Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Henagar-Union Convention

Liberty Church, Henagar, Alabama

July 4-5, 1998

Saturday, July 4

The eighty-second session of the Henagar-Union Sacred Harp Convention was called to order with Chairman David Ivey leading song on page 82t. The morning prayer was led by Elder Tony Ivey, Pastor of Liberty Church. Vice Chairman Rodney Ivey led song on page 101t. Leaders: Secretary Norma Latham 503; Loyd Ivey 201; Marlon Wootten 103; Shane Wootten 99; Jackie Tanner 47t; Milton Oliver 206; Louis Hughes, Sr. 565; S.T. Reed 289; Roy Nelson 456; Patsy Gentle 68b; Mary Elizabeth Lee 198; Rex Wilks 40; Edith Tate 371; Margie Smith and Nancy Allen 373; Bud Oliver 29t; Don Bowen 384; Velton Chafin 540; Lamar Smith 36b; Boyd Scott 358.


The singing resumed with Tony Ivey leading song on page 56t. Leaders: Wayne Wootten 37b; Judy Mincey 538; Karen Hojnacki 203; Joan Schultz 569 (t? b?); Becky Browne 181; Charles Franklin 480; B.M. Smith 475; Ann Lee 56b; Pauline Childers 512; Floyd Hale and Hunter Hale 485; Regina Glass 269; Kathy Lee and Rachel Lee 155; Karen Buche 421; Nancy Crawford 86; Regina Clark 73t.


Shane Wootten brought the class back together leading song on page 345t. Leaders: Phil Summerlin 411; Martha Beverly 497; Thomas Willard and Allison Dodson 224; Paul Gauthier 280; Lorena Moore 148; Charles Derleth 303; J.L. Hopper 304; Judy Caudle 360; Linda Sides 146; Pam Nunn, Jeff Sheppard, and Shelbie Sheppard 38b; Richard Green and Susan Green 137; Henry Schuman 344; Jimmy Ballinger 111b; Barbara Swetman 481; Joan Aldridge 182; Ricky Harcrow 274t; Ruth Brown 73b.


The afternoon session was opened with Shane Wootten leading song on page 300. Leaders: Cindy Franklin 200; Jerry Enright and Lorena Moore 77t; Cassie Franklin, Jenny Wootten, and Linda Thomas 559 (Cooper Book); Reba Windom 196; Jesse Roberts 214; Marcia Johnson 176t; Mattie Townsel 294; Louis Hughes, Jr. 448t; Judy Hauff 376. Uncle George Lacy, age 94, who has attended this church for singing schools and singings for the past 86 years, spoke of the families who established this convention and who have been instrumental in continuing the convention, the heritage given them, and this way of life: the families of Uncle Jack Ivey, Uncle John Lacy, and Uncle Dick Wilks. George Lacy and Terry Wootten led song on page 82t. Johnny Lee and John Etheridge led “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee” (Cooper Book) in honor of America and the Independence Day holiday. Leaders: Lee Rogers 390; Betty Shepherd 216; Susan Harcrow 436; Keith Willard 102; Richard Ivey 567; David Lee 74b; Don Clark 448b.

The results of the election were announced at this time: Chairman—David Ivey; Vice Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Secretary—Norma Latham.


Coy Ivey called the class together leading song on page 30t. Richard Ivey and Coy Ivey led song on page 222. Leaders: Jenny Willard 564; Allison Ivey 192; Clarke Lee 47b; Stuart Ivey 299; Dave Ressler 419; Tommie Spurlock 446; Kathy Manning 428; Ted Johnson 142; Bill Beverly 66; Stanley Smith 542; Terry Hogg 112; Felton Denny 523; Melanie Hauff 215; John Etheridge 76b; Karen Ivey 441 (for Vester Jones); Syble Adams 505 (Cooper Book); Joyce Walton 455; Betty Wright 511b (Cooper Book); Suzanne Hale and Hunter Hale 163b.

After announcements, David Ivey and Tony Ivey led song on page 420 for Jap Walton. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Elder Tony Ivey.

Sunday, July 5

The Sunday session was called to order with David Ivey leading songs on pages 61 and 498. The morning prayer was led by Phil Summerlin.

