Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Young People’s Convention

Little Vine Primitive Baptist Church, Austin, Texas

August 29, 1998

The eighteenth annual Young People’s Sacred Harp Singing was held on Saturday before the fifth Sunday in August at Little Vine Primitive Baptist Church, Austin, Texas.

The class was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Gaylon Powell leading song on page 565. Leaders: Jeb Owen 34b; Josh Rogan 216; Sarah Coates 344; Donald Ross 313b; Charles Whitmer 147t; Dorothea McCowan 528; Frank Price 127; Buell Cobb 284; Edith Owen 535b; David Moseley 434; Tom Owen 532; James Moseley 178; Gary Rogan 324; Sarah Smith 290; Olivia Blevins 168; Dick Steil 312b; Kevin Powell 504; Reed Coates 358; Diane Ross 455; Gaylon Powell 86.


Josh Rogan brought the class to order leading song on page 176 (t? b?). Leaders: Gary Smith 569b; Beverly Coates 163b; Ernestine Pipkin 203; Al Rogers 198; Seth Holloway 354b; Doris Hanks 448b; Leon Ballinger and Casie Cockrill 159; Cissy Moseley 299; Catherine Rogan 142; Curtis K. Owen 551; Vivian Rogan 282; Cath Oss 137; Kelly Beard 472; Katie Moseley 217; Bruce Coates 341; Shannon Smith 82t; George Jones 255 (?); Joseph Stang 300.


The afternoon session began with Jeb Owen leading song on page 31b. Leaders: B.E. Matthews 304; Jorge Carrillo 30t; H.P. O’Mary 235b; Elissa Smith 77t; Michele Rogan 236; Mike Moseley 480; Charles Whitmer 524; Ophelia Matthews 490; Mary Ann Owen 47b; Liz Rogan 220; Amanda Owen 475; Sarah Coates 171; Donald Ross 350; Tom Owen 454; Diane Ross 497; Dorothea McCowan 442; Sarah Smith 75; Kelly Beard 510; Ernestine Pipkin 186.

Memorial Lesson: Michele Rogan read the list of those who have passed away in the past year, and then shared a list of those with the desire to attend this singing, but were restricted due to health reasons. The deceased remembered were as follows: Macy Moore—Alabama; Herbert Leopard, Louie Smith, and Lum Toungate—Texas. The names of those who are sick and shut-in are: Verna Powell, Viola Jones, Ed Craig, Alsie Craig, and Mildred Edmonds—Texas. Mike Moseley led song on page 285t in memory of the deceased. Joseph Stang led song on page 129 for the sick and shut-ins. A very touching prayer was led by Elder Billy Moseley to conclude the Memorial Lesson.


Josh Rogan brough the class to order leading song on page 40. Leaders: Scott Curran 47t; Frank Price 59; Dan Brittain 230; Buell Cobb 425; Cath Oss 212; Seth Holloway 79; David Moseley 441; Gary Smith 31t; James Moseley 49b; Gary Rogan 270; Olivia Blevins 128; Dick Steil 452; Kevin Powell 56b; Sue Fairbanks 457; Marilyn Burkland 335; Mary Bachmann 341; Mike Moseley 192.

This singing will be held in Nashville, Tennessee next year with the location to be announced.

Chairman—Jeb Owen; Vice Chairman—Josh Rogan; Arranging Committee—Elizabeth Rogan, Amanda Owen, and Elissa Smith; Finance Committee—Olivia Blevins, James Moseley, and Reed Coates; Locating Committee—Cath Oss, Seth Holloway, and Kevin Powell; Chaplain—David Moseley; Secretary—Sarah Coates.