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Sussex Shape Note Singing

Staplefield Village Hall, Near Crawley, Sussex, United Kingdom

Saturday, March 12, 2022

The 23rd annual Sussex Shape Note singing was postponed in March, 2021, because of Covid. The singing was held in Staplefield Village Hall in March, 2022, using the Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition and an Alternative Harmony booklet (AH). The class was called to order by Jill Thompson and Tony Singleton leading 276.

Leaders: Nick Hall 162; Toby Goss 28b; Seth Dickens 77t; Machna Novak 70t; Iain Paxon 344; Rachel Jordan 503; Tony Singleton 268; Edwin Macadam 71; Jill Thompson 504; Ron Hollman 362; Sheila Girling Macadam 183; Amy Cutts 277; George Simms 411; Steve Biggs 49b; Nick Hall 155; Toby Goss 348t; Tony Singleton 117; Seth Dickens 313b; Edwin Macadam 171; Jill Thompson 47t; Sheila Girling Macadam 500; Rachel Jordan 217; Machna Novak 300.


Amy Cutts called the class to order leading 148. Leaders: George Simms 372; Iain Paxon 70b; Ron Hollman 361; Steve Biggs 45t; Nick Hall 231; Jill Thompson and Natalie Edelman 535; Toby Goss 107; Seth Dickens 111b; Rachel Jordan 426b; Edwin Macadam 288; Sheila Girling Macadam 480; Tony Singleton 128; Machna Novak 425; George Simms 328; Amy Cutts 481; Iain Paxon 48b; Ron Hollman 442.


Jill Thompson called the class to order leading Ten Thousand Charms (AH). Leaders: Steve Biggs Millbrook (AH); Nick Hall Idumean Road (AH); Rachel Jordan Walpole (AH); Toby Goss New Invention (AH); Machna Novak 68t; Ron Hollman 392; Edwin Macadam 192; Sheila Girling Macadam 562; Iain Paxon Evening Hymn (AH).

The remembrance lesson was held at this time. The following list of names of the deceased was read aloud: Martin Williams, Faun King (died March, 2020), Brian Mitchell, Gillian Cole, Giles Cooper-Hall, Ian Wallace, Peter Grant, Melanie Toogood, Nick Dent, Rebecca Parnell Over, Sylvia Delaney, and Pat Sexton—United Kingdom; Cathy Wakeman—Canada; Larry Gordon—Vermont, USA.

The following list of names of the sick and housebound was also read aloud: Chris Judge, Lucinde Metcalfe, Teresa Maguire, Rob Mahoney, Eddie Mounfield, Joyce Dallison, and Elizabeth Rimmington. A minute’s silence was held for all the above and for all those that have died, been injured, or suffered because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Jill Thompson led 178, and the remembrance lesson was closed.

Leaders: Amy Cutts 513; George Simms Birmingham (AH); Tony Singleton 34th Psalm (AH).


Steve Biggs called the class to order leading Life’s Purpose (AH). Leaders: Iain Paxon 36b; Machna Novak 106; Nick Hall 455; Edwin Macadam 538; Ron Hollman 536; Sheila Girling Macadam 114; Amy Cutts 515; Toby Goss 472; George Simms 348b; Rachel Jordan 474; Jill Thompson and Tony Singleton 34b.

The Secretary reported that twenty-four had attended and sixty-nine songs had been sung. Thanks were extended, and announcements made. Jill Thompson and Tony Singleton led 347 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

The 24th Sussex Shape Note singing will be held on Saturday, March 11, 2023.

Chairman—Jill Thompson; Secretary—Ron Hollman