Leaders: Rodney Ivey 39b; Norma Latham 489; Loyd Ivey 318; Shane Wootten 312b; Marlon Wootten 59; Tony Ivey 85; Eloise Wootten 234; Jackie Tanner 298; Lamar Smith 76b; Wayne Wootten 171; Henry Johnson 569b; Mattie Townsel 313t; S.T. Reed 32b; Sandy Ivey 503; Cindy Franklin and Cassie Franklin 475; Jerry Enright 300; Betty Wright 347; Shawn Carroll 28b; Stanley Smith 500; Edith Tate 93; Mike Dunn 186; Becky Browne 211; Earl Ballinger 299; Olivia Allen 163t.


David Ivey brought the class together leading song on page 388. Leaders: Rex Wilks 30t; Milton Oliver 434; Patsy Gentle 63; Dewayne Wootten 283; Marilyn Burchett 29t; Dennis George 35; Brenda Carroll 442; Linton Ballinger 182; Betty Shepherd 196; Tommie Spurlock 430; Karen Buche 122; Johnny Humber 389; Dave Ressler 192; Clifford Hale 268; Richard Ivey 384; John Henry Busby and Loyd Ivey “Jesus Died For Me”; Linda Sides 328; Hershell King 426t.

The Memorial Committee: Eloise Wootten, Linda Thomas, and Phil Summerlin, presented the Memorial Lesson. Linda Thomas read from John 14. Eloise Wootten read the names of the remembered deceased: Mae Seymour, Jerry Sheppard, Keterina Sanders, Kim Cagle, Estelle Napier, Mary Berueffy, Opal Johnston, Andre Floyd, Gene Phillips, Ozetta Gilliland, Vernice Calvert, Hussell Godsey, Hadyn Creel, Mamie Creel, Ira Brooks, Joseph Brooks, John Seeley, Bill Foreschner, Barrett Ashley, Myreeta Hardin, Herbert Leopard, and Lewis Smith. Linda Thomas, Eloise Wootten, and Phil Summerlin led song on page 285t in memory of the deceased.

David Ivey led song on page 34t for the following sick and shut-ins: Ethel Klein, Woodie Walker, Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Hardin, Jane Gronau, Helen Berg, Mel Kersey, Lawrence Underwood, Lula Underwood, Jap Walton, Mr. and Mrs. Vester Jones, and Elmer Cordell. Phil Summerlin closed the Memorial Lesson with prayer.


David Ivey opened the afternoon session leading song on page 176b. Leaders: Bud Oliver and Richard Ivey 270; Lorena Moore 335; Lavaughn Ballinger 84; George Lacy 424; Lisa Ballinger 269; Erica Mitchell 354b; David Ballinger 82t; Sarah Harcrow 153; Beth O’Dell 189; John Etheridge 348b; Phil Summerlin 97; Lomax Ballinger 163 (t? b?); Sandy Ivey and Scott Ivey 128; Marian Biddle, Adam Biddle, Ivey Biddle, Teresa Bethune, Candace Bethune, Lindsey Bethune, Andrew Wootten, and Jessica Ivey “That Beautiful Land”; Linda Thomas, Cassie Franklin, and Jenny Wootten 559 (Cooper Book); Mark Brown “Beulah Land” (by request); Regina Glass 27; Allison Ivey and Ivey Ellis 546; Martha Beverly 421; Edwin Ballinger 111t; Eloise Avery 460.


Rodney Ivey called the class back together leading song on page 58. Leaders: Levon Wootten 350; Reba Windom 208 (for Woodie Walker); Barbara Swetman 277; Joan Aldridge 454; Floyd Peters 68b; Melvin Stiefel 480; Marty Wootten and Lorrie Wootten 64; Mary Ruth Stiefel 220; Susan Harcrow 142; Larry Ballinger 123t; Karen Ivey and Betty Shepherd 138t; Stuart Ivey 358; Mark Brown and Linda Thomas “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee” (Cooper Book) (by request).

David Ivey expressed thanks:

  1. to everyone who helped make the convention a great success;
  2. all the visitors from far and near;
  3. all who brought lunch;
  4. Loyd Ivey for the lemonade;
  5. Willard Wright and Betty Wright for the delicious homemade ice cream on Saturday;
  6. and the Arranging Committee, Shane Wootten and Rex Wilks, for a job well done.

Announcements were made. David Ivey, Coy Ivey, Loyd Ivey, and Tony Ivey led song on page 146 as the closing song, and those who wished took the parting hand. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Hunter Hale.

Chairman—David Ivey; Vice Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Secretary—Norma Latham.