Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Seed and Feed Sacred Harp Singing

Milam Park, Clarkston, Georgia

Saturday, October 22, 2022

The 44th annual Seed and Feed singing was called to order by Jim Neal leading 47t. Jeannette DePoy offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Jim Neal 32t; Amy Wells 34b; Laura Akerman 86; Jerusha Wheeler 171; John Plunkett 325; Jeannette DePoy 129; Andy Ditzler 402; Debora Grosse 318; Bill DuPre 448t; Lisa Bennett 464 (in memory of Ted Mercer); Peaches (Marianne) Dunlap Sansom 236; Oscar McGuire 485; Gene Clifton 455; Shawn Taylor 112; David Smead 29b; Caran Bramlette 480; Lauren Bock 283; Kelly Morris 147t (in memory of Larry Gordon).


The class returned with Jim Neal leading 101t. Leaders: David Brodeur 58; Mark Bumgardner 268; Anders Wells 99. A business session was held, during which the following officers were elected to serve: Chairman—Amy Wells; Vice Chairman—Shawn Taylor; Secretaries—Jerusha Wheeler and Laura Akerman.

Leaders: Richard Carroll 143; Lisa Bennett 56b; Lucey Rose Karlsberg 146; Jesse P. Karlsberg 291; Bridge Hill Kennedy 277; John Whittemore 40; Henry Slack 300; Joan Durdin 114; Peaches (Marianne) Dunlap Sansom 254; Jeannette DePoy 89; Debora Grosse 504; Andy Ditzler 113; Oscar McGuire 229; David Smead 227; the original Kelly’s Seed and Feed singers (Kelly Morris, Karen Morris, Peaches (Marianne) Dunlap Sansom, Debora Grosse, Caran Bramlette, John Whittemore, Peg Geronimo, John Plunkett, Laura Akerman, Gene Clifton, Henry Slack, and Elizabeth Carroll) 155. Debora Grosse blessed the food.


Shawn Taylor and Claireda Taylor led 276. Leaders: Richard Carroll 66; Bill DuPre 472; Karen Morris 430; Mark Bumgardner 159; Jesse P. Karlsberg 440; Cathy Bonk 35.

Jim Neal led 330b for the memorial lesson. He noted that we are surrounded by community, both in Sacred Harp and by the locals in the park. Those memorialized included the following deceased: Ted Mercer, Larry Gordon, Larry Bumgardner, Anne Bramlette, Carl Bramlette, Margaret Manus, Norris Flagler, J.L. Hopper, Lori Hinesley (Eugene Forbes’ daughter), Harry Mamlin, and Joan Aldridge, and the following sick and shut-ins: Virginia Dyer, Philip Denney, Cecil Roberts, and Don Bowen. Leaders: Jerusha Wheeler 107; David Brodeur 546; Bridge Hill Kennedy 411; Laura Akerman 532; Caran Bramlette 535; Henry Slack 117; Amy Wells 272; John Whittemore 37b; Lauren Bock and Lucey Rose Karlsberg 196; Kelly Morris 503; Karen Morris 273; Lisa Bennett 168.


Cathy Bonk led 282 to reconvene the class. Leaders: John Plunkett 145t; Bridge Hill Kennedy 142; Oscar McGuire 163b; Laura Akerman and Jerusha Wheeler 192; Shawn Taylor and Claireda Taylor 38b; David Brodeur and Andy Ditzler 353 (in memory of Hugh McGraw); Jesse P. Karlsberg, Lauren Bock, Lucey Rose Karlsberg, and Hattie Karlsberg 186; Amy Wells and Anders Wells 76b; Lisa Bennett and David Smead 212; Kelly Morris and Karen Morris 209; Jim Neal 496. Amy Wells and Shawn Taylor led 46 as a closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Cathy Bonk.

Chairman—Amy Wells; Vice Chairman—Shawn Taylor; Secretaries—Jerusha Wheeler and Laura Akerman