Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Northern Shenandoah Valley All Day Singing

Berryville, Virginia

June 6, 1998

The fifth annual Northern Shenandoah Valley All Day Singing was held on Saturday before the first Sunday in June, and was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Kelly Macklin leading song on page 61. The morning prayer was led by Marilyn Estep.

Leaders: John delRe 370; Gail Doss 137; Mary Wright 290; Mary Ann Daly 102; Evan Duncan 224; Leyland delRe 212; Craig Baughan 229; Clare Chapin 344; Beth Hoffman-Reed 299; Kat Kinkade 419; Hal Kunkel 304; Cathy Tucker 146.

The class was organized with the following officers elected or appointed: Chairman—Kelly Macklin; Secretary—Cathy Tucker; Treasurer—Kat Kinkade; Arranging Committee—Stephen McMaster and John delRe; Memorial Committee—Frank Evans.

Leaders: Debbie Barford 218; Stephen McMaster 540; Jim Wantland 39 (t? b?); Blake Morris 505; Guy Bankes 287.


The class was called together by Paula McGray leading song on page 47t. Leaders: Fred Beardsley 149; Bonnie Toper 200; Marilyn Estep 504; Diane Minnella 286; Paula McGray 327; Pat Temple 497; Frank Evans 217; Iris Knell 29t; Bob Hall 228; Kacy Pate, Peter Pate, and Zachary Pate 442; Gerry Hoffman 510; Marty DeNys 547; Ellie Soler 82t; John Daniel delRe 49b; Peter Pate 523; Joyce Saxon 35; Lewis Naylor 347; Kelly Macklin 142.

At this time the memorial lesson was held. Frank Evans led song on page 135, read the names of the deceased, and asked that each be remembered to the class by the person who placed their name on the list. Those remembered were: George Barford, Susan Wantland, Edna Lundgren, Graham Campbell, William Mackintosh, Tom Koetting, Fred Lloyd, Bill Rhoden, Elizabeth Lord Hall, Earl Moore, and Ricki Charlotte.

Frank Evans led song on 48t for the sick and shut-ins: Tom Padwa, Joan Rubin, Helen Marcus, Evelyn Wade, Caroline Walls, and Mary Hulbert.

Leaders: Gail Doss 34b; Mary Wright 274t; Mary Ann Daly 77t; Evan Duncan 487. Marilyn Estep led the class in prayer before lunch.


The afternoon session began with Paula McGray leading song on page 49t. Leaders: Beth Hoffman-Reed 148; Kat Kinkaid 163t; Clare Chapin 163b; Hal Kunkel 302; Lewis Naylor 452b; Craig Baughan 390; Cathy Tucker 480; Debbie Barford 269; Bev Oneida 291; Stephen McMaster 446; Jim Wantland 191; Leyland delRe 144; Blake Morris 313 (t? b?); Guy Bankes 515; Fred Beardsley 513; Bonnie Tober 186; Marilyn Estep 268; Paula McGray 542; Gerry Hoffman 383; Ellie Soler 46; Diane Minnella 340; Pat Temple 312 (t? b?); Frank Evans 284; Iris Knell 178; Peter Pate 37b; Joyce Saxon 84; Gerry Hoffman 254; Bob Hall 189; Kacy Pate 354 (t? b?); Marty DeNys 454; Debbie Barford 384; John delRe 110; Ellie Soler 47b; Guy Bankes 198; Diane Minnella 448 (t? b?); Paula McGray 320; Kat Kinkade 222; Bev Oneida 203; Hal Kunkel 430.

Kelly Macklin thanked the class for coming, and for all the help from officers and committee members. Kelly Macklin led songs on pages 377 and 57t as the closing songs. Marilyn Estep dismissed the class with prayer.

After a brief break, many singers stayed to attend a one hour singing on new compositions and songs from other shape note books, led by Kat Kinkade and Blake Morris.

Chairman—Kelly Macklin; Secretaries—Cathy Tucker and John delRe.