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Henagar-Union Convention

Liberty Baptist Church, Henagar, Alabama

July 2-3, 2022

Saturday, July 2

The Henagar-Union Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held on the first Sunday and Saturday before in July. The class was called to order by Shane Wootten leading 32t. The opening prayer was offered by Ron Harper.

Leaders: Shane Wootten 72b (for Marlon Wootten); Cheyenne Ivey 208; Scott Ivey 97; Cindy Tanner, April Watkins, and Ainslie Allen 76b; Ron Harper 350; Jerry Tarlington 114; Leigh Cooper 225t; Jeff James 146; Rosie Sokolov 204; Taylor Cook and Tabitha Cook 159; Nicholas Thompson 120; Susan Cherones 564 (in memory of Coy Ivey); Dennis George 217; Buell Cobb 127; Esther Morgan-Ellis 86; Rebekah Gilmore 440; Emily Stutzman 336; Don Bowen and Blake Sisemore 396; Rodney Ivey and Deborah Morton 299.


Rodney Ivey led 111t to bring the class back together. Leaders: Jackie Tanner 89; David Killingsworth 277; David Smead 383; Butch White 547; Kevin Dyess 178; Mark Godfrey 436; Blake Sisemore 269; Anna Hinton 142; Henry Johnson 288; Sasha Hsuczyk 69b; Danny Creel 456; David Jackson 63; Jonathon Smith 422 (for Barrett Patton); Julius Pasay 419; Erica Hinton 464; Daniel Lee 302.


The class was brought back to order by Shane Wootten leading 40. Leaders: Nathan Rees 462; David Carlton 496; Hubert Nall 84; Tim Gregg 91; Joshua Lant 534; Lisa Bennett 206; David Ivey 522; Annaliza Cull 344; Priska Rice 546; Reba Windom and Elene Stovall 411; Darlene Dalton 448t; LaRou Lamberd 268; Eli Hinton 455; Alex Forsyth and Rachel Geary 101t, 48t; Matt Hinton 432. Danny Creel asked a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Shane Wootten leading 270. Leaders: Tom George, Sarah George, and James George 192; Thom Fahrbach 428; Sadhbh O’Flynn 542; Meredith Ivey 153; Rick Fretter 313b; Reba Windom and Garrett Morton 216; Philip Denney and Gayle Denney 143; Nate Green and Norma Green 283; Cassie Allen 193; Mark Brown and Syble Adams 472, 47b; Richard Ivey and Everett Ivey 445; Ryan Nash 189; Alex Makris and Nate Green 358; Loyd Ivey 454; Evie Eddins 406; Ainslie Allen and April Watkins 475; Louis Hughes 403; Eli Eddins 34b; Pam Nunn 200.


Cindy Tanner and Scott Ivey led 155 to bring the class together. Leaders: Ezra Eddins 48b; Samuel Williams 321; Emily Eddins 337; Kelsey Ivey and Meredith Ivey 521.

Dennis George announced the results of the ballots cast for electing officers for the year as follows: Chairman—Scott Ivey; Vice Chairman—Shane Wootten; Secretary—Nicholas Thompson.

Leaders: Ann Jett 498; Ewan Eddins 135; Donna Wootten 56t; Eric Eddins 29t; Tony Ivey 412; Ethan Eddins 224; Linda Sides 215; Kevin Eddins 38b; Dana Eddins 535. Announcements were made.

Scott Ivey led 323t as the closing song. Louis Hughes dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, July 3

The Sunday session of the Henagar-Union Sacred Harp Singing Convention began at 9:30 a.m. with Scott Ivey leading 59. Marty Wootten offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Scott Ivey 276 (in memory of Elouise Wootten); Nicholas Thompson 137 (in memory of Coy Ivey); John Plunkett 94; Sierra Saylors, Annaliza Cull, and Anna Hinton 47b; Elam Eddins 378b; Deborah Taube 344; Alex Forsyth and Rachel Geary 318; Ryan Nash 300; David Carlton 547; Jared Wootten 31t; Edith Eddins 30t; Pam Nunn, Reba Windom, and Sharon DuPriest 434 (in memory of Daphene Causey); Esther Morgan-Ellis 179.


Rodney Ivey led 47t to bring the class to order. Leaders: Marty Wootten 99 (for Marlon Wootten); Karen Rollins 446; Jerry Tarlington 74t; Winfred Kerr 36b; Eli Eddins 147b; Rebekah Gilmore, Grace Gilmore, and John Gilmore 411; Anna Hinton 182; Louis Hughes 34t; Jeannette DePoy 475; Mamie Sisemore 37b; Isaac Green 242; Shane Brown 220.


Scott Ivey led 345b to bring the class together. Leaders: Hayden Wootten and Brooke Smith 448t; Michele Cull 441.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Karen Rollins and Tony Ivey. They led 274t in honor of the sick and shut-ins and in memory of the deceased. Shane Brown closed the memorial service with prayer.

Leaders: Shane Wootten and Jackie Tanner 73t (in memory of Bud Oliver); Lisa Geist 273; Evie Eddins 144; Joshua Lant 536; Rodney Ivey and Brenda Carrol 384; Leigh Cooper and Mark Godfrey 196; Aaron Wootten 503; Larry Ballinger 224; David Smead 543; Emily Eddins 345t; Eli Hinton 148; Nathan Rees 162; Kevin Dyess and Susan Cherones 480. Hayden Wootten asked a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Scott Ivey and Reba Windom leading 170. Leaders: Dana Eddins 277; Sierra Saylors and David Saylors 203; Meredith Ivey 425; Thom Fahrbach 316; Erica Hinton 187; Kelsey Ivey and Richard Ivey 77t; Ezra Eddins 286; Rosie Sokolov 426t; Tim Gregg 426b; Ewan Eddins 365; Priska Rice 119; Don Bowen 77b (in memory of Charlene Wallace); Susan Cherones 349; Ethan Eddins 100; Theresa Saylors 209; Sadhbh O’Flynn and Katherine Gaasch 506; Eric Eddins 160b; Jonathon Smith 423; Kevin Eddins 89; Cassie Allen and Earl Ballinger 392; Julius Pasay 290; Sarah George and James George 373.


The class was brought back to order by Cindy Tanner and Blake Sisemore leading 327. Leaders: Chris Ballinger 120; April Watkins, Meredith Ivey, and Cheyenne Ivey 383; Betty Shepherd, Garrett Morton, David Ivey, and Deborah Morton 216; Jamey Wootten 297; Loyd Ivey, Marion Biddle, and Lilly Underwood 484 (CB); Annaliza Cull 505; Samuel Williams 522; Daniel Lee 542; Shane Wootten, Donna Wootten, and Anna Oliver 454 (in memory of Elouise Wootten); Matt Hinton 212; Joyce Morton, Pat Warden, and Richard Thompson 234 (in memory of Mary Ruth Stiefel); Nate Green and Norma Green 314; Alanna Blanks 405; Sylvia Ivey, Tony Ivey, Sandy Ivey, Jared Wootten, Hayden Wootten, Jamey Wootten, Lorrie Wootten, Marty Wootten, Chelsey Wootten, Annie Grace Wootten, Jayden Hunt, and Rachel Carter 278b; Sarah Wootten 155; Cheyenne Ivey and Shane Wootten 465 (CB) (in memory of Coy Ivey); Cindy Tanner, Ann Jett, and Wanda Capps 269. Announcements were made.

Scott Ivey, Shane Wootten, and Loyd Ivey led 62 as the closing song. The class took the parting hand, and then Shane Wootten offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Scott Ivey; Vice Chairman—Shane Wootten; Secretary—Nicholas Thompson