Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cross Roads Baptist Church

North of Tallapoosa, Georgia

July 5, 1998

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Cross Roads Baptist Church was held on the first Sunday in July, and was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Louis Hughes, Sr. leading song on page 52 (t? b?). The morning prayer was led by B.J. Harris. Miranel Swafford led song on page 137; Mary Florence Smith 224; Margie Smith 501b.

The class was organized with the following officers elected or appointed: Chairman—Louis Hughes, Sr.; Vice Chairman—Miranel Swafford; Secretary—Hester Edwards; Memorial Committee—Mary Florence Smith; Arranging Committee—Margie Smith.

Leaders: Louis Hughes, Sr. 138b; Josephine Denney 100; B.J. Harris 503; Julie Lee 82t; Everette Denney 335; Fran Adams 159; Ted Johnson 348b; Rachel Lee 32t; Henry Schuman 145t; Melanie Hauff 430; Phillip Langley 436; Pauline Childers 318; Paul Gauthier 565; Kathy Lee 515; Roy Nelson 274t; Jenny Willard 349; Nancy Allen 146.


Louis Hughes, Jr. and Louis Hughes, Sr. called the class together leading song on page 569b. Leaders: David Lee 101b; Katharine Manning 50t; Keith Willard 278b; Judy Hauff 187; Terry Hogg 340; Katherine Benefield 373; John Redmon 358; Shelbie Sheppard 28b (for Lula Smith); Johnny Lee 37b; Charlene Wallace 84 (for I.V. McWhorter); Don Bowen 475.

Mary Florence Smith gave the memorial, reading scripture from Ecclesiastes third chapter and reading the names of the deceased: Velma Denney, Kim Cagle, Alvin Stanson, Jerry Sheppard, Ruth Reid, Shirley Roberts, Myreeta Hardin, Susan Wantland, Clyde Atkinson, Opal Johnston, Audre Floyd, Hadyn Creel, Mamie Creel, Vernice Calvert, Johnnie Williams, Hoyt Pope, Curtis Alred, Dwayne Alred, and Herman Smith.

Lonnie Rogers led song on page 45t (by special request) for Johnny Williams. Felton Denney led songs on pages 50b and 31t for all the other deceased. Louis Hughes, Sr., Florence Williams, Ceford Wood, and Theo Waddel led song on page 457 in memory of Monroe Wood and other members of the Wood and Williams famalies.

Marcia Johnson led songs on pages 179 and 434 for the sick and shut-ins: Evelyn Newman, Mozelle Sheppard, Carrie Garner, I.V. McWhorter, Revy Williamson, and Ethel Klein (Marcia Johnson’s mother). Mary Florence Smith led song on page 426t and closed the memorial with prayer.


The afternoon of singing began with Louis Hughes, Sr. leading song on page 72b. Leaders: B.M. Smith 284; Mary Elizabeth Lee 198; Jimmie Denney 143; Karen Hojnacki 208; Clarke Lee 32b; Carlene Griffin 306; Jeff Sheppard 367; Teenie Moody 148 (for Mozelle Sheppard); Bobby Jackson 480; Liz Bryant 368; Louis Hughes, Jr. 147t, 77b; Mildred Patterson 378t; Lee Rogers 513; Louis Hughes, Sr., Lynn Dodson, Elaine Newman, and Allison Dodson 282; Evelyn Harris 47t; Judy Mincey 474; Louise Nelson 87; Bonnie Flowers 448t; Estelle Flowers 213 (t? b?); Marcia Johnson 260; David Lee 454; Melanie Hauff and Judy Hauff 312b; Keith Willard and Jenny Willard 29t; Julie Lee and Clarke Lee 28t; Louis Hughes, Sr. 63.

Announcements were made. Louis Hughes, Sr. and Miranel Swafford led song on page 46 for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Lonnie Rogers.

Chairman—Louis Hughes, Sr.; Vice Chairman—Miranel Swafford; Secretary—Hester Edwards.