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All Wisconsin Shape Note Singing

Milwaukee Friends (Quaker) Meetinghouse, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Saturday, November 12, 2022

The 2022 All Wisconsin Shape Note Singing was called to order by Jim Crawford leading 49t. John Seaton led the opening prayer. Steven Schmidgall introduced shape note singing to newcomers, using the song on page 45t.

Leaders: Peter Irvine 59; Sarah Schneider 82t; Lisa Grayson 274t; Jim Helke 565; Eleanor Haase 155; Scott Stieg 159; Ginny Landgraf 504; Peter Bradley 228; Eileen Ferguson 547; Jim Crawford 472; Emily Ross 313b; John Seaton 47t; Shana Wenger 344; Steven Schmidgall 274b; Judy Hauff 203.


Scott Stieg brought the class together by leading 34b. Leaders: Peter Irvine 341; Shaun Nadolny 28 (Indian Melodies); Anne Heider 171; Kian Maslanka 146; Steve Warner 86; Sarah Schneider 503; Lisa Grayson 501; Jim Helke 75; Eleanor Haase 352; Scott Stieg 455; Ginny Landgraf 464; Peter Bradley 300; Jim Crawford 569b; Emily Ross 87; Eileen Ferguson 84. John Seaton said a blessing for lunch.


Jim Helke brought the class to order by leading 39t. Leaders: Shana Wenger 378t; Steven Schmidgall 496; Judy Hauff 183.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Jim Crawford and John Seaton. Jim led 61 in honor and love, for the following sick and shut-ins: Carol Crawford, Margo Skretney, Joyce Hill, Stephen Parker, Melanie Hauff, Rochelle Lodder, and Linda Berkemeier. John led 340 in remembrance of the following deceased: Ted Mercer, Riely Tuerly, Anne Nagy, Nick Nagy, Kathy Goble, Kent Organ. John Seaton ended the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Peter Irvine 350; Anne Heider 236; Steve Warner 81t; Sarah Schneider 270; Lisa Grayson 436; Jim Helke 235; Eleanor Haase 38t; Scott Stieg 209; Johanna Fabke 122; Ginny Landgraf 351; Peter Bradley 444; Jim Crawford 569t; Emily Ross 440.


Steve Schmidgall brought the class together by leading 369. Leaders: Eileen Ferguson 112; Shana Wenger 457; Steven Schmidgall 156; Judy Hauff 528; John Seaton 49b; Kian Maslanka 178; Anne Heider 338; Steve Warner 368; Sarah Schneider 162; Lisa Grayson 383; Eleanor Haase 523. The class sang 347, and took the parting hand.

John Seaton offered the closing prayer, thanks were given, announcements were made, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Scott Stieg, Secretary—Jim Crawford