Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Anniversary Singing

Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago, Illinois

January 10, 1999

The all day singing in celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of the Chicago Sacred Harp Singers was convened at 10:30 a.m. at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago. On that day, folks in Chicago were still struggling to clear over two feet of snow and cope with subzero temperatures in the aftermath of “the most devastating snowstorm in three decades” (according to the Chicago Tribune). However, over 100 people from seven states fought through the snowdrifts, skidded over icy streets, and braved unreliable public transportation to attend the Anniversary Singing.

Chair Kelly Brest van Kempen called the class to order leading song on page 84. Keith Willard led the opening prayer.

Leaders: Kris Richardson 217; Steve Warner 171; Jerry Enright 272; Suzanne Flandreau 68t; Herb Schroeder 183.

A business meeting was convened for the purpose of electing officers. Officers elected or appointed were: Chair—Kris Richardson; Vice Chair—Suzanne Flandreau; Secretary—Connie Karduck; Finance Committee—Kelly Brest van Kempen, Beverly Enright, Samuel Sommers, and Herb Schroeder; Memorial Committee—Marcia Johnson and Kathy Lee; Arranging Committee—Jerilyn Schumacher and Steve Warner; Chaplain—Keith Willard.

The singing resumed with Kiri Miller leading song on page 163t. Judy Hauff, Marcia Johnson, and Ted Johnson led the Founders Lesson with song on page 340.

Leaders: Kris Richardson 142; Dean Slaton 384; Jerilyn Schumacher 372; Jan Ketelle 369; Sue Kessell 260; Bob Meek, Michelle Cull, and Brenda Waters 68b; Jim Helke 186; Matthew Lind 220; Gladys Epting 117; Mark Miller 209.


Connie Karduck called the class together leading song on page 373. Leaders: James Page “Unity Chapel”; Anne Heider and Carol Kimmel 335; Al Frank 146; Lisa Grayson 192; Bryant Lee 360; Keith Willard 100; Julie Vea 196; David Barford 280; Jim Crawford 122; Judy Hauff 448 (t? b?); James Gingerich 455; Samuel Sommers 386; Martha Henderson 39 (t? b?); Christine Stevens 312 (t? b?); Wendy Wahn 498; Ted Mercer 328; Jenny Willard 349. Keith Willard led the blessing for the noon meal.


The afternoon of singing began with Suzanne Flandreau leading song on page 276. Leaders: Kathy Wallace 278b; David Lee 128; Ted Johnson 224; Kit Pfau 501; Richard DeLong 422; Kate Lingley 284; Johanna Fabke 441; Thomas Willard 36b; Felicia Stevens 146; Carol Crawford 77t; John Seaton 269; D.J. Hatfield 212; Nathan Barford 274 (t? b?); Kathy Lee 143; Michelle Cull 155; Melanie Hauff 318.


Kris Richardson brought the class together leading song on page 148. Leaders: David Blatt 497; Emmie Barford 66; Bob Meek 268; Debbie Barford and Brenda Waters 110; Stanley Chang 49b; Sam Farwell 442; Jan Ketelle 304; Bryant Lee 38b; Jerry Enright 168.

The chair then introduced the Memorial Committee to lead the Memorial Lesson. Marcia Johnson inspired the class to reflect on the poetry in the song “Ragan” and then led that song on page 176t for the following deceased: Martha Bickley, Janet Borman, Robert Goode, Grace Kawane, Joseph Kelly, Jack Pancione, Joe Portman, Vi Portman, Frieda Storment, and Sylvia Tantille—Illinois; Alysoun Ford and Helmut Goldschmidt—California; Sally McCamant—Colorado; Floyd Klein and Ethel Klein—Florida; Raymond Burkett—Michigan; Karen Wiard—Minnesota; Cleo Hawkins—Mississippi; Ruth Reid—North Carolina; Roland Seaton and Evelyn Thomas—England; Gerrit van Eÿsden—Holland.

Kathy Lee spoke and led the song on page 48t for the following sick and shut-in: Naomi Lovinger, Thomas Pancione, and Rosemary Wells—Illinois; Horace DeLong—Georgia; Emily Swartzentruber—Indiana; Meg Parsons—Minnesota; Bernice Embry—Mississippi; Ursula Woodfield—New York; Janet Burn—Pennsylvania; Claire Seaton (England). The Memorial lesson was closed.

Leaders: Kit Pfau 159; Richard DeLong 387; Judy Hauff 536; Keith Willard 32t; Edward Thomas 76b.

Chair Kris Richardson gave the Convention Resolutions report and called for reports from the Finance Committee and Arranging Committee. Announcements were made. The class took the parting hand during the closing song on page 347. Chaplain Keith Willard led the closing prayer.

Chair—Kris Richardson; Vice Chair—Suzanne Flandreau; Secretary—Connie Karduck.