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Bristol Singing

Frenchay Quaker Meeting House, Frenchay, Bristol, United Kingdom

Saturday, May 7, 2022

The 7th Bristol All-Day Singing was called to order at Frenchay Quaker Meeting House by Alec Williams leading 34b. Geoff King offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Bridget McVennon-Morgan 105; Ellen Southern 276; Charlie Williams 30t; Joyce Smith 32b; Barry Parsons 79; Sarah West 77b; Steve Brett 65; Neil Horlock 324; Joss Tait 335; Matthew Parkinson 283; Michelle Rice 47t; Constance Des Marais 168; Dermot Peel 278t; Nadia Abdelaziz 69t; Una Nicholson 217; Nigel Bowley 136; Amy Cutts 210; Rachel Jordan 171; Derek Buckland 288; Mary Hodgkins 31t; Vicki Elliott 546.


Leaders: Sarah West 114; Samuel Turner 341; Marcos Sullivan 417; Jessica Beer 384; Nick Hall 63; Susannah Gill 32t; Joan Nagy 504; Neil Horlock 400; Jacoba Bruneel 144; Ian West 300; Nadia Abdelaziz 112; Grace Scrimgeour 216.

The sick and housebound and memorial lesson was delivered by Barry Parsons, who spoke of the last singing he attended in 2020 before the pandemic brought singing to an end. Barry spoke of an impending sense of something looming, and as we said our goodbyes, that the Sun was setting on life as we knew it. Barry reflected on the previous two years and how our lives have been redefined by illness and death, but through our isolation, communities have renewed and become more dependent on one another. Barry spoke of how in the Islamic culture the setting Sun is regarded as the start of a new day as opposed to the end, of and how this is of significance during the recent holy month of Ramadan. The following sick and housebound list was read aloud: John Carty, Tony Mines, Jill Rose, Philip Turner, Mary Turner, Ted Johnson, Maddy O’Brien, Maria Johnson, and Jack Southern.

The following list of names was read aloud from the memorial list: Rebecca Over, Pamela Morrish, David Rose, Bernard Coombs, Phil Cole, Martha Williams, Alan Gunthorpe, Giles Cooper-Hall, Pat Sexton, Sylvia Delaney—United Kingdom; Coy Ivey and Joan Aldridge—Alabama, USA; Leonard Spenser and Larry Gordon—Vermont, USA; June Harris-Powell—France/Spain; Rüdiger Forster—Germany; Nick Weaver—Melbourne. Barry led 330b for the deceased and sick and housebound. The lesson closed with prayer offered by Marcos Sullivan.

Leaders: Vicki Elliott 340; Brenda Harvey 497; Steve Fletcher 377; Derek Buckland 160b; Mary Hodgkins 350; Nigel Bowley 420; Una Nicholson 198; Joss Tait 101t. Grace was delivered by Mary Hodgkins.


Leaders: Bridget McVennon-Morgan 81t; George Simms 411; Jessica Beer 383; Matthew Parkinson 278b; Susannah Gill 272; Samuel Turner 99; Rachel Jordan 500; Constance Des Marais 472; Ian West 480; Jacoba Brunell 197; Dermot Peel 143; Nick Hall 455; Steve Fletcher 344; Charlie Williams 475; Steve Brett 337; Amy Cutts 315; Marcos Sullivan 123b; Michelle Rice 101b; Joan Nagy 36b; Brenda Harvey 89; Grace Scrimgeour 547; Barry Parsons 441; Joyce Smith 322.


Leaders: Joss Tait 331; Una Nicholson 290; Ellen Southern 440; George Simms 354b; Vicki Elliott 378b; Leilai Immel-Parkinson 30b; Derek Buckland 44; Rachel Jordan 474; Dermot Peel 299; Jessica Beer 229; Sarah West 564; Joan Nagy 86; Nick Hall 183; Steve Fletcher 49b; Susannah Gill 460.

Alec Williams made the closing remarks, thanking all those involved in organising the day, including keyers, committee members, and those in the kitchen. Samuel Turner gave the Secretary’s report stating that the class of fifty-four registered singers (thirty-five leaders) had sung eighty-one songs, and six countries were represented (England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Spain, and USA). Steve Brett gave the Treasurer’s report stating that all expenses had been met. Alec Williams led 62 as the closing song. Diane Simms offered the closing prayer, and dismissed the class.

Chairman—Alec Williams; Vice Chairman—Bridget McVennon-Morgan; Secretary—Samuel Turner