June 13

The Sunday session of the Hopewell Homecoming was called to order by Terry Hullett leading song on page 32t. Lamar Smith offered the morning prayer. Terry Hullett led songs on pages 81t and 145t. Leaders: Jewel Wootten and Roie Alexander 335, 145b; Calvin Phillips 147t, 143; Lamar Smith 36b, 76b; Thurman Nall 523b; Buddy Davis 215, 154; Nathan Green and Norma Green 285t, 159; Gene Wakefield 138t, 284; Gavin Blakeley 146.


The class was called to order by Terry Hullett leading song on page 189. Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 186, 182; Randall Smith 137, 454; Bill Green 47b, 378b; Jessica Davis 68b; Don Clark 163t, 328; Kyle Blakeley 30b; Stuart Ivey 299, 475; Regina Clark 148, 426t; Dwight Phillips 290; Bill Aplin 385t, 224; Leola Smith 185, 318; Jenny Wootten 489, 40; Milton Oliver 314; Henry Johnson 390, 388.


The singing resumed with Terry Hullett leading song on page 273. Leaders: Douglas Conn 35, 278b; Louis Hughes, Sr. 278t, 323b; Karen Ivey 441, 163b; Waylon Blakeley 128.

A memorial was given by Elder Philip Gilmore and Linda Thomas. Elder Philip Gilmore spoke from Psalms 100. The following deceased were remembered: Alice Brothers Washburn, Cecil Gilliland, Weldon Redman, Elder J.O. Handley, Thelma Murphree, Mrs. Rufus (Lydia) Phillips, Elder Roy Avery, Eloise Sellers, Vester Jones, Flossie Jones, Elmer Cordell, and Joycie Green Fortenberry. Linda Thomas and Philip Gilmore led the song “Not Made With Hands”. Virgil Phillips and Calvin Phillips led songs on pages 56b and 406 in memory of Mrs. Rufus (Lydia) Phillips. David Ivey led 61 in memory of his grandparents, Vester and Flossie Jones.

Jewel Wootten led song on 45t for all the sick and shut-ins, and for Mr. Hershel Phillips who will be 90 years old this month. The memorial was closed with prayer led by Elder Phillip Gilmore.


The afternoon session was called to order by Terry Hullett and Stephen Hullett leading song on page 87. Leaders: Elder Philip Gilmore 97, 33b; Richard Ivey and Rodney Ivey 56t, 358; Jake Holmes and John Holmes 45t; Dennis George 480, 28b; Victoria Aplin 337, 122; Sandra Holmes 68b; Tommie Spurlock 430, 565; Rodney Ivey 47t; Margaret Spurlock 108b, 112; David Ivey 218, 94 (by request in memory of Julian Conn); Eloise Watkins 426b, “That Beautiful Land”; John Merritt 192, 49b; Katrina Homes 59; Linda Thomas and Jenny Wootten “Sweet By And By”, 350; David Ivey and Rodney Ivey “Trusting”; Donna Dillard, Karen Davis, and Bud Davis 358; Rev. Jimmy Wadsworth and Greg Wadsworth 143.

Terry Hullett, Elder Philip Gilmore, and Rev. Jimmy Wadsworth led song on page 62 as the closing song, and all who wished joined in taking the parting hand. Rev. Jimmy Wadsworth dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Terry Hullett; Vice Chairman—Virgil Phillips; Secretaries—Jewel Wootten, Paula Gilmore, and Marie Hyatt.