Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Union Musical Convention

Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church, Dunwoody, Georgia

August 29-30, 1998

Saturday, August 29

The one hundred thirtieth session of the Union Musical Sacred Harp singing convention was called to order by Richard DeLong leading song on page 97. The opening prayer was offered by Eric Tweedy. Chairman Richard DeLong led song on page 131b. Vice Chairman Doug Allison led songs on pages 27 and 277. Secretary Helen Bryson led songs on pages 121 and 112. Jesse Roberts led the following songs for the Introductory Lesson: 29b, 501, 171, 500, 57, and 234.

Leaders: Kenneth DeLong 542, 403; Laurie Allison 182, 36b; Loy Garrison 47t, 566; John Plunkett 402, 543; Jeannette DePoy 179, 383.


Richard DeLong called the class to order leading song on page 418. Leaders: Dan Bailey 143, 183; Violet Thomason 119, 343, 189; Frances Mary D’Andrea 86, 280; Eric Tweedy 370, 200; Ginny Landgraf 290, 102; Dianne Walls 159, 47b.

On orderly motion, the convention entered into a business session. The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairman—Jeannette DePoy; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson; Arranging Committee—Susan Roberts and Dianne Walls; Memorial Committee—John Plunkett and Ted Mercer; Locating and Finance Committee—Loy Garrison and Kenneth DeLong; Resolutions Committee—Jesse Roberts and Laura Akerman.

Leaders: Richard DeLong 67; Reuben Ball 497, 318.


Jeannette DePoy called the class to order by leading song on page 89. Leaders: Faye Pettis 494, 105; Karen Willard 46, 198; Ted Mercer 132, 202; Jeff Sheppard 571, 540; Janice Paulk 70 (t? b?) (for Mrs. Gert DeLong), 478; Jack Corley 123b, 430; Shelbie Sheppard 431, 333; Dollie Hudgins 61 (for grandson, Joe DeLong), 108t; Shirley Wagner 196, 101b; Frances Carnell 535, 542; Hugh McGraw 369; Laura Akerman 192, 569b.


The class was called to order by Helen Bryson leading song on page 213 (t? b?). Leaders: Susan Roberts 82 (t? b?), 276; Anita Ray 401; Leann Carnell 66, 328; Glenn Ray 354b, 59; Chris Carnell 163 (t? b?), 474.

Announcements were made. Richard DeLong led song on page 323t for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Kenneth DeLong.

Sunday, August 30

The day of singing began with Chairman Richard DeLong leading song on page 60. The opening prayer was offered by Kenneth DeLong. Leaders: Richard DeLong 571; Jeannette DePoy 32t, 77t; Loy Garrison 347, 544; Helen Bryson 288, 522; Kenneth DeLong 408, 301; Ginny Landgraf 332, 503; John Plunkett 504, 66; Faye Pettis 510, 516; Don Bowen 283, 282; Laura Akerman 85 (in memory of her father), 224; Ted Mercer 302, 285b; Judy Mincey 540, 538.


The class was called to order by Jeannette DePoy leading song on page 475. Leaders: Jack Corley 168, 300; Reuben Ball 384, 460; Rachael Carlisle 145t, 204; Hugh McGraw 484; Raymond Hamrick 225t; Jesse Roberts 225b, 192; Charlene Wallace 99, 299.

The memorial lesson was led by Ted Mercer. “This is an opportunity to remember those who have died since last year.” Ted shared a recent experience while attending the funeral of a Chicago singer. “God has given us a gift through these people; if they hadn’t shared this gift, the singing would be lost”. Those remembered this year include: A. W. Stanson, Anne Block, Kim Cagle, Jerry Sheppard, Janet Rogers, Luke Allen, Bob Hart, Gertrude Bateman, Janet Borman, and Cansada Weatherford. Ted Mercer led song on page 48t for the deceased.

John Plunkett led song on page 340 for the sick and shut-ins which included: Frank Block, Mary Frances Dannals, Horace DeLong, Mozelle Sheppard, Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, and Una DeLong. The memorial was closed with prayer by Jesse Roberts.


The class was called to order by Richard DeLong leading songs on pages 36t and 44. Leaders: Carlene Griffin 77b, 548; Janice Paulk 392, 448b; Louis Hughes, Sr. 278t, 378b; Vaudie Shearer 45t, 143; Dollie Hudgins 278b; Eric Tweedy 312b, 442; Dianne Walls 294, 551; Susan Roberts 29b, 155; Scott DePoy 179; Mary Anne White 72b; Vinnie Rosenzweig 99; Hugh McGraw 553, 263.


The class was called to order by Jeannette DePoy and Scott DePoy leading song on page 146. Leaders: Helen Bryson 456 (in memory of Kim Cagle and Hazel Cagle); Loy Garrison 480; Ginny Landgraf 481; Jesse Roberts 344; Raymond Hamrick 350; Laura Akerman 365; Judy Mincey 497; Ted Mercer 385b.

The class was called into a business session to hear the following reports:

Locating Committee—Oak Grove Primitive Baptist Church asked for and was granted the convention to be held on the fifth Sunday and Saturday before in August, 1999.

Finance Committee—A motion was made and seconded to increase the amount of money for expenses to the host church from $25.00 per day to $50.00 per day. The collection for both days was $182.00. Before expenses the total on account was $2,915.88. After expenses the total in account is $2,755.88.

Resolutions Committee—We, the Resolutions Committee for the 130th annual session of the Union Musical Convention propose the following resolutions:

(1) Resolved, to thank God for blessing and preserving this tradition for us and for His still calling people to write these tunes.

(2) Resolved, to thank Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church for their hospitality in providing their meeting house and facilities.

(3) Resolved, to thank all the people who prepared the dinners that we enjoyed both days.

(4) Resolved, to thank all those who came from far and near to sing, listen, and support Sacred Harp in this community, and to pray for them and one another.

(5) Resolved, to leave here with renewed dedication to introduce and encourage others to join in this wonderful tradition of Sacred Harp.

The reports were accepted into the minutes. Announcements were made. The convention officers led song on page 62 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Jesse Roberts.

Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairman—Jeannette DePoy; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson.