Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Olympia Singing

The Woman’s Club of Olympia, Washington

Saturday, March 7, 2020

The 11th annual Olympia All-Day Singing was called to order by Marla Elliott and Ian Suchon, who welcomed everyone and led 46. The opening prayer was offered by Destiny Woods. The Squaxin Islands and Nisqually Tribes, who are the original occupants of this land, were acknowledged and thanked.

The following officers and committee members were elected: Chairman—Ian Suchon; Chaplain—Destiny Woods; Secretaries—Kodiak Wyvern and Jesse Partridge; Treasurer—Alex Short; Resolutions Committee—Matthew Porter and Adrionna Fey; Arranging Committee—Solomon Ossa and Kate Fortin.

Leaders: Janice Pryor and Arielle Epstein 332; Gracie Bucklew and Nichole King 535; Alex Short and Sebastian Flores 111b; Veronica Harris and Allie Gilbert 344; Milo Gaudiano and Kodiak Wyvern 69b; Danny Gibson and Mariah Husted 32b, 38b; Joe Lombard and Dae Jin Kim 191; Robyn Steveley and Hannah Souter 86; Zach Medici and Adam Smith 388; Willow Condon and Chris Nolte 448b; Alicia Armstrong and Francesca Kocks 107; Virginia Pendragon 268, 551; Marla Elliott 504, 547.


Hannah Sauter called the class back together leading 117. Leaders: Charlotte Swanson and Virginia Pendragon 290; Cornelia Stanton 480; Melissa Stephenson 497, 566; Jesse Partridge 383; Britannah Foston and Mariah Husted 45t; Alex Short and Sebastian Flores 224; Adam Smith and Zach Medici 89; Ian Suchon 95, 196; Scott Kennedy 228, 454; Deb Cook 122; Anne Huckins 47t, 178; Chris Lane 457, 354b; Linda Berkemeier 108t, 77b; Adrionna Fey and Matthew Porter 168. Destiny Woods offered a blessing before the noon meal.


Ian Suchon called the class back to order leading 47b. Leaders: Erik Timblin and Adrionna Fey 159; Walker Robinson and Danny Gibson 285b; Matthew Porter 209; Julie Ling 148; David Wright 33b, 81t; Kate Fortin 328, 411; Destiny Woods 474, 220; Robin Campbell 275t, 274t; Kate Fine 30b, 527 (for Jennifer Jones); Kevin Barrans 101t, 534; Solomon Ossa 271t, 348t.


Virginia Pendragon led 162 to bring the class back together. Leaders: Marla Elliott 66, 269; Melissa Stephenson 179, 37b; Scott Kennedy 350, 276; Jesse Partridge 440; Treasurer’s lesson 318; Linda Berkemeier 473, 56t; Anne Huckins 49b, 278b; Cornelia Stanton 466, 503; David Wright 385b; Destiny Woods 300, 273; Kevin Barrans 39t, 142; Kate Fine and Marianne Guerin 147t; Rodman Campbell 135, 73t.

Announcements were made. The Resolutions Committee resolved to meet again in March, 2021. Ian Suchon led 267 as the closing song, and the class took the parting elbow due to covid-=19 concerns. Destiny Woods offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Ian Suchon; Secretaries—Kodiak Wyvern and Jesse Partridge